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AFRICAN GREY PARROT is your guide to adopting this wonderful pet bird. Everything you need to know, parrot health diet nutrition, cage size, and toys, breeding, talking parrot, Parrot Flight Training. This is your bridge to the parrot world African Grey, Congo, Timneh, Macaw Cockatoo, Amazon, Electus, Lovebird, Galah
2023-02-03 13:10
Fruits and vegetables for parakeets: Some fruits and vegetables are excellent and recommended for our parakeets, while others should be avoided. Fruits and vegetables are an&n&hell…Read More
2023-02-02 13:57
Pet parrot: There is nothing sadder than a parrot locked in its cage all day long, without any occupation or games to stimulate it. It is not enough to feed him and … Read More
2023-01-30 11:04
Parrot adoption: involves commitment and responsibility on the part of the master. It is then necessary to wonder about the reception conditions, the living environment, the facilities to be… Read More
2023-01-17 15:16
Parrot insurance: You have adopted a parrot and you want to protect it with dedicated health insurance. It is indeed the solution to benefit from partial or total coverage of all or part of… Read More
2023-01-12 12:37
Parakeet care: The common parakeet or Australian parakeet is known around the world as a pet and the world’s most popular cage bird. They are as intelligent as some large parrots and c… Read More
2022-12-27 10:34
Can Parakeets See in the Dark: the answer is yes Most psittacines are diurnal birds, active during the day. Their vision is excellent, comparable to that of other birds, and much better than… Read More
2022-12-26 16:49
Parrot flying: This creature is intelligent and social it’s known for its ability to fly. If you’re interested in teaching a parrot to fly, here are some steps you can follow: Ma… Read More
2022-12-26 13:51
The Monk parakeet has also named the quaker parrot or quaker parakeet and the scientific name is Myiopsitta monachus An American parakeet that has its reputation as a garnish, of course… Read More
2022-12-24 10:34
Do Parakeets Like to Be Held? The desire to hold your pet in your arms is a natural need for any pet owner. Whether it’s snuggling up to him or stroking him, it helps create a bond. As… Read More
2022-12-23 10:36
Can Parakeets Eat Oranges? Becoming a parent of a pet can be analogous to having human children in some ways. On the one hand, you may find yourself asking very mundane, but very specific an… Read More
2022-12-22 10:12
Can Parakeets Eat Strawberries? I wondered if a budgie could eat strawberries. The diet of a budgie usually does not include strawberries, but only bird seeds. Can you give strawberries to a… Read More
2022-12-21 10:41
Can cockatiels eat banana? First of all, congratulations! The hours of research, the countless trips to pet stores, and perhaps even the insistent admonitions of your children are finally a… Read More
2022-12-20 10:42
  Can parakeets eat watermelon? It is important to know a little about the different types of food you want to give your budgie. Some human foods are perfectly suitable for this bird, w… Read More
2022-12-19 12:01
Turquoise conure is a very affectionate little parrot, which usually likes to snuggle in the palm of our hand or neck. They sneak everywhere: in our sleeves, in our sweaters, under our cover… Read More
2022-12-17 11:26
  Cockatiel breeding: Cockatiels are a breed of birds that are very easy to breed, the breeding cockatiel is very easy but it is important that you show responsibility and make sure you… Read More
2022-12-16 11:29
Are budgies noisy? and what are Budgie sounds? 9 noises explained: Owning a budgie has nothing to do with a cat or dog. They require special attention and research to keep them healthy. One… Read More
2022-12-13 11:29
The dominant edged mutation in the Common cockatiel pet Parakeet Other names: Silver Cockatiel or DOMINANT SILVER, BLACK HEAD This mutation, first of all, appeared in Scotland in the 80s. It… Read More
2022-12-09 15:18
How long do parakeets live: With proper care, some breeds of parakeets can live up to 30-35 years, and these are the largest breeds like the conure and Alexandrine parakeets. Smaller breeds… Read More
2022-12-08 14:19
Parakeets names: Parakeets are birds with a very friendly appearance. In addition, if the guardian of these magnificent birds is lucky, they can end up being very talkative and sociable. At… Read More
Names For Parakeets
2022-12-08 13:29
Parakeets names :Parakeets are fantastic pets. Just like cats and dogs, they each have their own personality. Admittedly, naming your bird may seem like a simple task. For some, however, dec… Read More
2022-12-07 15:49
Parrot blue macaw also called the blue and yellow macaw or blue and gold macaw, the blue and yellow parrot, is a species of a parrot belonging to the order Psittaciformes and the family&nbsp&hell…Read More
2022-11-30 16:46
How to take great care of a parrot: Adopting and Educating a Parrot: Instructions for Use A parrot is talkative and warm and easily adapts to its master. These characteristics make him a goo… Read More
2022-11-30 12:02
What are the affectionate relationships between men and parrots? Do parrots love their owners? The most beautiful thing about owning a pet parrot is the attachment experience. Once you trust… Read More
2022-11-28 14:23
  Parakeet Lifespan How Long Do Parakeets Live: Parakeet is a vernacular name given to several lineages of birds belonging to the order Psittaciformes. They are dispersed within di… Read More
2022-11-24 14:52
Budgie Mutations: The budgie bird has many mutations, in this article, we gonna talk about all color genetics in budgie parakeets and all mutations, The Budgie Parakeet is a species of bird… Read More
2022-11-23 15:29
Budgie colors: Here is a summary, which I hope will be as complete as possible, of color genetics in budgie parakeets Rare budgie birds, and Rare budgie colors. If something is missing, or y… Read More
2022-11-22 12:02
Turquoise green cheek conure: have become very popular birds in US territory. However, they are not to be put in everyone’s hands. I offer you on our site a subjective point of view bo… Read More
2022-11-16 11:19
Iago Aladdin parrot is a fictional character and great antagonist in the 1992 animated films Aladdin. It is a speaker parrot (a red macaw parrot named scarlet macaw, to be more precise)… Read More
2022-11-11 14:08
Teach parakeet to talk: Parakeets are very popular small pets because, in addition to being intelligent and curious by nature, they are easy to maintain. If you have the desire to bond with… Read More
2022-11-09 11:03
  Conures care 101: Conures are birds of the order Psittaciformes (which includes parakeets and parrots) found in South America. Conures of the genus Aratingaor Pyrrhura often have stro… Read More
2022-11-09 10:24
How to make a Budgie Nest box? Building a budgie nest box is an easy and entertaining DIY activity. Whether you want to do a budgie breeding or you simply have a domestic budgie, you can eas… Read More
2022-11-08 13:33
Budgie bite: Wavy parakeets (also called simply budgies) are sociable and friendly pets. However, some homeowners sometimes have to deal with problematic behaviors, such as a tendency to bit… Read More
2022-11-08 11:39
How to make cockatiel happy: The cockatiel parakeet is native to Australia. This is a fairly common pet and can make a great companion. They should always be raised in groups or at least in… Read More
2022-11-08 10:24
How to choose a budgie: Acquiring a budgie is not something to be done lightly because these wonderful birds live between 9 and 14 years! Considering their longevity, before buying a budgie… Read More
2022-11-07 12:04
Budgies tricks: Parakeets are very intelligent animals and if you have one, you’ll probably want to educate her to be your friend. The first step is to train it, that is, educate it so… Read More
2022-11-07 11:31
How to make budgie happy: Budgies Parakeets and other birds are feathered companions who simply enjoy being played with. They are easy to entertain and will attach themselves to you. Make a… Read More
2022-11-04 11:49
Budgie sickness: If you have just acquired a budgie, you may not know the signs that indicate that it is not doing well. Since the health of birds can deteriorate very quickly if they are no… Read More
2022-11-04 11:00
How to know the age of a budgie: You can easily determine the age of a budgie. Several telltale signs will help you know if it is a chick, a young bird, or an adult. Start by looking for lig… Read More
2022-11-03 16:30
How to give a bath to your budgie: Whether to clean up or simply cool off, most budgies like to take a bath. Also, getting your budgie to take a bath is pretty simple, as she will do the maj… Read More
2022-11-03 09:56
How to teach a cockatiel to talk? does cockatiel talk? The cockatiel parakeet is an extraordinary and very affectionate pet. They like to live together in a large cage in the absence of an a… Read More
2022-10-31 14:58
How to play with a budgie: Belonging to the Psittacidae family, wavy parakeets are adorable little birds native to Australia. These animals are quite popular because they are affectiona… Read More
2022-10-28 11:46
Budgie mate: You might be interested in breeding budgies and you’re right! However, it takes a lot of knowledge. You will also have to take care of their happiness and well-being to ma… Read More
2022-10-26 14:37
Hand Raising Budgies: How to care for a budgie? When you welcome a baby budgie into your home, you need to have some knowledge about these needs so that it grows properly and becomes a beaut… Read More
2022-10-26 13:23
How to get a budgie to trust you? How to be loved by a budgie: It can sometimes be difficult to form strong bonds with a budgie, but you can encourage the bird to approach you with a little… Read More
2022-10-26 11:33
Budgies talk: How to learn to talk to a budgie? Native to Australia, budgies are gentle pet birds. Intelligent and affectionate, budgies brighten up the house. They are also good at talking… Read More
2022-10-25 12:10
Parakeet budgie for beginners: How to care for a budgie? Parakeets are lovely birds, perfect as a pet. They are the third most adopted pet after dogs and cats. This Australian bird, inexpens… Read More
2022-10-25 10:57
How to train budgie: The parakeet is a small, perennial, talkative bird. If you have decided to buy one of these animals, and you have already read the article on how to care for a budgie, i… Read More
2022-10-24 14:59
Budgies type: All Types of Budgie Colors, Varieties & Mutations.Varieties of wavy parakeets A random colored spot does not give a variety! To receive this qualification, the particular f… Read More
2022-10-24 14:14
Rare Budgie Colors and Types of colors of budgies: Breeders classify their birds based on color and variety rather than “breed.” Colour describes the general plumage of budgies… Read More
2022-10-24 13:05
How to tame budgies?  How to tame parakeets? Parakeets are very fun pet birds. Although they are not difficult to tame, this process requires a lot of time, patience, and consistency. E… Read More
2022-10-20 14:47
Care for a budgie: How to care for a budgie? All you need to know about How to care for a budgie Not everyone wants to breed budgies for display. Besides, why should they? We all have this h… Read More
2022-10-20 14:05
Do budgies love their owners? How do I know if a budgie loves me? Parakeets are extraordinary birds! However, they require special attention, because they need a company to be happy. Intelli… Read More
2022-10-20 11:56
Budgie gender: How to identify the sex of a budgie? Male or Female Budgie? How to Identify the Differences ? Whether you want to buy a budgie or have just welcomed one into your home, you wo… Read More
2022-10-18 15:13
How to care for a parrot? Parrots are very intelligent birds as pets. However, there are different things you need to know about them and their needs before adopting them. Indeed, their mora… Read More
2022-10-18 14:34
What to feed a parrot? and How to feed a parrot? It is essential to provide a proper diet for a parrot (Psittaciformes family) so that it has a healthy and long life. In fact, if you provide… Read More
2022-10-13 15:36
Cockatiel bites: How to prevent the cockatiel from biting? The cockatiel (Nymphicus hollandicus) or nymphic parakeet is a relatively docile and popular bird species. These birds have a balan… Read More
2022-10-13 14:34
Cockatiel breeders: Breeding of the cockatiel: selection of breeders, Selecting your breeders is the crucial point of the work of any breeder. There are many parameters to take into account… Read More
2022-10-12 15:27
Breeding cockatiel and Cockatiel Reproduction. The Cockatiel can reproduce from the age of one year, but it is advisable to wait a few more months before mating: 15 months for the male and 1… Read More
2022-10-12 13:49
Viruses and bacteria in the cockatiel: Cockatiel diseaseWild and domestic birds, including poultry, can become infected with Chlamydia psittaci. Birds that can get the infection include parr… Read More
2022-10-12 11:53
How to Save a Sick Cockatiel Bird Emergency? Cockatiel emergencies: any abnormal behavior or sign in a cockatiel should be considered by default as a veterinary emergency. Indeed, the pathol… Read More
2022-10-12 11:22
Parasitosis in cockatiel: Parasites in birds The blood-sucking mite or bird mite The red louse that most commonly appears in aviary birds is the red bird mite or blood-sucking mite called De… Read More
2022-10-11 12:08
Cockatiel Lesions, injuries, and masses: Parasites in cockatiel: diagnosis, treatment, prevention, Wavy parakeets, like parrots, can contract many diseases through bacteria, viruses, fungi… Read More
2022-10-11 11:42
How to care for cockatiel health? Cockatiel Treatment and preventive care: if your parakeet scratches frantically, lose weight, or exhibits particularly agitated behavior, it is possible tha… Read More
2022-10-07 12:10
Cockatiel Mutation: There are many different colors and mutations of cockatiels to choose from when buying cockatiels It is important to remember that regardless of the color or mutatio… Read More
2022-10-07 10:49
Cockatiel toys ideas: Making sure to provide a stimulating environment for your cockatiel is very important. To do this, do not hesitate to vary the games. It is not necessary for this to sp… Read More
2022-10-06 11:46
Cockatiel Pecking: Pecking is a behavior of the bird aimed at damaging by over-rocking or tearing off its own feathers (or those of a congener). It is found in the English literature describ… Read More
2022-10-06 09:41
Cockatiel behavior: The cockatiel is an intelligent and expressive bird. Analyzing her behavior will allow you to guess a wide range of feelings she is experiencing. This bird has several me… Read More
2022-10-05 14:46
Cockatiel Anatomy: All you need to know about Cockatiel Head, Cockatiel Beak, Cockatiel ears, Cockatiel body, cockatiel plumage, The eye of the cockatiel and that of man are identical, unlik… Read More
2022-10-05 13:15
Cockatiel Origin and physiology: The cockatiel is native to Australia, where it is found on most of the island except for its coastline. Present both in rural pastures and in urban areas, it… Read More
2022-10-05 11:33
Sexing a cockatiel Parrot Methods and techniques: There are several ways to identify the sex of a cockatiel to recognize males and females. How to Identify A Cockatiel’s Gender? Is my… Read More
2022-10-05 11:06
Taming a cockatiel requires first of all gentleness and patience. A  cockatiel can be more or less delicate to tame. In the first place, its breeding method can tell you the level of th… Read More
2022-10-05 10:26
Adopting a cockatiel: In the first place, it is important to specify that the cockatiel is a gregarious animal, this means that it feels a real need to have a congener at its side. It is, th… Read More
2022-10-04 15:32
Mutation parrot: Genetics is the science of heredity that studies the transmission of anatomical, cytological and functional traits from parents to their offspring. In more common terms we c… Read More
2022-10-02 17:02
Macaw lifespan: Can macaws live 100 years? Macaws are among the longest living parrot species. Healthy Macaw parrots live an average of 50-65 years. But they have been known to live up to 10… Read More
2022-09-29 12:06
Caique Parrot Species There are two species in the genus White-throated Line: Black-Headed caique and White-Belly Caique Parrot The Caique or Pionites genus is a Parakeet (scientific na… Read More
2022-09-27 13:50
Take care of a monk parakeet: A monk parakeet or quaker parrot is an intelligent, playful, often talkative, and regularly mischievous bird species. Monk parakeets can be a great addition to… Read More
2022-09-22 15:41
Feeding parakeet: Discover our entire range of parakeet food and other bird products in this article, What fruits and vegetables to give my parakeet? Green, yellow and orange foods are gener… Read More
2022-09-22 14:18
Can parakeets eat banana? Can Parrot eat bananas Parakeets can and parrot can, in fact, eat bananas? There are many fruits that these birds are fond of. Fresh fruit makes up a good part of t… Read More
2022-09-21 10:29
The Green cheek conure or Conure Pyrrhuras Molinae or Green cheek parakeet is a charming bird full of qualities and is part of the conure family. He is a perfect family friend. Particularly… Read More
2022-08-31 11:33
Blue Quaker Parrot (Monk Parakeet) Care Guide: Personality, Diet, Lifespan, and More A blue Quaker parakeet (blue monk parakeet) is a funny and affectionate avian companion like all Quaker p… Read More
2022-08-30 13:23
How to teach Quaker Parrots to talk?  Quaker parrots, also called monk parakeets, are intelligent and funny birds that like to imitate what they hear around them. They also like to enga… Read More
2022-08-30 11:58
How to care for a Quaker parrot? The Quaker parrot – sometimes called a monk parrot, or Quaker parakeet, or monk – is an intelligent, playful, often talkative, and regularly misc… Read More
2022-08-24 10:55
Flying with a bird: Paleontologist, the young Quebecer specializes in the evolution of vertebrae. She settled in Sweden to pursue her doctorate with one of the leading authorities in this fi… Read More
2022-08-17 14:10
Talking parrots prices: In this article, you find all the Cheapest Parrot that talk. Also, Which parrot speaks the most? and Where to get a parrot? We can mention in particular the Grey parr… Read More
2022-08-16 11:05
Petting parrot: Parrots are incredibly intelligent creatures. They are funny, interesting, and highly appreciated pets. That said, you won’t be able to treat your bird like a dog, cat… Read More
2022-08-11 10:43
In most interpretations, a parrot’s dreams have positive or negative omens depending on the details of the dream. DREAMING OF SEEING A PARROT Anyone who dreams of seeing a parrot shoul… Read More
2022-08-08 14:20
Parrots that bite, Can A Macaw Bite Your Finger Off? and How Bad Is A Macaw Parrot Bite? Losing a finger as a result of a parrot bite is about as painful as possible, and if you own or rub s… Read More
2022-08-05 12:23
List of Blue Parrots species to keep as pets, Although green is a dominant color in many parrots, there are still several pet birds with beautiful blue feathers. Blue parrot species range fr… Read More
2022-07-28 15:52
Ravens and parrots: great feathered apes, is true that we can find Crows that talk, and Can Ravens Talk Better Than Parrots? Traditionally, birds are considered unintelligent, as evidenced b… Read More
2022-07-28 15:52
Ravens and parrots: great feathered apes, is true that we can find Crows that talk, and Can Ravens Talk Better Than Parrots? Traditionally, birds are considered unintelligent, as evidenced b… Read More
2022-07-23 15:17
10 Best Parrots for Beginners: Do you dream of adopting a tropical bird capable of speaking? But you don’t know which race to turn to? No stress, we know exactly which species to… Read More
2022-07-22 12:25
Biggest To Smallest Macaw Types: the macaw parrot is Large, colorful, and very intelligent, these are the largest types of parrots. These are more closely related to smaller parakeets than o… Read More
2022-07-20 14:12
How To Take Care of A Baby Parrot ? When caring for a baby parrot, it is important to have the bird’s favorite food on hand, minimize noise and activity for several days after bringing… Read More
2022-07-19 11:25
Birds that can talk: Birds are among the only animal creatures in the world that can learn to speak. However, this is more about imitating words – sometimes even entire sentences. The… Read More

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