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Easy DIY Dinosaur Sensory Bin Activity Idea For Kids

Our Easy DIY Dinosaur Sensory Bin will transport your child’s imagination back to the prehistoric land of the dinosaurs! Sensory bins are an excellent way to stimulate various senses, promote sensory exploration, and encourage imaginative play.

My kids LOVE Sensory bins, and I love creating them! In the past, we’ve tried sensory bins with colored rice as the main sensory experience. And we’ve also made other sensory bin ideas, including an ocean-themed sensory bin with water beads (so fun!) and a sea life sensory bottle.

This time, I made a sensory bin with sand – and since I have boys, it HAD to be a dinosaur sensory bin!

Believe it or not, sensory bins are SUPER easy to put together, and kids love playing with them for hours. WIN!

This interactive DIY bin allows children to explore the world of dinosaurs through sensory play, encouraging creativity, fine motor skills, and cognitive development.

Whether you’re a parent or educator, this simple yet exciting activity is perfect for engaging young minds in hands-on learning while they embark on a prehistoric adventure. So gather your supplies and get ready to create an immersive sensory experience that will transport your little ones back in time to the age of dinosaurs!

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This hands-on project is perfect for young dinosaur enthusiasts, providing them with an exciting way to learn about these prehistoric creatures.

If you want more engaging sensory ideas and recipes, try my Easy Cloud Dough Recipe or DIY Rainbow Spaghetti.

Supplies Needed For DIY Dinosaur Sensory Bin

  • Sensory Bin – plastic container with lid
  • Kinetic Sand – any color you prefer
  • Dinosaur Toys
  • Faux Plants – or any sort of faux or plastic greenery
  • Stones

How to Make A DIY Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Step 1

Begin by adding the kinetic sand into the sensory bin.

Step 2

Now place the trees and stones in the bin in various places.

Step 3

Place the dinosaurs in the sensory bin.

Step 4

Time for the kiddos to come and explore with hands-on play!!!

DIY Dinosaur Sensory Bin Recipe Notes And Tips

  • Place a large towel or bed sheet under the sensory bin, which will help with easy and quick cleanup for any contents that have been spilled outside the bin. If possible, take the sensory bin outside.
  • Depending on the age of the child, adult supervision at all times may be necessary. Younger children will have a tendency to want to put things in their mouths.
  • Remember…..less is more. If you put too much stuff in the sensory bin, it will become overwhelming to them.

Variations Of Dinosaur Sensory Bin To Try

  • Include some tools such as spoons, scoops, funnels, tweezers, or shovels.
  • Change the theme based on your child’s preference. Some of our favorite themes include beach, birds or animals, airplanes, or space.
  • Some easy and inexpensive ideas for the contents of your sensory bin might include:
    • sand
    • cotton balls
    • shredded paper
    • craft feathers
    • dry pasta or rice
    • beans
    • unpopped popcorn
    • Easter grass
    • crinkle grass
    • pipe cleaners
    • plastic eggs


Do you have questions about our DIY Dinosaur Sensory Bin? If you have a question and don’t see it already answered below, please leave it for me in the comments!

What is a sensory bin?

I’m glad you asked. 😉 A sensory bin is generally a large plastic container or storage tub that is filled with materials and/or objects that help to stimulate your child’s senses.

Children learn best with their hands, eyes, ears, and noses. If they can smell, touch, see, and hear something it helps them to retain information more effectively.

A sensory bin is typically filled with a variety of common objects such as beads, dry pasta, small toys, and tools to stimulate their senses.

What type of container is best for a sensory bin?

I would suggest a plastic tub or large container. The size of the sensory bin is going to be subjective for each person, depending on the number of children that could be playing at the same time. I prefer to have a tub or container with a lid so when they are finished playing, all that has to be done is to snap the lid on tight.

How often do I need to change out the contents of my dinosaur sensory bin?

That is a great question! There are a couple of factors I consider when thinking about changing the contents of our sensory bins.

First and foremost is the cleanliness and how much my kids have played with it. This will be something you need to determine.

Second, you want to keep your kids engaged so it might be a good idea to change it out once a week or every couple of weeks to keep them excited and occupied.

What will my children learn from playing with a sensory bin?

Sensory bins provide the opportunity to develop both fine and gross motor skills. Pouring, dumping and scooping are helpful in learning transferring skills.

They will also help support cognitive development as children learn to sort items by size and color.

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Easy DIY Dinosaur Sensory Bin

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

This DIY Dinosaur Sensory Bin will transport your child's imagination back to the land of the dinosaurs by using the various senses!


  • Sensory Bin
  • Kinetic Sand
  • Dinosaur Toys
  • Faux Trees
  • Stones


  1. Add the kinetic sand to the bin.
  2. Place the trees and stones around the bin.
  3. Add the dinosaurs.
  4. Invite the child to engage with the contents of the bin and observe what he/she does with the items!

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Easy DIY Dinosaur Sensory Bin Activity Idea For Kids


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