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200+ Would You Rather Questions For Teens

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Would You Rather games are perfect for teens and tweens as ice breakers, conversation starters, holiday games, School parties, family game nights, and more. You can even read them at the dinner table to get your teens to talk with you (:

Looking for a fun activity for your teens to enjoy? Share this list of 200+ would you rather questions for teens and they’ll have a blast playing with friends! Just download, print, and play!

Would you Rather questions are so much fun! Kids and adults alike playing! But the teens always feel like maybe the questions are a little too little childish. So I decided it was time to make Fun Would You Rather Questions for Teens!

This list of 200+ would you rather questions for teens is completely clean and appropriate but also tons of funny. They won’t be able to stop laughing as they make their choices and start fun conversations.

Would You Rather is a classic game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The premise is simple: two options are given and you have to choose which one you would rather do.

Questions can be anything from silly and fun, to deep and thought-provoking and they can be used in a variety of settings – from family time to party games, to getting to know new friends.

They are also an excellent way to connect with your teens. Asking would you rather questions is a great way to start a conversation, learn more about what they are thinking, and get them talking about things they may not normally talk about.

Benefits of Family Game Night

Playtime is one of the most important aspects of a young child’s life. Studies have shown that it’s through imaginative play that we learn how to socialize, problem-solve, and explore our creativity.

For children, play is essential for their development, but what about for teens? Why should parents continue to encourage imaginative play as their children enter their teenage years? Well, there are plenty of reasons!

Playing games and participating in activities together can help strengthen your relationship with your teen and can provide some much-needed bonding time. It can also be a fun way for you to get to know your teen better and learn more about their interests.

Plus, it’s a great way to keep them engaged, which is especially important if they are going through a difficult time or are dealing with some challenging emotions.

How to Play Would You Rather

This is seriously the easiest game to play and connect with teens. All you need to do is pretty much download the Would you Rather Questions for Teens and your set.

How to Play Would You Rather

1. Download the free printable questions.

2. If you would like to ask them in a different order just cut the questions out. You can then add all the slips to a bowl and let the kids pull out a question to answer.

Or simply read through the list of questions in order if you’re in a big group.

3. Start reading the questions and listen to their funny answers. The best part is hearing what the kids think about each question and the conversations the questions start.

Number of Players – You can play with two kids or a large group of kids. If the group is large have the kids raise their hand for the choice they would make so everyone can participate.

This would be a great game for a Teen birthday party too.

Would You Rather is a great game for all ages, but it’s especially fun with teens. To play, all you need is at least two people. The more the merrier!

To start, one person will ask a “would you rather” question. The other players will then answer which option they would rather do. For example:

– Would you rather have a pet dog or a pet cat?

After everyone has had a chance to answer, the person who asked the original question gets to choose which option they would rather do. Then, it’s the next person’s turn to ask a Would You Rather question.

You can play Would You Rather with as many people as you want and for as long as you want. There is only one rule and that’s you must choose one or the other – you can’t answer “both” or “neither”.

Ways To Have Fun With Would You Rather Questions For High School Students

You could easily have fun playing with Would You Rather high school questions right at home for a family game night, but here are a few other fun ways to play!

  • use them as a conversation starter on the first day of school
  • bring them to a youth activity for church
  • have them as a sleepover activity
  • have a family debate and split into teams to prepare speeches (this is so funny!)
  • package them in a cute box and give them as a gift
  • bring them out for a birthday dinner
  • send them in your kids’ lunches to ask their friends
  • laminate them and bring them to the pool all summer long

Would You Rather Questions for Teens


Introducing the ultimate party game for teenagers: “Would You Rather” Printable! This printable is packed with thought-provoking and entertaining “Would You Rather” questions that are sure to spark conversation and laughter among your teenager and their friends.

With over 100 unique questions, this printable is perfect for sleepovers, parties, or any gathering where teens want to have fun and get to know each other better. The questions are designed to be both challenging and amusing, and will spark interesting debates and discussions among players.

Some examples of the questions include: “Would you rather have a million dollars or a happy family?”, “Would you rather be Famous or have the ability to teleport?”, “Would you rather be able to speak every language or be able to read people’s thoughts?”.

This printable is easy to use, just print it out, cut out the questions and you’re ready to play. It’s also a great addition to any teenager’s room decor.

So why settle for boring party games when you can have a blast with the “Would You Rather” Printable? Order yours today and get ready for hours of fun with your teenager and their friends!

The best Would You Rather questions usually offer two really good options or two bad options. Kids and teens are pretty good at coming up with fun questions, but here are 49 Would You Rather questions for teens if you need some inspiration to get your game night started:

Would You Rather…

Be the King/Queen of a country or the president of the United States?
Have a date night at McDonald’s or at a park?
Create one amazing hit song or have an album full of mediocre songs?
Go for a run or go for a hike?
Never have to sleep again or never have to eat again?
Have a pain that never goes away or an itch that never goes away?
Live underwater or live in the clouds?
Eat food with a knife or have to eat food with your feet?
Listen to music alone or listen to music with a group of friends?
Never be able to see or never be able to chew?
Always be 10 minutes early or always be 10 minutes late?
Feel sad and never cry or feel happy and always cry?
Have a pool or a hot tub?
Only eat spicy foods or only eat cold foods?
Go camping or go hiking?
Never have to do chores again or never have to go to school/work again?
Have a big house or a little house?
Have a superpower of your choice or a billion dollars?
Figure things out by yourself or ask for help?
Have bad breath or have bad body odor?
Be the hero or be the villain?
Live in space or live underwater?
Read a nonfiction book or read a fiction book?
Listen to rap music or listen to country music?
Do all the grocery shopping for your family or do all the cooking for your family?
Visit the moon or visit mars?
Listen to music or watch movies?
Win the lottery or find your true soulmate?
Eat only pizza for the rest of your life or only tacos?
Have a bad day turn into a good day or have something great happen on a bad day?
Have a pet dragon or a unicorn?
Have the ability to read minds or have the ability to see the future?
Be famous or be rich?
Travel to the moon or travel to Mars?
Have x-ray vision or night vision?
Buzz your hair or have really long hair?
Look beautiful but be stupid or look ugly but be super smart?
Only be able to speak the truth or only be able to tell lies?
Not be able to sleep or not be able to stay awake?
Drink a smoothie in the winter or hot chocolate in the summer?
Have to walk on ice or walk on hot coals?
Have one best friend or 100 acquaintances?
Eat frog legs or eat cow tongue?
Walk on hot coals or lay on a bed of nails?
Get grounded or have to work every weekend?
Get a huge birthday present or have a huge birthday party?
Have an old car that hardly runs or have no car at all?
Have a Super Bowl party or a pool party?
Be able to eat whatever you want without gaining any weight or be able to do whatever you want and never get tired?
Be super strong or be super fast?
Have crazy hair or have no hair?
Swim with great white sharks or poisonous jellyfish?
Be able to speak with aliens or speak to animals?
Be completely invisible for one day or be able to read other people’s thoughts for one day?
Travel 100 years back in time or 100 years into the future?
Have to kill your own meat or never eat meat again?
Have the ability to time travel or be able to do magic?
Be stranded on a deserted island with your friends or family members?
Have a formal wedding or a destination wedding?
Live a wealthy life or live a happy life?
Grow your own food or hunt all your food?
Be a train engineer or a race car driver for a week?
Have superhuman strength or the ability to teleport?
Super handsome or super smart?
Talk to your younger self or talk to your older self?
Have your mom go to school with you or your dad follow you around school for the day?
Forget who your family is or forget your keys every time you leave home?
Go to the beach or go to the mountains?
Wear the same outfit forever or eat the same meal forever?
Lose all of your hair or all of your possessions?
Have a private jet or a yacht?
Be an employee or be the boss?
Only read books or only listen to e-books?
Listen to music non-stop or never listen to music again?
Be able to change your name or change your birthday?
Do 100 pull-ups or 100 push-ups?
Learn how to break dance or learn how to line dance?
Be able to change the past or change the future?
Be a famous baker or a famous fashion designer?
Be able to go back in time and relive one day for 100 years or travel into the future and see life 100 years from now?
Be a great speaker or be a great listener?
Live in outer space or at the bottom of the ocean?
Run into your parents on a first date or get the stomach bug on a first date?
Eat chocolate ice cream or eat vanilla ice cream?
Live in New York City or Los Angeles?
Be able to transform into an animal or transform into an inanimate object?
Meet your favorite fictional character or meet your favorite historical figure?
Take the bus to school or walk to school?
Spend your life without an arm or without a leg?
Wear white clothes or wear black clothes?
Wear crazy hair or wear crazy socks?
Give up all flavored drinks or give up water?
Have one million followers or one million close friends?
Have X-ray vision or be stronger than steel?
Publish your diary or put an embarrassing picture of yourself on social media?
Spend one night in a haunted house or one week in the woods?
Live in a zoo or in an amusement park?
Never be able to touch anything or never be able to hear anything?
Be covered in fur or covered in scales?
Be a bird or be a fish?
Write songs for other people to sing or sing songs other people write?
Skydive or bungee jump?
Wear summer clothes all year long or winter clothes all year long?
Be a famous dancer or a famous singer?
Be able to breathe underwater or fly?
Live inside a video game or live inside a TV show?
Be an only child or have five siblings?
Watch your best friend’s dream come true or have one of your dreams come true?
Eat a dead rat or eat live spiders?
Have a bird poop on your face or step in dog poop barefoot?
Would you rather be able to speak every language or be able to play every instrument?
Have a talking pet or be able to talk to animals?
Take an extra math class or extra history class each semester?
Spend the holidays traveling to a new country or spend the holidays at your grandparents’ house?
Never be able to leave the house during the day or never be able to leave the house at night?
Be a surgeon or be a helicopter pilot?
Use an iPhone or use an Android device?
Have 10 dogs or have 10 cats?
Go to the highest point on Earth or go to the deepest trench in the ocean?
Get 1 million dollars today or get 5,000 dollars every week the rest of your life?
Always be first to school lunch or always be first out of school at the end of the day?
Go on a luxurious vacation or receive a brand new car?
Ride the bus to work or ride a bike to work?
Switch lives with a celebrity or switch lives with a politician?
Play twister or play truth or dare?
Party all night or sleep all night?
Have super hearing or have super strength?
Be stranded on an Island all alone or be stranded with your worst enemy?
Have a permanent bug bite or a permanent splinter?
Have an unlimited supply of money or an unlimited supply of food?
Win a free vacation or win a sports car?
Ride a roller coaster or ride go-karts?
Go to your favorite college and have debt or go to a different college with no debt?
Lick the bottom of a shoe or lick a toilet?
Live in a huge mansion with all of the latest gadgets and appliances or live off the grid in a cabin in the woods with no modern amenities?
Be stuck on an island with no food and water or be lost in space with an infinite supply of both?
Have an phone battery that never dies or have free wifi wherever you go?
Discover your calling in life or find your true love?
Be a great singer or a great dancer?
Be able to breathe fire or shoot lasers out of your eyes?
Have school uniforms or wear whatever you want to school?
Delete your Instagram account or never be able to take a selfie again?
Be able to time travel or teleport?
Get the stomach flu on your 21st birthday or on your graduation day?
Do a school project by yourself or do a group project for school?
Visit 100 different countries or spend an entire year living in one country that you’ve never been to before?
Eat a live worm or a live goldfish?
Go to any sports game for free forever or go to any theme park for free anytime?
Have a cool hidden talent or become famous for something ridiculous?
Live life without your phone or without your hand?
Skip your teenage years or repeat your teen years?
Lose your sense of smell or lose your sense of taste?
Go for a year without TV or movies or a year without books or audiobooks?
Play in the NBA finals or sing at the Super Bowl?
Be the fictional character of your choice or be best friends with the author of your favorite book?
Have a personal chef or a personal shopper?
Have celebrity parents or a celebrity sibling?
Be super hairy all over or be completely bald everywhere?
Be a famous movie star or a famous rock star?
Marry a good-looking spouse that makes no money or an ugly spouse that makes a lot of money?
Go to a movie alone or go out to eat alone?
Have a basic knowledge of all things or be an expert at one thing?
Never dream again or have the same dream every night?
Live in the coldest place on Earth or the hottest place on Earth?
Only be in love once or never be in love at all?
Only watch Netflix or only watch TikTok?
Go to a concert or go to an musical play?
Go rock climbing or go sky diving?
Wake up at 4 a.m. every day or stay up until 2 a.m. every night?
Be able to only use emojis in texts or only use abbreviations in texts?
Spend one year living in Antarctica or spend one year living in Africa?
Get pie or get cookies for dessert?
Be rich with no friends or have tons of friends but no money?
Would you rather meet Oprah or the Pope?
Get the best grades in school or be the best in the school at your favorite sport?
Be able to read people’s thoughts or control people’s minds?
Be an amazing music composer or an incredible artist?
Present an Oscar but not win anything or Win an Oscar but not attend the ceremony?
Never get another shot or never have to go to the dentist?
Go horseback riding or ride on an elephant?
Would you rather win American Ninja Warrior or win American Idol?
Be able to talk to the dead or be able to prevent death?
Be the oldest sibling or the youngest sibling?
Live in a world where dragons are real or live in a world where dinosaurs are still alive?
Graduate 4 years early or 4 years late?
Never wear shoes or never wear underwear?
Miss your graduation or miss your senior prom?
Watch a movie in the theater or stay home and watch a movie?
Have photographic memory or be able to see the future?
Exercise outside when it’s super hot or when it’s raining?
Be blind or be deaf?
Play board games or play video games?
Meet your favorite celebrity or have lunch with the President of the United States?
Speak 2 languages fluently or only understand 5 languages?
Have all your clothes 1 size too big or 1 size too small?
Know when you’re going to die or live forever?
Give up social media for a month or give up video games for a month?
Have a third arm or a third leg?
Watch a funny movie or a scary movie?
Would you rather live in a world where there are no diseases and everyone lives to be at least 150 years old, or live in a world where everyone can have any superpower of their choice?
Lose all your past memories or never be able to make any new memories?
Live without a toaster or live without a microwave?

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