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Top 15 Fun And Easy Card Games to Play As A Family

What are easy card games to play with kids? Here’s a collection of 15 fun and easy card games for families that kids can learn quickly! 

Want an alternative to screen time? Maybe you have played one too many board games and are looking for different game night options.

If you want to energize an evening with your Family, bust out a card game to get everyone laughing, talking, and off their phones. Oh yeah

The best easy card games to play with kids are generally very simple to learn and don't have many tiny pieces or fake money to keep track of while you play.

They're also fast-paced to suit the attention span of even the most hard-to-please children and often can be played in as little as half an hour.

Pro Tip: if you're traveling and looking for games to take with you, card games don't take up much room in your luggage.

Fun and Easy Card Games For Families

Here is a list of easy family card games to add to your game night rotation. You'll never need to play Old Maid again.

1. Uno 

Age range: 7+

Players: 2 to 10

Uno is a classic fun card game for families that's been fun for decades. The goal is simple: empty your hand by matching cards by number or color before the other players do. Considering how easy it is to learn and fast to play, it's no surprise that family-friendly Uno is the number one Amazon best-seller for card games.

We started playing Uno as a family when my youngest was 2. While he was a little young to really understand how to play, it helped him learn his colors and numbers! I still keep it in my purse and pull it out to play while we wait for our food at restaurants.


2. Kids Create Absurdity

Age range: 7+

Players: 4 or more

This fun and easy card game is set up like apples to apples so you should have at least 4 to play. The only thing I would say is that your family has to have some appreciation for bathroom humor or you won't enjoy Kids Create Absurdity. Because of this, it's not a game you bring out and play with other people unless you know them well. 

There were small giggles, loud laughs, unstoppable laughs, and even tears from laughing. This is a definite keeper for our family gatherings. 


3. Set 

Age range: 6+

Players: 2 or more

Set is all about speed and doesn't require taking turns or using strategies. The first person to see a set of three matching cards calls out “set” and then takes those cards from the communal pile. The cards can be matched by shape, color, or number, and the person at the end of the game with the most sets wins.


4. Exploding Kittens

Age range: 7+

Players: 2 to 5

This silly, family-friendly card game is like nothing you’ve ever played before. Exploding Kittens was one of the most-backed projects in Kickstarter history, and it involves a lot of luck as well as some strategy while still being quick and easy to learn. The whole family will love Exploding Kittens, because it’s unlike any other card game. 

5. Llama Drama 

Age range: 7+

Players: 2 to 4 (or you can use 2 packs for up to 8 players)

The rules for Llama Drama make it easy to pick up quickly and to introduce new players. I was looking for something similar to how easy Uno is. Games typically last 5 – 15 minutes and include enough strategy and luck for a recipe of great fun. Although it feels similar to Uno, there a few twists to really spice things up. I've had a great time playing, and our family has had nothing short of a fantastic time playing this together!


6. Monopoly Deal 

Age range: 8+

Players: 2 to 5

Modeled after the classic board game, the card game Monopoly Deal is just as fun as the original version, with several surprising twists that make it a frequent replay winner. The rules are easy to understand and it's great for 2 to 5 people (ideal 3 or 4). It’s perfect for a quick game night since it has all the classic pieces of Monopoly while only taking 15 to 20 minutes to play.

7. Skip-Bo

Age range: 7+

Players: 2 to 6

This game is FUN!! Skip-Bo is a quick and easy family fun card game to learn, and it doesn't take much time to play. You can play several rounds of the game in a couple of hours. Each game is different than the last. This is one of those games every family should have and one you will enjoy for years! Try Skip-Bo Jr for kids as young as 5.



8. Blink

Age range: 7+

Players: 2 to 4

Ideal Rage is the perfect game: simple to explain, a great mix of skill and chance, works with two to eight players, and takes only 45 minutes to complete! Truly the best of luck & strategy! Easy rules so young ones and old alike can play and win or loose depending on the luck of their cards or good strategy or just plain orneriness. 

Easy Card Games to Play: Even more benefits

Lightweight and portable, card games are great family travel diversions. Whether you’re rained out, snowed in, riding in the car, waiting at the airport or just hanging out in your hotel room, these card games are great fun for the whole gang!

If you're looking for something new to add to your game night possibilities, try one of these fun and easy card games that kids can learn quickly and have a blast playing!


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Top 15 Fun And Easy Card Games to Play As A Family


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