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The 27 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids (Updated)

Subscription boxes for kids seem to be all the rage these days. Are they worth the cost? How do you choose between all the options? I set out on a mission to research and list the best subscription boxes for kids.

Subscription boxes for kids will get your kids excited to receive mail! They arrive with a specially chosen educational activity roughly once a month. But are they right for you? And which Subscription boxes are the best ones?

They have several benefits, including:

  • Make a great gift – literally a gift that keeps on giving.
  • Feeding a child’s interests in a particular subject or expose them to new ideas.
  • Add excitement to learning – ever found that kids love other people's food more than your own…the same goes for fun activities

The only problem is there are so many options. How is a parent to choose the best one(s)?

The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

I have to admit that I love the idea of educational subscription boxes for kids. My kids received KiwiCo Crates as Christmas gifts last year and couldn't stay away from the activities!

After watching my boys devour these crates, I set out to see if there are other boxes they’d enjoy.

Not surprisingly, what I found was a huge selection of options that covered almost as large of the variety of subjects they covered.  It was overwhelming!

Thinking that I probably wasn’t the only parent facing this challenge, I decided to dig in and investigate the options.

Below is a list of the subscription boxes that made my best-of list. I didn't even come close to listing all the options! (Um, because doing that wouldn't solve the problem of eliminating overwhelm.)

I’ve arranged these subscription boxes for kids by themes so you can scroll directly to an area of interest. These themes include:

  • Crafty boxes
  • STEAM and science-themed boxes
  • Reading subscription boxes
  • Life Skills box
  • Cooking/Baking boxes
  • Exploring, Travel, or Cultural-themed boxes
  • Kids Activities boxes
  • Clothing & Accessories boxes

And since every box caters to a different age group, I've listed the recommended/intended ages with each as well. 

Click on the title or photo of a subscription box you’re interested in to learn more & subscribe.

(If you purchase a subscription box after clicking on a link, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.)

Best Crafting Subscription Box

1. We Craft Box

About the box: We Craft Boxes are crafts subscription boxes that are designed to eliminate the stress of choosing and planning kids crafts. Each box has 2-3 prepared crafts that tie in with a “themed story”.

The activities are interactive and come with clear instructions so you can easily walk through it with your kids. Each box comes with 2-3 seasonal crafts. One We Craft box can be shared between 2 children.

Focus: A monthly craft project for younger kids 

Age Range: No age listed, but crafts appear most suitable for younger children

Price: $29.99/box per month, and less expensive if you sign up for longer subscriptions!

Check out We Craft Box reviews here, and learn more about We Craft Box here. Ships to the US.

Best STEAM Subscription Boxes

1. Bitsbox

About this box: Teach your kids to learn and love coding in a fun way. Every month, a beautiful set of app creation projects will appear on your kiddo's doorstep. Each month is a new theme (animals, robots, pranks, etc.) of app creation projects. 

Bitsbox uses simple commands to create cool apps that really work. Kids learn to program by copying apps and making them their own.

Focus:  Teaching kids to code

Age Range: Recommended for ages 6-12

Cost: Starts at $24.95 a month


Check out BitsBox reviews, and learn more about BitsBox here.

2. KiwiCo

About this box: STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) subscription box for kids.

Inspire your young innovators, artists, designers, makers, and scientists with monthly hands-on educational projects. The beauty of KiwiCo is that they offer a variety of great activities for all ages, plus the quality of materials is excellent.

Choose from:

  • Tadpole Crate (Ages 0-36 months)
  • Koala Crate (Ages 3-4)
  • Kiwi Crate (Ages 5-8)
  • Atlas Crate (Ages 6-11)
  • Doodle Crate (Ages 9-16+)
  • Tinker Crate (Ages 9-16+)
  • Eureka Crate (Ages 14-104)

They literally have something for all ages!

My kids got subscriptions to these last year for Christmas and loved them!!

Focus: Monthly STEAM projects

Age Range: 0 – 104 years old (depending on the chosen box)

Cost: Subscriptions start at $16.95 a month 


Savings Opportunities:  **Save an additional 7.5% when you use Rakuten to get cash back on your purchase! (And receive $10 just for signing up plus $25 for each friend you refer)**

Check out KiwiCo reviews here. Ships worldwide (free shipping to the US).

3. Green Kid Crafts

About the box: Each subscription box includes up to 6 science and art kits, quality materials, 12-page activity magazine, and achievement badges. There are different boxes depending on the age of the child, and each kit is made with carbon-neutral, sustainable materials.

Green Kid Crafts boxes offer the perfect subscription for science-minded artists. Their STEAM focus (science, tech, engineering, art, and math) gives future inventors the inspiration they need to fuel discovery and creativity. Each box focuses on a theme like Space or Safari, etc.

Focus: monthly STEAM activity

Age Range: Varies (2-10+), depending on the box you choose.

Cost: Subscriptions start at $24.95

Savings Opportunities: Use code SCREENFREE to save $5 off your first order. Or for a limited time, save 15% for back to school with code SCHOOL15.


Check out Green Kid Craft reviews. Ships Worldwide, free to the US.

4. Spangler Science Club

About this box: The Spangler Science Club features a range of hands-on science experiments designed by Steve Spangler, a former TV host of a popular science education segment on News for Kids. Projects focus on STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math.

Focus: Hands-on science experiments designed by Steve Spangler

Age Range: Recommended for ages 7-14

Price: $19.99+ per month


Read The Spangler Science Club reviews to find out more.

5. Amazon STEM Club Toy

About this box: Amazon STEM Toy Club is a subscription box of STEM-based toys for kids age 3 to 13. You get one toy per box.

Focus: STEM toy-based activities

Age: Different boxes, dived by age. For example:

  • 3 – 4 year olds: STEM Toys that introduce simple concepts like counting and building
  • 5 – 7 year olds: STEM Toys that explore electricity, earth science, and simple math
  • 8 – 13 year olds: STEM Toys based on principles of physics, chemistry, and engineering

Price: All boxes are $19.99/box. You can choose to receive a box monthly, every 2 months, or every 3 months. Amazon often discounts the sticker price for toys, so you get great savings.


Read reviews of Amazon Stem Toy Club here.



6. Groovy Lab in a Box

About this box: Groovy Lab in a Box provides monthly hands-on STEM projects, blending scientific inquiry and engineering design process. The idea is to encourage children to use problem-solving skills when creating projects.

In partnership with Popular Mechanics, Groovy Lab is a box that will provide your kid with everything they’ll ever need to learn and do hands-on activities for science, engineering, and mathematics. 

Focus: STEM experiments

Age Range: 8+

Price: $28.99+  Plus free shipping in the US.

Savings Opportunities: For a limited time, use code GROOVY to save $20 on a 12 month subscription.


Read reviews of Groovy Lab In A Box Subscription box here.

7.  Genius Box

About this box: A monthly toolkit that allows kids to complete 3 STEM activities. The goal is to foster curiosity and a passion for STEM projects in a fun and engaging way. There'a a new topic each month, and everything you need is included in each box.

A few of the topics already covered in Genius Boxes include robotics, forensics, crystals, and rockets!

Focus: STEM activities

Age Range: 8-12 years old

Price: $26+ per month


Best Reading Subscription Boxes

1. BookCase Club

About this box: this book subscription is for those kids who love books and reading! They offer a bunch of plans, including those for young adults and kids.

Signing up is simple—just select your child’s age range and your preferred frequency of delivery. Then enjoy your reads!

Each box includes three handpicked children's books, chosen to ignite the imagination and inspire creativity. You can always pause your subscription if you need time to catch up!

Focus:  Age-appropriate books delivered regularly

Age:  0-12 years – Varies; choose the box you want based on the age(s) of your child(ren).

Price: $9.99/month and $5 for shipping, or save with longer commitments.

Website: BookCase.Club

Check out BookCase Club reviews. Ships to the US for $5.

2. Bookroo

About This Box: Each book comes gift-wrapped to add to the thrill of surprise! Bookroo delivers children’s literature with subscription options for every age: Board Book (up to 3,) Picture Book (2 to 6,) and Chapter Book (7 to 10).

You’ll receive 2 to 3 wrapped selections intended to inspire a love of reading. You’ll build a home library of quality books stress-free! They also let you alternate between picture and board books each month, which is great if you have children in different age groups.

Suggested Age Range: 0 to 10 years

Cost: $16.95+ per month.


Read Bookroo reviews here.

3. Owl Crate Jr.

What You Get: Owl Crate is a monthly subscription box for young adults! They also offer Owl Crate Jr. for kids age 8-12!

Each month your young reader will receive a magical delivery featuring a brand new middle grade novel, exclusive goodies from the author, and 3-5 unique and usable items built around that month’s theme that encourages curiosity, creativity, and imagination!

Many of the books are signed copies and come with a handwritten letter from the author!

Focus: Young adult fiction

Age Range: Ages 8-12

Price: $27.99/box per month, cheaper if you sign up for several months at a time. Ships to the US for $7.99 and Canada for $10.59.


Read Owl Crate Jr. reviews 

4. Amazon Prime Book Box

What you get: Amazon offers a children’s book subscription box for Prime members. Similar to other children’s book subscription boxes, Amazon’s delivers hand-picked children’s books every 1, 2, or 3 months.

Books are up to 35% off the list price and parents can choose from Baby-2 years old, ages 3-5, ages 6-8, and ages 9-12.

Focus: Introducing children to new books at a discount

Age Range: 0 – 12 years old

Price: $19.99 per box (get your first box for $16.99)

Website: Amazon

5.  Little Feminist Book Club

What You Get: Little Feminist Book Club is a monthly book subscription for kids age 0 to 9 that’s committed to giving kids diverse, empowering reads. Each month you’ll get at least one book, accompanying hands-on art and sciences activities, and family discussion questions.

This is a great way to build a diverse home-library that celebrates characters of all genders and backgrounds. Plus, the questions help you have important ongoing conversations with your kids!

Focus: teach kids empathy, equality, and kindness through books.  

Age: 0 – 9 years  

Price: starts at $23 per month + free shipping.

Check out Little Feminist Book Club Reviews.

6. Kids Reveal Book Box

Kids Reveal BookBox is a monthly subscription box that delivers parent-selected, age-appropriate children's books directly to your door. Books are chosen by age, gender and interests.

My favorite part: their “ONE FOR ONE” promise ensures that for every Kids Reveal Book Box purchased, they donate to a child in need.

Focus: fostering a love of books

Age: 0 – 9 years. Soon will offer up to 12 years.

Price: $15.99+ per month


Read reviews of Kids Reveal Book Box.

Best Life Skills Subscription Boxes

1. Wonder Crate

About This Box: Wonder Crate introduces kids to inspirational role models, sparks their curiosity and connects them to their own possibilities. Each box features a book from the popular “Who Is” Series based on role models, inventors, and other notable heroes.

Kids will also receive fun, themed activities, inspiring stories about kids their own age, and an online lesson. Boxes include tips for parents too!

Wonder Crates encourage young learners to manage emotions, embrace challenges, and discover their inner power. Life skills delivered to your door! 

Focus: To introduce kids to inspirational role models and the skills they used to pursue their passion and make a difference.

Age: 7 to 11

Cost: Starts at $29.95 per month.

Website: Wonder Crate

Coupon: For a limited time, use code SCHOOL to get 15% off all subscriptions!

Read reviews of Wonder Crate.

Best Cooking/Baking Subscription Boxes

1. Foodstirs

About this box: You’ll get fun cooking kits to help teach your kids how to bake. Each box includes 3 step-by-step recipes, 2 kid-sized cooking tools, and themed activity materials, a digital and printed shopping list, as well as 3 fun games and puzzles.

Best of all they use organic mixes, natural decorations, fun shapes and supplies, and easy-to-follow directions!

Focus: Instilling a love of baking in kids

Cost: Starts at $19 for one kit;

Savings Opportunity: Labor Day Sale – use code WHOA to save 30%!


Read reviews of Foodstirs.

Best Explorer/Traveler/Cultural Subscription Boxes

1. Little Passports

About this box: The first box includes an orange suitcase, a wall-sized world map, a luggage tag, a sticker, photo, and activity booklet, as well as a welcome letter. Future subscription boxes include fun toys, activity booklets, stickers, trading cards, and letters/photos. Each month has a theme such as oceans, music, and dinosaurs. 

What’s in the box? It depends on your plan, but activities, recipes, puzzles, souvenirs, STEM experiments… the list goes on.

Focus:  Inspiring kids to learn about the world

Age:  3 – 12 years  

Price: Choose the plan that’s right for you. Here's an idea:

  • Early Explorers (Ages 3-5) $16.95+/month
  • World Edition (Ages 6-10) $14.95+/month
  • USA Edition (Ages 7-12) $12.95+/month
  • Science Expeditions (Ages 9+) $18.95+/month

Savings Opportunity: Save $20 on any 12-month subscription with the code EXPLORE

** Get additional savings by using Rakuten! Not a member? Join and get $10 cash!**


Check out Little Passports reviews.

2. Atlas Crate

About this box: Atlas Crate comes from the same company that creates Kiwi and Doodle Crates (and more). Atlas Crate’s focus is to teach kids about different countries and cultures around the world.

Each box contains written cards (that provide information about the country of the month) and interesting facts and recipes. Boxes also include projects related to the focus country/culture of the month.

Focus: Culture and geography

Age range:  6 – 11 years

Price: $19.95/month (cheaper per month with longer subscriptions)


3. Finders Seekers

About this box: Explore the globe, decipher clues & solve puzzles with this mystery subscription!

Each month you will transport to a unique locale for each ‘Find’ where you’ll uncover underground cultures and explore local traditions. Use online research and online tools to solve puzzles and decode cryptic messages to make your way to the ‘Find.’

Focus: Explore the world through puzzles

Age Range: Recommended for age 10+

Price: $30+ per month (Get $5 off when you use the coupon code SELFSUFFICIENT)


Read reviews of the Finders Seekers box.

4. Little Global Citizens

About this box: Little Global Citizens brings a new country and its culture to life for your child. Each box contains cultural activities, crafts, a beautiful book, recipes, souvenir plus a Children’s Guide to teach your kiddo about each new country in a hands-on, fun way!

If you are looking for engaging screen-free activities that the family can do together, this is it. 

Focus: Teach kids about different countries and cultures

Age:  3 – 10 years

Cost: Bi-monthly box $39.95+


Read reviews of Little Global Citizens.

Best Kids Activities Subscription Boxes


1. MyEduCrate   

About this box: MyEduCrate was created by certified teachers with exciting, surprising educational themes that will inspire, engage and entertain the growing minds of children ages 6-11 years old.

Each crate includes lesson plans to support themed activities and includes learning challenges, hands-on learning materials, and non-fiction books based on the theme of the box that month. Past boxes have focused on mazes, rocks, math, and geography.

Focus: Educational themed items

Age Range: 6 – 11 years

Price: $39.95+ per month


Read reviews of MyEduCrate.

2. Sensory TheraPLAY Box

What You Get: Sensory TheraPlay Box is a toy subscription box curated by a pediatric occupational therapist to encourage fun and therapeutic play!

You’ll get a mix of 5-7 textured toys, activities, and crafts aimed at improving fine-motor development. This box can be enjoyed by all kids, but it’s been designed with high-energy and anxiety-prone children as well as children on the autism spectrum in mind. 

Focus:  encourage the development of important sensory motor skills and are both calming and therapeutic

Age:  5 – 9 years

Price: $39.95 a month + shipping. Save with longer commitments.


Read reviews of the Sensory TheraPLAY box.

3. Brick Loot

About This Box: Founded by a LEGO-loving 9 year old, Brick Loot is the ultimate subscription box to keep LEGO fans happy.

Each Brick Loot box features a surprise selection of 4 to 8 items including custom brick kit builds and mini-figures, plus additional accessories, exclusives, and goodies you can’t get anywhere else.

If your kid is brick-obsessed, this is a great choice for growing their collection.

Suggested Age Range: 6+ years

Cost: $27.28 per month. (boxes are cheaper with longer subscriptions) 


Read Brick Loot reviews.


Best Clothing/Accessories Subscription Boxes

1. Panda Pals

What You Get: Panda Pals is a monthly sock subscription from Sock Panda that sends 2 pairs of socks for boys and girls age 3-8. The socks are made with Peruvian cotton, so they’re super comfy, and they have fun designs on them.

In addition, each pack comes with a small activity such as a brain teaser, stickers, a craft, or games. Panda Pals will donate a pair of socks to someone in need for every new subscription (I love that)!

Focus: building a fun sock collection

Age: 3 – 8 years, also Tweens (8-11 yrs), Women's and Men's

Price: $15+ per pack each month or save with longer commitments.

Savings Opportunity: Use codes FALL15 or SCHOOL15 to save 15%.


2. Kidpik

About this box: Kidpik is a kid clothing subscription box for girls age 4-16. Each box comes with exclusive Kidpik outfits hand-curated based on your girl’s preferences.

There’s no styling fee, and you have 7 days to try the 7 items they send you. Each box comes with a cute gift for your girl as well!

Choose a subscription schedule that works for you: One box every month (12 per year), one box every 2 months (6 per year), or one box every 3 months (4 per year).

Age: Girls 4 – 16 years

Price: Only pay for the clothes you keep! The average cost per item is around $13.50, and you’ll get 30% if you keep all the clothes they send you!

Savings Opportunity: Get additional savings by using Rakuten! Not a member? Join and get $10 cash!


3.  Stitch Fix Kids

About this box: Stitch Fix Kids is a clothing and style subscription from Stitch Fix! What’s in the box? 8-12 stylist curated pieces that are picked after you send Stitch Fix preferences.

It’s a great way to conveniently shop for kids clothes without leaving your house! Try everything on in the comfort of home, and return what you don’t want via their prepaid return shipping label.

Price: $20 styling fee that’s applied to any item(s) you keep! Items start at $10—only pay for what you keep. Keep everything in the box and get a 25% discount.

Savings Opportunity: Get additional savings by using Rakuten! Not a member? Join and get $10 cash!

4. Kidbox

About This Box: Your kids get to dress cool and help a great cause! 

Each month, Kidbox hand-picks 6 to 7 clothing items based on your Kidbox style quiz preferences. Selections come from high-quality name brands, and you have free and easy options for returns and exchanges. If you keep the entire box, Kidbox makes a donation to an organization that helps children.

The best part? You and your kiddo get to pick the charity from options that help military families, foster kids, and other communities in need. 

Age: Boys and Girls sizes infant to 16

Cost: Pay for the clothes you keep (starts at $68 for the entire box).


Are Subscription Boxes Worth the Cost?

Honestly, It completely depends on what you can afford. I have yet to find many boxes that are $10 or less per month. So once you start talking $20-$30 a month, it can be a harder decision for many people.

And if you have to factor in multiple kids, that's a whole different consideration.

I will say that some boxes offer a sibling add on price so that multiple kids in the same family can do the activities for less than what it would cost to pay for the subscription multiple times.

Personally, my kids really enjoyed getting their subscription boxes in the mail and doing the activities, and I think the experience was really good for them.

To me, it's worth skipping something here and there (dinner out once a month or trim the grocery budget) to put that money towards a subscription box for my kids.

Final Thoughts on Subscription Boxes for Kids

Who doesn’t like getting something fun in the mail? This list of boxes offers something for everyone and focuses on some area of development for kids. Plus they are just plain fun (and a great way to do screen-free activities)!

Are you aware of or have you tried any subscription boxes for kids that aren’t on this list but are amazing? Please let me know!

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The 27 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids (Updated)


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