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Our Child’s A Liar.

Our Daughter is seven years-old GOING ON 15!  She is an independent, strong-willed girl for the most part, but she is out-right lying on a regular basis!

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`Honey, did you make your bed`                                                                            `Yes` Not made because I checked.                                                                       `Did you turn off the TV like I asked you to`                                                      `Yes, I did` Nope. Still blaring away and no one is watching it.                      

It’s the simple things she is lying about!  Whether or not she’s brushed her teeth. Where she got a unfamiliar toy she’s been playing with. Spraying our perfume and cologne all over our bedroom and denying she did it (bottles didn’t spray themselves)!

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When and how did she learn this! 

My husband and I don`t keep things from each other (which is the same as a lie in my books) and we certainly tell one another the truth, no matter what! 

We’ve always told our daughter that she can come to us with anything. Whether she’s broken or spilled something, accident or intentional – it’s always better to come clean than to cover something up with a lie.

Recently (just this past week in fact) I was told that I looked really good for just giving birth by a teacher at our daughter’s school! I know I’ve gained weight recently – but really!!!

Later that evening my husband mentioned that the principal at our daughter’s school congratulated him on the new addition to our family!

Our daughter was telling EVERYONE that she just got a new baby sister!

I was beyond pissed. Her little white lies and story-telling was a problem, but essentially harmless in that it didn’t really hurt anyone but her. Now she was making up fake stories about ME! That was where I drew the line.

On the advice from a friend, I marched her into the principal’s office the next morning (conveniently her teacher was also present) and made her tell them that she had lied about my just having had a baby.

She was beyond embarrassed (I was as well to be honest) and the principal explained how important it is to always tell the truth and that telling stories that are untrue can be hurtful and can get you in trouble.

After visiting the principal’s office, I was concerned if I had done the right thing. But the principal had reassured me that it was a good course of action in order to make her come clean with her fib.

Why is my daughter lying??

Is she afraid of getting into trouble!  Are we, as parents, scary and unreasonable!  Are her friends lying and she`s just jumping on the bandwagon!  Or is this just the general age that lying begins!

So, for the time-being, we are encouraging total honesty – good or bad. We (myself especially) are trying to be more even-tempered when we catch her in a lie (which is often) and reiterate the necessity of being honest with everyone.

My husband and I are taking what our daughter tells us with a grain of salt – which is sad but true.

A day will come when our girl will share a whopper of a tale – which may turn out to be true. The sad part is I can’t say that we’ll believe and trust that this story really happened due to her track record of tall tales.

Honesty is forever the best medicine.

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Our Child’s A Liar.


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