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Blue Smurf Cat Meme Viral Video: Meme Explained

It’s time for another thing to go viral, but it is none other than the unexpected yet unique Blue Smurf Cat. The blue smurf cat has taken the internet by storm, wooing multiple netizens with its content.

The audience, who appear captivated, has turned the blue smurf cat into a sensation in no time. In this article, we will discuss the realm that the Blue Smurf Cat Meme has created so that you can use it properly without missing out on the context. 

Where Did it All Begin? 

Well, the Blue Smurf cat meme has its origin in TikTok. It showcases a unique character named Shailushai. This character is a blend of a cat, a smurf and a mushroom.

In most of the videos on TikTok, one can see the smurf car wandering through a forest. What makes this amusing is that the cat is on the natural trail with a snail on its back and a mushroom on its head. 

The meme gained traction on social media once it featured the song ‘The Spectre’ by Alan Walker. However, back in 2014, the meme made its debut; it was during this period that it gained full popularity in the virtual world.

The Blue Smurf is the creation of the artist Nate Hallinan. He took inspiration from the concept of having a real-life smurf and how it would look if it were alive. 

But while creating his craft, he didn’t know that his piece would become an addictive dose of amusement for the netizen. His creation became a viral sensation throughout the social media platforms TikTok and Instagram to name a few.

Most of the shorts and videos had a sense of originality to them because no one came up with them. It featured catchy music and a scintillating visual charm. 

Therefore, it matched what the viewers often craved: simplicity and unique originality. As a result, it grabbed the global spotlight and spread throughout the social media platforms like wildfire.

Like any other viral TikTok short, Smurf Cat took the road downtown and sparked discussion among users. Many chose to create remixes with the videos and be creative. As a result, many users interpreted it according to their usage across online platforms. 

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Blue Smurf Cat Meme

A closer look at the Blue Smurf cat meme on TikTok would reveal that the blue Shailushai set the mood with Alan Walker’s tune. The widespread video paved the way towards different social media platforms, including YouTube, Roblox, and Minecraft, to name a few.

However, a portion of the user has expressed that new content featuring the Blue Smurf cat is due to an appearance. The continuous appearance of the car has had a significant impact on the digital landscape. As a result, many need a dire break from the features as well. 

The cultural impact of the meme is significant. Not only has this cat meme become a part of the online culture, but it has given the space for many to integrate their creation. Many social media personalities participate in the online discussion.

They produce fan art, use it in their own artistic space and include it seamlessly in their daily routines. The widespread share showcases how the internet can make almost anything popular as long as it is unique. 


The Blue Smurf cat meme owes its success to many combinations of factors. The first contributing factor is its visually captivating design. Moreover, the artist used catchy tunes to increase its allure.

The simplicity, along with the curious element, has enhanced the entertainment value. It can easily evoke humour among consumers. So what’s not to like? Next time you see the meme, share it away. 

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Blue Smurf Cat Meme Viral Video: Meme Explained


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