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How to get verified on Instagram?

The blue verification tick beside your Instagram profile is a potential symbol holds acute status and power on the platform. We all wish to get verified on Instagram to enjoy the extra added benefits of power and authority through the process of verification. However this does not come easy for all of us because he process of verification is quite tricky and requires strategies for most of us to actually get it done. People might suggest you different tips and tricks which could help you get the verified blue tick on your Instagram profile but to be honest most of them prove to be vague and ineffective because you do not get any clear cut guide as to how you can achieve it. you search is finally over because here we will discuss in-depth everything about getting veified on Instagram.

What does getting verified on Instagram actually mean?

Getting verified on Instagram actually means to establish a striking and authentic presence on the platform as a public figure, celebrity or an influencer or a global brand. A verified Account on Instagram gets a verified badge attached to it on the profile of the user. It is indeed a blue seal with a tick mark symbol appearing next to your username. You can apply for getting verified on Instagram with either your public account or a business account. The blue tick is fundamental in boosing the discoverability of your profile by facilitating better location of your profile rather than the hoax accounts so that public figures or your potential audience can easily locate you. In the search option of Instagram or in embedded posts the likeability of a verified account to pop up is higher than others which also ensure that people who are looking for you, find the real, authentic profile of you or your brands to connect with. At a glance, it easily helps you in differentiating celebrity account from that of their fan accounts. Same for brands who can avoid anyone to steal their followers or the limelight they own. Moreover, getting verified on Instagram adds on to your social status that you enjoy because it is evident of the fact that you are notable person on the platform.

Who is eligible to get verified on Instagram?

The yearning of the blue tick would not be as potent if it would have been easily attainable. Therefore it is obvious that not everyone can easily get a blue tick on your Instagram profile. The verification is exclusive for only accounts which are deemed to have a public presence or suited for a public interest. Being more specific it requires you to be a public figure, celebrity or an influencer dealing with huge masses of audience to enjoy the verified badge on Instagram.

You must also strictly stick to the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines established by the platform and also be in compliance with the norms laid by Instagram on its website which are:-

  • Authentic:- it is obvious that you need to be authentic and genuine with your identity on the platform which implies that real and active users, a registered brand or a business.

  • Unique:- on Instagram, only one person per account or a business entity can get verified exceptions being language specific accounts. According to the Terms and Conditions of Instagram, fan accounts or accounts with general interests are not qualified for getting verified.

  • Public:- if you wish to verify your Instagram accounts then you need to make sure that your account is viewable for everyone and are accessible in the public domain because private Instagram accounts are not eligible for getting verified.

  • Complete:- your account should adhere to all features and procedures laid out on Instagram such as complete bio, proper profile picture with atleast one post on your Instagram profile.

  • Notable:- another basic requirement laid by Instagram is that, you should be representative of a highly searched, well-known brand, person or entity to get verified on the platform.

Even though you are verified on Facebook, that does not mean you can easily get verified on Instagram because getting verified on Facebook is easier as it allows verification for small business and organizations too unlikely to be verified on Instagram. According to the Terms and conditions laid out on Instagram, it says that a verified badge will be granted to only ‘notable’ serving for any kind of public interests where the likeliness of getting impersonated are comparatively higher than others.

What are the steps to get verified on Instagram?

For applying to get verified on Instagram is a hassle free process and rrquires only few steps. Here is a guide that could help you in getting verified in three easy steps.

Step 1:- Login through your Instagram credentials

You need to login into your account. If you have multiple Instagram accounts, then you need to make sure that you are logged in from the account you wish to be verified from.

Step2:- request for verification:-

  • Click on the menu icon option present as three dots at the top right corner of your screen.

  • At the bottom of your screen, you need to tap on the Settings gear option.

  • From the list of options displayed, you need to click on Account.

  • With the list of options available, tap on Request Verification option.

Step 3 :- confirm your identity on the platform:-

  • You need to fill in your account name and other necessary fields and complete the procedures.

    • Provide your full name:- your full, legal, authentic name which is present on the Government issued identification proofs.

    • Known as:- here you need to put in your name or the name of your company which is generally known by the people. Such as nickname or a middle name that could be used in place of your first name should appear as information here.

    • Category:- you need to choose from respective categories such as news/media, sports, Government/politics, entertainment, fashion, music, blogger/influencer, brand, organizations or others. You need to select the most relevant category according to your Instagram account.

  • Next upload a copy of a photo ID issued by the Government or any official business document:- as your individual document procurement, you can use your driving licence, passport or any government issued document or identity cards. For your business, you can probably use your income tax return, an utility bill in your company’s name or an article based on the incorporation of your company. You just need to make sure that the name mentioned in your document tallies with the one that you mentioned above.

  • Tap on Send option:- once you tap on the Send option, your application shall be reviewed into consideration by Instagram. Out of the various factors, Instagram looks for confirming the authenticity, uniqueness, completeness and notability of your account’s eligibility. Once your application is reviewed, you will be notified whether your application is approved or denied by Instagram. The messages would be displayed in the notification option of your profile. You should not expect a response almost immediately. The process is time consuming, however, no clear cut timeline is defined. It generally takes a couple of days to fulfil the process. Always remember that the process of verification on Instagram is free of cost and they do not charge you for it. Also no email would be sent to you regarding your verification request. Be cautious, if you get a request to pay, or receive an email receive an email requiring further details, you are being scammed.

Tips to help you get verified: A list of Do’s and Don’ts.

It is obvious that many people request Instagram for verifying their accounts on the platform but not all can achieve it because Instagram is quite particular in picking how is able to get verified. Here is a list of all do’s and don’ts which you must follow while submitting your verifying request so that it could boost the chances of getting verified.

  • Have a great bio on your profile:- while deciding to verify your account or not, a primary factor taken into consideration is the bio on your Instagram profile. You need to ensure that you bio fields are filled with relevant and true information regarding your identity as well as for your business for accurate identification.

  • Be honest:- throughout the process, you need to uphold your morality virtues and remain honest at all stages of the verification process. Always use your real name and accurate category of tour profile for your account. For proving your identity, always opt for authentic and real documents with possibly no alterations found under scrutinity. It is very obvious because Instagram clearly mentions that if you are caught with any misleading or false information then your account could be taken down with appropriate actions to even delete your account from the platform.

  • Try to be consistent with your posts:- the measurement of your active presence on any social media platform is fundamental in determining the engagement drawn by the audience on your profile. Nobody will be interested in viewing your content if you post once in a blue moon because until then all spark formed by your content could be faded. Contrary to this, if you are consistent in posting your content regularly then the audience would be intrigued to know more and would wait to watch your content. Therefore consistency is the key. You will be rewarded for posting frequently by increased follower count and higher chances of being a popular creator on the platform. This will automatically boost your chances of getting verified.

  • Do not give up after the first attempt:- if at first you are denied from being verified, do not lose hopes. Utilize this time to improve your profile and build a better audience segment. Implement all the necessary changes and when you have successfully established yourself on the platform, then try again. After the denial of your first request, you can try again after 30 days. Be patient because the whole process of getting verified is a culmination of sincere efforts with smart strategies for engaging with your audience. Wait for the magic to happen for you too.

  • Do not lose your batch after getting it:- once you receive the verified badge then never lose it again. You need to sincerely adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the platform and follow them regularly. If you are caught transferring your badge or selling bio, profile picture or username for other promotional services then Instagram can immediately take away your badge and disable your account. Therefore never conduct any misleading or wrong activities against the laws set by the platform for maintaining your badge status.

  • Do not link your profile with other social channels in your profile bio:- you should never cross promote your other social media handles though your Instagram bio by asking people to follow you there because it is clearly mentioned by Instagram that a profile containing ‘Add Me’ links is not eligible for approval of verification.

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How to get verified on Instagram?


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