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Are you a brand snob? My savings tips.

Are you a Brand snob? What do I mean by that. Well when I started out living in my own home at 19 I had no clue the value of money even at 19 I was spoilt I had an easy life a good life provided by my parents as a child I would go to Disneyland every year without fail, holidays abroad every school holiday, i wore expensive designer clothes and generally lived a really good life provided by mum whom worked hard for it. But when I was then put it the world as an “adult” I literally had no value for money id buy expensive clothes, shoes and food until reality whacked me in the face with debts and and empty bank account.

As a 19-20 year old I wouldn’t shop in cheaper shops like primark or Asda not a chance I thought I deserved the life I had as a child and I tried to maintain that lifestyle. I would try for the high designer brands and that included foods. I would never go for unbranded food like smart price or the shops own branding. I think now what an idiot you we were so spoilt and immature! I think this is part my age to blame at the time I was still in the teenage mind set of keeping up that high lifestyle id been given. I’m not saying in any way that is my parents fault they gave me a great childhood but with that I never learnt the value of money at all.

Fast forward 10+ years I’m now 27 and a mum of 2. I’ve had to learn the hard way the value of money and probably in the last 2-3 years have we felt and lived comfortable after years of struggling to learn to budget and maintain bills etc. Finally now I can see and appreciate the life I was given and what it took. But I now have done a complete turn around in my ways especially when it comes to food shopping. I used to go for the highest branded items where as mark hadn’t live the life I had and he was used to going abit cheaper so he taught me a lot in that way he was able to budget a lot better than me.

So now when it comes to our shopping I do it all online. I learnt going into the shops was a massive temptation to buy the unnecessary or the expensive brands. In my younger years i would have died before i put asdas own brand in my baskets but now im like an eager eyed bargain hunter!

Beans for example these are all from asda, if these were put into bowls without labels and you tasted them i can 100% tell you for a fact you would not no which was which! Heinz is usual 75p, Asda own is 30p and then smart price still Asdas own 23p. I’m telling you there is literally no difference other than the label. Years ago id have gone with heinz brought 4 tins costly me £3 where as smart price is 92p! As a family with kids we use beans alot thats a massive saving! For the label on the tin that goes in the bin?

Another massive tip i have is if you use the Asda app or website to order go to the little search bar and type ” Smart price” you wont believe the price of the things like bleach for example i use alot im a bleach freak and when i found this i couldn’t believe it. Smart is 28p yes pence for 2 LITRES!! i know!! Compared to Domestos 2L is £2. Thats just an insane difference.

It’s crazy isnt it. Years ago i would never have even looked for smart price and now before i even start my online shop i do the search for smart price and they are always adding new products. Your literally paying for the label? I’m not sponsered or in any way working with asda on this post hah! They are just my go to brand for everything! Even with the kids i would have them in expensive designer clothes and shoes and now ive learned money doesn’t grow on trees i buy ALL literally all there clothes from asda. They grow so fast i felt like i was throwing away money. They have the odd designer item but now i even buy the shoes from there while they are small i do not see the point in buying an expensive brand for £60 for a 4-year-old when i can pay £10 and have a character he loves more than life on them rather than a random brand he’s never heard of. Im no longer a brand snob! Maybe it comes with age and maturity. I know im going on about asda like there my god but even with nappies i told myself my kids will wear pampers nope i use little angels from asda even there wipes that i started with johnsons hah! Johnsons £10 – Asda £5.

Let me know in the comments are you a brand snob? No shame in it if you’ve got the pennies then you do you!x But for me finding these bargain plus more has been a life saver and changed my whole perspective on money!

CHALLENGE – For 1 months go to the lower brands in everything clothing,shoes,shopping everything and put aside every penny that would have gone on the higher brand and i bet you are shocked by the results.

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Are you a brand snob? My savings tips.


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