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Book reviewer and game reviewer, helping the indie community get noticed!
Crimson Sunrise – Book Review
2024-05-26 09:39
Overall Rating: “A cold chill crept down her spine. The ease with which he killed and brushed it off was terrifying.” This book was exactly what I needed to read; a shor… Read More
Clara Reads Proust – Book Review
2024-03-31 17:52
Overall Rating: “As she reads these pages, something verging on magical happens, making her think for the very first time that books might be better than real life.” I a… Read More
The Wrong Sister – Book Review
2024-03-17 23:10
Overall Rating: “Every family has secrets. Some more deadly than others.” I don’t really think I need to introduce Claire Douglas to all the thriller fans –… Read More
The Lifeline – Book Review
2024-03-08 21:18
Overall Rating: “Two people. One life-changing connection.” I’m feeling so incredibly thankful for the people around me and the opportunities I have after finishin… Read More
Open Minded – Book Review
2024-02-14 12:20
Overall Rating: “What if The One isn’t the only one?” Open Minded is my first 5 star book of the year and I am completely in love with it! If the sound of a hilari… Read More
J Rose Black – Author Interview
2024-01-25 17:17
“A Marine never says die. Neither does his princess.” Losing My Breath – J Rose Black After recently reading J Rose Black’s fun, thought-provoking romcom, I&rsquo&helli…Read More
Losing My Breath – Book Review
2024-01-24 16:34
Overall Rating: “A Marine never says die. Neither does his princess.” I don’t read romcoms as much as I should, and this one has really made me crave another one!… Read More
Helle & Death – Book Review
2024-01-17 10:06
Overall Rating: “A snowstorm. A country house. Old friends reunited. It’s going to be murder…” At the time of writing this, it’s actually started snow… Read More
2024-01-07 22:14
Overall Rating: “I have never purposely hurt anything. I have never hurt anyone. Until today.” This book has been on my Kindle for AGES, and seeing as I want 2024 to be… Read More
My Top 10 Books Of 2023
2023-12-30 21:38
Aaaaand here we go again! What. A. Year. I think 2023 has been one of my favourites yet. The books I’ve read this year have been out of this world and it’s been one hell of a job… Read More
Wreck The Halls – Book Review
2023-12-29 17:18
Overall Rating: “Every second, every minute, makes both of us better. You feel that too, don’t you?” My final holiday read of the year *sob* but what a book to end… Read More
Nineteen Steps – Book Review
2023-11-23 16:22
Overall Rating: “Love blooms in the darkest days…” Well my emotions have been everywhere reading this! A really heart-wrenching story of tragedy, loss, hope and… Read More
The Fall – Book Review
2023-11-16 10:29
Overall Rating: “You’ve set up a bloody slaughter there. What tempted you?” “Revenge.” After a few lighter reads before this one, I was certainly re… Read More
New Beginnings – Book Review
2023-10-31 16:47
Overall Rating: “Can they work on their new beginnings together?” Lovers of cute, feel-good books with happy endings, this is for you! It’s been a while since I&rs&hell…Read More
Dianna Houx – Author Interview
2023-10-27 15:11
“No matter what happened tomorrow, she would always have the memories of the good things that happened today. What more could she ask for?” Countdown to Christmas – Dianna… Read More
What She Knew – Book Review
2023-10-21 16:12
Overall Rating: “They used to tell each other everything… What changed?” Okay, this book well and truly took me for a ride. After being convinced I had it all wor… Read More
P.E. Klein – Author Interview
2023-09-25 16:15
“Think you’ve got what it takes to crack the code?” The Invisible Hand – P.E. Klein After recently reading The Invisible Hand by P.E. Klein and being blown away b… Read More
Cristobal Bull – Book Review
2023-09-20 16:25
Overall Rating: “There was no doubt about it; Cristobal was the king of each rodeo, ranch, and Texan bull ring. So why, in that case, did he feel sad? As if something were missing… Read More
2023-08-30 13:18
Overall Rating: “I don’t care if the storm raged until the sun came up. There was a job to do.” Okay, my thriller break didn’t last that long but WHO CARES b… Read More
2023-08-19 21:04
Overall Rating: “I will do everything I can to get you out of there. I promise. This is my war now, and I know what side I’m on.” Wow, I was not quite expecting th… Read More
The Fifth Guest – Book Review
2023-07-24 15:38
Overall Rating: “All of them are guilty of something…” If someone asked me what my ideal book would be, I’d present them this on a gold platter. I loved eve… Read More
Just Between Us – Book Review
2023-07-17 14:05
Overall Rating: “Lost. Missing. Murdered? And both her husbands are suspects…” Oh I loved this! Psychological thrillers are my jam, and this was certainly one of… Read More
The Woman Who Lied – Book Review
2023-06-30 08:17
Overall Rating: “She finally has her dream life. But someone wants to reveal the truth.” I read The Text (a short story by Claire Douglas) a few years ago and loved it s… Read More
A Wish For Wilma – Book Review
2023-06-22 14:53
Overall Rating: “One’s a wish, two’s a kiss.” One of my favourite ladies is back with the final book *sob* in the Cranley Wishes Trilogy! With each new Audre… Read More
How To Find A Love Of Reading Again
2023-04-18 13:33
In the modern era, reading a whole book can often feel like a chore. When you’ve got smartphones and computers to use, why would you turn to a thumbed copy of an old favorite for enter… Read More
Make Me Clean – Book Review
2023-02-20 12:00
Overall Rating: “She will leave your surfaces sparkling. But she might well leave you dead…” Note to Tina – HOW DO YOU DO IT?! How do you continue to write… Read More
Sweet Baby Mine – Book Review
2023-01-21 21:53
Overall Rating: “I never thought things would go this far…” My first read of the year is always a special one, and I’m just thrilled I picked this book to k… Read More
My Top 10 Books Of 2022
2022-12-30 15:58
Another year gone, another year of exceptional books! I haven’t read as much as previous years in 2022, but I’ve read more incredible stories and found so many new authors for my… Read More
Typecast – Book Review
2022-11-11 17:38
Overall Rating: “What happens when your ex writes the script?” A very pleasant surprise! Typecast blew any expectations I had out the water, and it’s turned out to… Read More
The Other Ones – Book Review
2022-10-25 18:00
Overall Rating: “That was when he heard them. The ghostly voices. For months, they had sounded in the dead of night. Though the words were muffled, he knew they were spiked with h… Read More
A Wish For Jo – Book Review
2022-07-10 14:23
Overall Rating: “When magic’s in the air, anything is possible…” Another witty, feel-good rom com from one of my favourite authors of this genre! I always get… Read More
Blue Haven – Book Review
2022-06-15 21:45
Overall Rating: “Paradise isn’t for everyone.” This book deserves an award! Or 5! It’s no secret that I adore Lisa King’s writing, and this book has been… Read More
Dog Days – Book Review
2022-04-22 20:36
Overall Rating: “It’s so much easier to swim with the tide instead of against it.” (TW: mental health, abuse, self harm, suicide.) If you read one book this year… Read More
Nasty Little Cuts – Book Review
2022-02-26 22:02
Overall Rating: “She takes shallow breaths. The knife is chilling, but his face is worse.” Oh my GOD. This book is already a strong contender for my book of the year, and… Read More
2022-02-23 08:34
Overall Rating: “Love has to come above it all. We have to follow our hearts and accept the things we cannot change.” Harpeth Road Press are absolutely rocking it right no… Read More
Where Hope Is Found – Book Review
2022-02-22 09:48
Overall Rating: “The very thing that had caused the worst moment of her life surrounded the place she now called home. Yet, here amidst the turbulent waters, she had found hope.&rd&hell…Read More
The Dummy Pass – Book Review
2022-02-12 11:45
Overall Rating: “Fiona couldn’t put her finger on it, but she could swear while he was catching his breath William was talking to someone and cheering people on. But there wa… Read More
Double Pursuit – Book Review
2022-01-15 13:34
Overall Rating: “She’s hunting arms smugglers. But who is hunting her?” Alison Morton has stunned me once again with book two in the Mélisende Thrillers serie… Read More
The Wild Remedy – Book Review
2022-01-11 14:18
Overall Rating: “When life is incessantly exhausting, has thrown you a terrible gluey lump of pain and you feel dreadfully, dingily sad, a leafy place and the sight of a bird in it… Read More
The Holiday Plan – Book Review
2022-01-11 09:30
Overall Rating: “Sometimes you have to let go of trying to control everything and have a little faith. Faith that, in spite of anything that’s happened, you’re right wh… Read More
My Top 10 Books Of 2021
2021-12-29 12:52
Another year, another top 10 list! 2021 has been even more difficult than 2020, something I didn’t expect at all. Of course, with difficult years comes the inability to read as much as… Read More
That Night – Book Review
2021-12-27 16:06
Overall Rating: “Something tells her that this is far from over. That the cracks are going to get deeper, form chasms, enough to move continents.” I’m embarrassed to… Read More
The History And Future Of Storytelling
2021-12-15 18:48
The history of storytelling is a long and storied one. In fact, it’s so old that nobody can even say for sure where or when it started. We have found cave paintings from as far back as… Read More
The Other Side Of Fear By Eoghan Egan
2021-12-13 20:48
Very happy to be joining Red Dog Press in today’s cover reveal for The Other Side of Fear by Eoghan Egan! The book will be released on March 29th 2022 and is available to pre-order rig… Read More
Rachel Burton – Author Interview
2021-12-09 17:09
“To live a life that is full of the things we want, we sometimes have to take risks. We have to step out of our comfort zones. We have to do the hard things.”A Bookshop Christmas… Read More
Tips On How To Create A Novel
2021-11-15 19:21
They say that everyone has a novel inside them, and it’s true, we all do. But being able to concentrate on an idea long enough to develop a full novel out of it can prove challenging… Read More
2021-10-24 21:32
Overall Rating: “So, I fell in love. What a tragedy.” (TW: depression, drug addiction, mentions of suicide, suicide attempt.) What an intense and emotional journey this… Read More
2021-10-08 16:12
Today’s customers are more informed than ever. A new survey carried out by the leading User Experience (UX) & Usability research company Nielsen Norman Group (NN/g) revealed that m… Read More
2021-09-27 19:42
Overall rating: “Small towns were held together by tales. Lies and gossip mostly, but also truths that would drop your jaw.” This is my second read by Jim Ody this month a… Read More
2021-08-16 07:53
Overall Rating: “Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?” I quickly became a Bodenham fan after last year’s release, Crime and Justice, and I was eagerly… Read More

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