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The Benefits of Music and Mary Jane

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Before each concert, I get nervous about the crowd and seeing this amazing talent live. To calm the nerves, I like to have a few puffs and listen to some Music I think I’ll hear at the show that night. Venues big and small, I like to prepare myself. The social anxiety and stress from the day just melt away after some good reefer. Many people comment that they feel more connected to the music and the sound has more depth. Some researchers have made the claim the marijuana may help those who are hearing impaired; however, more research is need to support that claim. I am sure many of us have a plethora of music to choose from while others rely on a wide variety of music available on streaming or downloading apps. Which ever way you go, you’ll find music that would fit your personal preference to the music you enjoy. Our technology today allows us to have a nearly infinite amount of music available in our phones, computers, cars, and external hard drives. As a kid I was excited about the amount of “anti skip” seconds i had on my disc-man, now we wide variety of music available for any mood or task you have ahead of you (and its wireless!). Undeniably, classical music and ambient melodies have a reputation for increasing focus and productivity. Not everybody listens to classical tunes for concentration though. Many establishments have a radio or playlists / CDs on loop, but sometimes we want to find music that suits our tunes for our shift. Driving jobs can be amazing for that. If you’re fortunate enough to have satellite radio or a connection to your mobile devices and USB, commute can be a bit easier to cope with. If you’re not driving to your repetitive job, devices for at home devices like Alexa and Google can be useful for setting the mood for the day. Whether your at work, at home or on the go, you’ll enjoy some of the songs suggested for your next assignment, travel or chores. The genre for boosting your productivity will depend on your personal preferences and taste in ear candy. Several searches on Google for ” music to get high to” can provide a list of music for getting stoned, but have you ever wondered what makes it such a fun experience? What does music do to the brain? How does marijuana effect the brain in relation to music? And what does the combination of marijuana and music do to the brain? All these questions and the answers to follow. So, let’s twist one up, put on some chill tunes and dive into the what’s and why’s.

More Than Music

The most notable sativa smoking songbirds such as Willie Nelson, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Louis Armstrong and Jimi Hendrix knew how to us cannabis to influence their music. One study suggests that musicians and listeners have more time to create and enjoy the intricacies of the music being played. Music itself is just as Bob Marley had said “The one good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain”. Scientists have agreed that music can improve brain health and function. Not only can music make you smarter, but it can make you happier and and more productive at any age. The best form of music is playing an instrument or singing. Listening is good, but playing is suggested to be better. Music, like marijuana, is known for boosting your mood, and it can reduce chronic stress by lowering the stress hormone Cortisol. There is also an increase of the neurotransmitter dopamine, a motivation molecule and integral part of the pleasure and reward system in the brain. This dopamine is further increased when a playlist is on shuffle because when your favorite songs come on you get a small boost of dopamine. Studies with music in the workplace had shown that those who had been permitted to listen to music, especially those who had that of their choosing, were more productive. In comparison to those who were a quiet workplace, those who had their selection of tunes showed accelerated completion of tasks and they came up with more articulate ideas. Most workplaces won’t tolerate any type of intoxication, including medication. Many of those people may opt for the purest form of CBD they can find, one with the least amount, if any, THC. Surgeons and other who perform high-pressure situations at work are more precise and faster when listening to their music. Not every workplace provides or permits music, so some jobs won’t stop you from singing.  Some carpentry jobs, such as scaffolding, won’t stop you from singing a fun rendition of some songs from random genres and eras. Singing is a part of making music, so this is why some construction crews have such a great time coming up with snippets of melodies to help pass the time.  Firefighters and other hard working emergency service workers enjoy the influence of music in, what some may consider, their second home. Wild land firefighters travel to and from camps and fires for months. Anyone else who commutes frequently or for long periods at work, will benefit from the use of music alone. Depending on your mood you could listen to some rock while you are rolling, or you can get the folk going with some upbeat acoustics. Sometimes just listening to the radio or latest hits can be more effective, since the dopamine is increased when you hear songs you really enjoy at random.

Where does cannabis fit into all this?

Well, THC affects the some of the same areas as music, and the combination is beautiful. The amygdala regulates emotions, so when THC acts on your CB1 receptors, your emotional function is affected. When the music starts you not only hear it, but you feel it. Some songs more than others. Have you ever listened to a song you could definitely relate to? The feelings associated with songs give them power to move you. I’ve heard of people reporting goosebumps, or chills when they hear a song that really hits home. I know there are a few songs that could bring a person to cry, it is so beautifully composed and lyrically heart hitting. Of course, we all enjoy a good song that will make you smile or laugh. You know, that song that comes on a meloncholy day that just makes you want to jump and sing! With marijuana, you can feel the depth of the melody, the lyrics, the tones and pitches to each word and sound. I’ve listened to songs so many times that after a while they just don’t sound the same. ( I feel asleep with my favorite song at the time on loop, trying to learn the lyrics). Music and cannabis work together to produce feelings of euphoria and connection to the music and the musicians. Disruption of short-term memory thrusts the listener into the moment of them music as it flows so they can hear the song note for note. The synergy between THC and music has yet to meet its match. The strong emotional response of cannabis and the emotional response from music have an even stronger combined response together, which elevates your relief from stress, anxiety and depression. At home cannabis and music can definitely be effective, no matter what is going on in your life, hard day at work, stressed out, or just resting after a powerful workout. Take a look for some high grade marijuana like Purple Urkle. Rolling or loading a water pipe can be soothing on its own as part of a bedtime regime. Adding a little relaxing music to that evening tradition may increase your sleep and ability to stay asleep. White noise has even been found to be helpful in drowning out unwanted noises. The effect of cannabis can increase your minds focus to the details of the sounds of white noise and melodies while listening.

What Do Professionals Say?

 Professor and psychologist Daniel Levitan’s theory is that the effect of cannabis and our short-term memory loss may be the reason why the listeners experience is so enhanced. This interference causes the listener to into registering thoughts at a different pace than usual. The ability to explicitly keep in mind what has been played or what will happen next is impaired due to the changes of activity in the brain’s occipital, temporal, and parietal lobes. Music is not made louder, rather it is enhanced. For optimal enhancement, you will have to find a THC : CBD combination that works for you. More balanced strains can improve your alertness, openness to creativity and focus.  Dr. Zach Walsh, a professor at UBC in Vancouver, suggests that cannabis users will often appreciate art in general and music specifically. Dr. Walsh goes on to say that marijuana puts you in a relaxed pleasant state which enables you to be receptive to music, or the moment. Apparently, cannabis improves all types of things that are related to being in the present moment, compared to long term planning along with worrying, and organizing. When it comes to psychedelics, the professor says the effects are largely serotonergic , whereas cannabis can facilitate the activity of a bunch of other things. Ei: GABA is where you get your relaxation; all the systems that facilitate dopamine, and a large concentration of cannabinoid receptors in the hippocampus involving formation of memories.  Other psychologists and related professionals have also made claims supporting use of cannabis and music. One study reported that cannabis can influence us to connect to seemingly unrelated concepts, an aspect of divergent thinking considered primary to creative thinking. Mojo Morgan, of the Grammy Award-winning reggae group “Morgan Heritage”, reveals that “Reggae music opens the mind to ideas, philosophies and truths that don’t always come to the natural mind. The right groove and message in the music truly enhances the experience of the cannabis user.” There isn’t a tonne of viable evidence, but hopefully with the legalization of marijuana in Canada and other countries around the world more research and studies can be done. Maybe you or someone you know could be used to further educate health professionals, patients and those who just want to know what kinds of benefits and effects does marijuana and music have on our mind and body.

Making the best out of your experience

 There is one experience I must suggest for anyone who loves their music and medicinal marijuana, as much as I do. The great outdoors has always been considered grounding and refreshing. Next time you’re out for a walk or hike, have a puff, take some edibles or bring your disposable vape pen (these pens are great for hikes because you’re not lighting up in a provincial parks or trails). Find a place to collect your thoughts, maybe under the shade of a beautiful tree, or up high with a view. Plug into your music and just breathe and embrace life in that moment. There is no better feeling than filling your mind and spirit with good vibes and positive energy. Not outdoorsy, or don’t have the time? No problem. Getting comfortable is key. Get comfortable with your surroundings like the setting, company, music and CBD-dominant strain of choice. Whether you’re in your room chilling, living room lounging or on the deck, you need to find a zone to truly immerse yourself in the music. If you have some instruments available and the knowledge on how to play them, then try having a good ole smoke fest by the fire out back waking music and jamming out could be a great way to wind down for the long weekend with buddies. The enhanced euphoria elevates your ability to submerge yourself into the calm and peaceful music, or any genre for that matter. Whatever your taste in music, you’ll be able to find what combination works best for your application. High concentrations of THC will not help you enjoy the musical meditation. Try to find a balanced hybrid strain like our Amnesia Lemon or G-13.

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The Benefits of Music and Mary Jane


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