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Canada’s Top Toke’n Desinations

There are plenty of places to visit around the world, but today I want to focus on Canadian destinations. Canada is a gorgeous country full of variety and wildlife. From mountains and prairies to the enormous lakes and endless oceans, we are fortunate to enjoy the vast variety of landscapes. North America is home to many species of trees and foliage which shelter and feed a large population of bears, deer, eagles, geese and may other animals. Not only is Canada beautiful, so is it’s bud. Cannabis has become legal in Canada which has led to new ways to enjoy attraction. Our fabulous environment is great for sightseeing, travel, active night life in the major cities and indulging in the use of cannabis products. A major event each year for marijuana lovers across the country is 420. Many communities celebrate what is now considered Weed Day on April 20th. It is one of the most exciting day for cannabis users everywhere. Many marijuana users are busy at work or furthering their education. One year, I had become a bit jealous of the festivities because I could smell the glorious scent of the cannabis and I could hear the live music and laughter. It was nice to know that everyone had a safe and fun place to smoke and enjoy their cannabis as well as the sights and sounds which entice us into the epicenter of the festival. No matter where you go, you’ll find a variety of products and people to meet. The big cities have so many vendors, it would be nearly impossible to visit them all. Many people plan well in advance for the travel to their nearest event, and some of us get tired of going to the same location each year. If you’re looking for a different location to visit this 420 you’ll find this article very useful. (Please  note: you are responsible for doing your own research on the event locations, since they can change from year to year). The following are some places in Canada where you can enjoy cannabis openly and philosophical conversations.

We are going to start off with Trudeau’s hometown in Ottawa because on April 20th Parliament Hill is a place where clouds come after the office hours, and people can gather together to enjoy cannabis with music and snacks. Ottawa has a lot to offer for tourist which would be fun for these who have traveled to enjoy the cannabis celebrations with distant relatives or friends. Parliament Hill is the most visited attraction in Ottawa , the magnificent Gothic revival suite of buildings are stunning. There are many statues behind the three parliament buildings and one outside the main fence. Do you enjoy artwork and  creativity? You may be interested in looking at the world-class art on display at the National Gallery of Canada. Bring a friend and talk about how you interpret what is set before you. It could be nice just to go on your own to clear your mind and take in all the time and patience it took to process a thought into an image. Would you  like to take a glimpse into the conditions and equipment used by a majority of our countries heroes? A journey into Canada’s history can be experienced at the Canadian War Museum. If you’re not into history, maybe you’ll enjoy the ByWard Market. This historic farmers’ market and shopping district has been known by locals to be a favorite gathering place for locals and tourists alike. You can find some wonderful restaurants and clubs to check out in the evenings, and it is just east of Parliament Hill. The great outdoors of Ottawa have much to offer, especially cycling enthusiasts. There are over six-hundred kilometers of recreational pathways which link natural areas, gardens, parks and national sites. Take a look at the performing arts and tours available as well. If you’re going to be “under the influence”, getting booked into a city tour may be your best option until the ” side effects” wear off.

If you’re closer to Hamilton, Gage Park is usually filled with live artists, music, art exhibitions and a march, Hamilton really knows how to organize an event for the cannabis lover. Don’t forget to catch the after party at Hamilton Vape. If you’re not digging the after party or you just want to explore the city of Hamilton, check out the many beautiful places in the area. The Royal Botanical Gardens are smoke-free, but they are breath-taking. Parking at the trail heads is $1-$2 an hour, and there are about 27 kilometers of trails throughout the scenic sanctuary. You will want to bring a camera to take photos of all the beautiful wild life which inhabit this spectacular garden. Looking for a smaller town in Ontario, try Brantford. The 420 event that will be happening at this place will be one to remember. The rally will take place from 1 pm. to 6 pm. in the center of Victoria Park. It will include speeches, vendors, live entertainment, and prizes. The objective is to promote cannabis desensitization and help educate people about the medicinal plant.

Next on the list: Vancouver is organizing its much anticipated 420 events at sunset beach again this year. Having passed this previous home at the Vancouver Art Gallery, this celebration is going to keep growing. The vendor stations have sold out in previous years, which means there will be plenty of tasty treats and lots to see. In the future, this event may have difficulties finding a hosting location. Perhaps organizers will have to split the venue into two locations in the coming years to avoid over crowding and out growing the hosting location. This momentous occasion has always been a popular outdoor festival for cannabis activists, consumers, and advocates. You can definitely find a massive group of cannabis lovers at this place. While you’re visiting take a walk though Stanley Park. Absolutely beautiful. You could walk and eat and chill on the beach all day. There is such a variety of little things to do in such  lush area within the great city. If you’re into nude beaches, you’ll enjoy Wreck Beach near the UBC area. One of the best meals I’ve had in Vancouver while roaming the city sightseeing was the taco and tequila deal at the Pawn Shop YVR. Throughout this bustling city you will find donairs, vegan burgers and all kinds of ethnic foods which will blow your mind. Nothing pairs better than cannabis and cuisine, especially in Vancouver.  If you are going to be in Vancouver, the Cannabis Culture HQ and Amsterdam Cafe may be a stop of interest for you. This magazine headquarters isn’t just a shop, it is the place where the Vancouver 420 peaceful gatherings began in the early 1990’s. The lounge is a fun place to play games, draw, or just chill out. There is a lounge, tables, booths and more. You could spend hours here getting baked and sobering up for the walk or ride home. Vancouver has so much to offer with its oceanfronts, riversides and lakes. You can explore the city and its surroundings while also finding a whole different atmosphere from the last.

Meanwhile, in Alberta, before the rush of the stampede season each year, the cannabis community in Calgary will has a meeting on April 20th in Inglewood. This exciting event takes place at one of the most popular dispensaries in the city, appropriately named Clinic 420. Calgary is full of things to do and places to see, but if you’re looking to wind down after all the action you can check out The Riverwalk and Prince’s Island’s Park. The Riverwalk is a two kilometer pedestrian and cycle path which runs from the Centre Street Bridge all the way to the East Village. At the East Village you’ll find a bakery, craft and coffee shop as well as a restaurant located inside the famous Simmons Building. If you want a striking view of the city and you’re not afraid of heights, you may also want to visit the infamous Calgary Tower, originally the Husky Tower, which gives you a birds eye view of the entire city all the way to the Rockies to the West. Another prime location would be Edmonton because it is legal to smoke your cannabis anywhere, except near hospitals, schools, and specified parks and zoos. You can smoke cannabis in national parks and on hiking trails which makes it easy for the outdoors enthusiast to enjoy both nature and marijuana use. For an easy going walk or hike, you can leisurely puff away along the North Saskatchewan River Loop Trail which is dog friendly, on leash, and it is only 3.2 miles long. You get an amazing river view at 301ft elevation and its far enough that you can drown out the sound of the city. Embrace the grassy rolling hills and the fresh prairie air. Soak up the sun rays and listen for the sound of the rushing waters of the river below. For moderate trails try Kinnaird Park Highlands Hiking Trail. It is a 4.3 kilometer trail known for its beautiful wild flowers, active wild life and has been noted as a wonderful area for bird watching. Of course, if you feel like an indoor adventure there is always West Edmonton Mall. It is like a whole little city of it’s own. There is an indoor skate spot at the West49 store, an indoor water park, Galaxyland, marine life, golfing an bowling. There are special events coming up all the time, so if you go to the mall website you will find more information regarding events, coupons and group discounts.

It was hard to choose which places to feature, but this is only a peek at what is going on across the country every April. While you’re out exploring our beautiful country, take in the scenery while you puff on some Watermelon (indica) or some Frostbite (sativa). Both strains are absolutely fantastic. The robust flavor and sweet aroma of the Watermelon strain are wonderfully pleasant. It’s beautiful pale buds feature bright orange hairs and  frosty white crystals. If you’re sensitive to the indica strains, try Frostbite which is a strong sativa known for it’s intensely energizing effect. This particular strain is unbelievable when it comes to depression and anxiety. Many of us still like to be discreet while in public, so for those who prefer to not light up there are a variety of candies, cookies and Disposable Vape Pens. The candies and cookies are wonderful for being discreet at events or gatherings; be careful to keep these items safely away from children and minors. Our disposable vape pens are wonderful for on the go with immediate results. Depending on how much you feel you need, you can draw a small amount of larger amount for more intense effects.

The goal of legalization has been accomplished, but there are many other reasons to attend and stand up for decriminalization, educating the public and demonstrating how to use new products. Those interested in using cannabis products will find a lot of useful information from vendors and attendees. In years to come, we will see changes in the way people view marijuana and how they use it. With the newer generations focusing on the environment and self-sustainability, we may be able to reverse the effects of previous ecological footprints. Hemp is a phenomenal product which can be utilized in nearly any way imaginable. From clothes to construction, hemp can nearly do it all for less damage on the environment. Legalization of cannabis has sometimes been described as a major social experiment for Canada, but it is also a big economic experiment. We will see in the future how wisely we choose to use the materials left over once we’ve harvested it’s medicinal flowers. It will be amazing to see what kind of products will become available in the Weed Day’s to come.

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Canada’s Top Toke’n Desinations


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