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How to change your own standard of living

To start with, the Standard of Living of a nation depends more on its output per capita than on the money received as income for producing that output. Otherwise, the government in Nigeria could make us all rich simply by printing more money. By focusing on what is called “income distribution,” many people proceed as if the government can rearrange these flows of money, so as to have incomes become more “fair”—however defined—disregarding what the repercussions of such a policy might be on the more fundamental process of producing goods and services, on which a country’s standard of living depends.

To change your own standard of living (in a nation that has refused to listen to virtually every voice of reason) is to take heed to what I am sharing with you today. It is no news that Nigeria is a very religious nation. Most Nigerians believe that they are going to change their standard of living without doing anything. They go to worship centers—almost daily and are hourly expecting miracles to happen. Do I believe in miracles? Yes! But they have forgotten that if we are not going to either Produce high-quality goods or render excellent services then we are going to die poor in Africa.

It is not money that changes people’s standard of living; it is the capacity to make it. This is why in a nation as Israel, they start so early in life—teaching their children about how to start and run successful businesses. They develop their capacity to make money early in life! This is why a nation as Israel is considered very rich and strong, because each Israeli is able to produce high-quality goods or excellence-driven services. We need to copy this in Nigeria. Poverty can never be alleviated by giving poor people some coins. Poverty is fast alleviated by developing people’s capacity to make money.

Spain was a poor country just as Nigeria is today, because the vast wealth that poured into Spain in its golden age was neither invested in its people nor in its economy. Like Nigeria today, like Spain in those days! Spaniards themselves spoke of gold as pouring down on Spain like rain on a roof, flowing on away immediately. It isn’t lack of natural resources that make nations poor, it is what they do with what they have that either make them rich or poor. Nigeria and Nigerians are poor today, because we have refused to produce. Even the oil that we have in abundance, we are shamelessly importing it!

About 30years ago, I decided to change my own standard of living. I made up my mind to develop the required capacity to produce excellence-driven services and high-valued goods. I was determined not to die either poor or unknown. Today, I deliver excellence-driven papers across the planet-earth and I write articles and publish books. My books are sold both in Nigeria and beyond the shores of our promising country. To change your own standard of living too, you’d need to know what you can do to make a difference. After this, develop a rock-solid capacity that will enable you to do it very well. This will change your life forever!

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On the condition that you are consuming more than you are producing, you are going to be poor. If you are drawing from the earth more than you are giving back to it, you are living a poor life. Nigeria is poor because we are consuming more than we are producing. 3rd world countries are poor, because they are consuming more than they are producing. To build a rich country, late Lee Kuan Yew and his team had to work very hard to make Singapore to become a producing nation. They knew that they needed to either produce or perish economically.

In Nigeria today, we need to start telling both the leaders and the led that we need to either produce or we forever perish economically. Our destiny is tied to our capacity to produce. And our religious leaders need to start telling our people that their financial destiny is tied to their capacity to produce. If the African man isn’t going to produce, he is going to die wretched. It is only in Nigeria and Africa that people want to become wealthy without producing anything. Religion has made a lot of people to suspend their brain. A lot of our people are no longer thinking. For the umpteenth time, we either produce or perish economically in Africa!

Show me any wealthy man or woman on earth today who is not producing either high-quality products or rendering excellence-driven services. They are all producing more than they are consuming. When someone ‘declares’ over your head that you are going to become a billionaire and you know you are only a consumer, not a producer, just know that it is a lie from the septic-tank of religion. The time has come for you to write those books and sing those songs of yours. The time has come for you to start that beautiful car wash business. The time has come for you to fly the kite of that thirst-quenching soft drink business. The time has come for you to run with that tall dream of yours. To change your standard of living, you would need to become a producer, not a mere consumer of what others produce. The more you only consume what others produce (without producing anything), the richer they become and the poorer you become. For the umpteenth time, remember, it ain’t money that would change your standard of living; it is the capacity you develop while making money that would get the job done.

See you where successful people are found!

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How to change your own standard of living


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