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Recycle Concrete- How To Do It And What Are The Benefits?

Are you looking forward to Recycling the concrete? There are some easy ways which can be used to do that. But, the major factors on which the recycling rely are the size and shape of the pieces of Concrete.

Procedure for recycling the concrete

The concrete recycling generally involves simple process like smashing and removing the concrete into a substance with a defined quality and size. Now, this substance is sorted first and then it goes through a high powered crusher which is large in size. Crushing takes place with the help of crusher here.

This process is done carefully as embedded substances like steel is removed. Also glass, soil or plaster is also separated from the concrete during this. Now, the sifting process occurs here so that the concrete of different sizes can be sorted with ease.

You must be thinking why do we have to recycle the concrete when we can just purchase it from the market. Why do we have to make extra efforts? Well, there are more than a single reason for doing so. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Advantages of recycling concrete

It reduces the amount of waste material that occurs during the entire process.

The landfills last long this way.

The exploitation of the natural resources gets reduced along with its costs. This way, the natural resources are also conserved.

This decreases the transportation costs where you can make use of the concrete from the demolished building near to the construction site.

It can also be used in road bases or slope protection.

Most importantly, it will give a boost to the recycling industry, providing employment not only to this sector but also to the other related sectors.

Interesting ideas of how old concrete can be used effectively

1. You can use the recycled concrete while constructing the walkways. This will make a walkable surface where you can leave small gaps in between for the rainwater so that it can reach the soil. This will help in removing the excess water from the space and therefore, making less use of the storm sewer system.

2. Crush the old concrete from the deteriorated buildings and process the pieces to use it again.

3. The pavements made up of concrete can be easily broken into pieces to use it for constructing the pavements made up of asphalt. The method used here is known as rubblization.

4. As a bed foundation, you can make the use of old concrete.

5. Also, this recycled concrete can be used along with the new concrete which can save money and also time.

6. Reef habitats can be built with such concrete.

7. There are several other uses of recycled old concrete like constructing pots, blocks, community benches and much more

Equipment for concrete recycling

Recycling is generally done by the professionals as it requires experience. There are many options available which can be used to crush it. One of the best way adopted everywhere is a portable crusher. It is certainly a portable solution which can be used anywhere and everywhere for the construction projects. This also adds the feature of mobility here.

It can be set up in the locality which is near to the construction site and also close to the place where the old construction is being demolished for extracting the concrete.

There are some of the factors which must be considered before you set up the crusher anywhere. These are as follows.

It is important to separate the steel out of the crumble and that is why you must ensure that the equipment you use must have a good electromagnet, air separator or water floatation system. This will easily pull out the steel if present.

Hydraulic stands are also a necessity which will help in quick set up of the equipment.

Have a look at the control systems like manual, automatic, remote and many others.

You need to make arrangements of a variety of jaws, conveyors etc for different concrete.

To recycle the concrete and use it for different purposes, you can take the services of the Skip hire companies online to make your work easy. They make it sure that the entire process is conducted affordably and also easily with the help of skips.

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Recycle Concrete- How To Do It And What Are The Benefits?


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