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How Growth Changes us

Ever seen a new born baby? Have you observed their behaviors? Well if you have you will conclude that they seem helpless. The truth is that child doesn't stay like that forever; as he/she grows it becomes obvious that they have changed either in size, beauty intelligence or Behavior. The point of interest in this blog post is Behavior. How the growth of someone affects his behavior? Is there a relationship between behavior and Growth?
Well the answer is yes, there is but we will examine (3) of and the remaining (4) in Part 2 each stage of growth and see how they progress or change and what we can learn from that in our place of work and in School. The stages are: New born Baby, A toddler, At Middle Child-hood, A Teenager, A Youth, An Adult, An Old person

 A New born Baby:New born babies are helpless, they Cuddle themselves without knowing what it actually is, but they openly and unconsciously accept help and Food from their ever caring mother, but there is something we fail to notice, it’s the fact that they learn as they accept help from their mom, but as little children they don't grasp what they learn so quickly, rather they just keep it up there. You may be asking what I can learn from this.

Lesson:  If you just got employed or you just got to a new grade at school, you are likened to that new born baby who just got into the world, in imitation of babies we want to readily accept help from those ahead of us, it may be our Boss or fellow colleagues but a little bit higher than us. We want to accept help, but as you accept help, also in imitation of that Child, you need to learn. At first you may not get it clearly but keep what you've learnt to heart

 A Toddler:Ever seen a toddler? Ever stayed with one? Well a toddler is usually within the age bracket of (1-4). They have this quality of Exploration. They explore, and try everything possible. For example a toddler that still craws or a toddler that can now walk could see something on the ground, obviously they pick it up, and try to eat it, they are very curious. They hold your Tablet and try all sorts of things. They open the refrigerator and pull out and egg and start juggling it. Well, they are good at exploration...Remember this toddler was a new born baby before.... He has learned a lot and is now trying to use that stored up knowledge gotten from the ever caring mother to explore.... He has changed from the helpless to the Seeker, the ever curious child. With this he child still learn. There is a lesson
Lesson: You are no longer a newbie at work, at school but in imitation of the toddler out have to start exploring. At work try things out, the same applies to school. Be curious and use that knowledge stored up from the assistance rendered, use it to explore, use it to learn more and get more knowledge.

At Middle Child Hood: The inquisitive nature of children, it’s obviously true, they learn a lot they explore and they get to a point whereby they feel helpless but they don’t keep such questions or challenges to themselves, rather they ask their parents, and their parents offer help, notice they have learnt something new right?, That’s it that’s how childhood goes about, the children gets close to their parents and store up more knowledge.

 Lesson:Just like children, we want to learn to ask questions or seek for assistance when we need help, as a worker or student who has taken time to explore just as a toddler, we won’t get it all straight during exploration, as a result we want you want to meet your boss or Teacher for help as you explore the more.

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How Growth Changes us


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