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7 Domain Mistakes You Maybe Making

Today's we have a guest post by 
a top PLR marketer This is going
to blow your mind, because it blew

 Domain Mistakes. Be Very Careful!

I am going to be very STRAIGHT forward with you as I know
that your time is valuable. In the last 3 years, every
single time I did a one-on-one call with a potential
client, they all made this ONE huge mistake.

What is it, Henry?

They gave me their businesses URL like:

Here is the truth:

When you present your business with a website above,
your chance of growing your business is ZERO.
Now, I am NOT referring to 0.1%. Instead, I am talking about
ZERO. NIHIL. NADA. Basically, you do NOT have any chance
of survival. WHY?

Ask yourself these questions:

A) When you use a replicate website, are you building
      your own business OR someone else business?

B) When you use a replicate website, do you have 100%
     control OVER the content?

C) When you use a replicate website, are you able to
     email to those subscribers that you receive?

D) When you use a replicate website, are you the ONE
      who is in control of your business vision?

Absolutely NOT!

So, why is it that you choose to have a replicate
website? Only you can answer that.

The question is…

    “Do You Want to Build Somebody else’s Business
                          (OR) Your Own Business?

If you do want to build your own business, you need to
have your own domain name, NOT just any domain name.
 It has to be something like… “”. It means
that it is a domain name that you have 100% control over.

How do you choose the right domain names for your business?

(1) It has to have an extension of .com

       I know .net and other extensions are cheaper. However,
       most people are being programmed to open .com type of
       domain name.

(2) It has to REFLECT what people envision in your company.

         I know you want a sexy name such as: or
         a short domain name with only 10 words in it. ;) I was
         just like you. However, every single time I tried to
         make it look cool, people will either forget about
         my website OR I had to change to a new domain name.

        What I am trying to say is… “Your domain name should
        be something people will remember”. Look at
        my domain name: or

        I didn’t just choose it “just because”. It took me
        more than one week to make a full decision on which
        domain name would give the best impression to the
        audience as well as FIT with my business vision.

(3) List 20 domain names that are available to purchase on
        a notepad.

        Before you go ahead and spend your $12. You need write a
        list of 20 different domain names that may fit with
        your business vision as well as make people understand
        EXACTLY what people are going to get from dealing with
        your company.

       Remember two things:
       (A) Your long-term business vision.
       (B) People’s perception of your business.

       If it doesn’t fit with both elements, list another 20
       domain name. This is very crucial. It is important that
       you choose the right domain name for your business NOW
       rather than REGRET it later on.

(4) Get your domain name with confidence.

        Here is a key secret, ok?

       If you really believe the domain name you have chosen
       is the ONE you want to use for your long-term business,
       make sure you also purchase .NET extension as well.

       Why is that, Henry?

       Three big reasons:

       (1) You can use the .net version to host your affiliate
              products. This allows your affiliate recognize your
              brand name from the link you give them.

       (2) To prevent unnecessary down time in your business.
              Let’s say if your .com account is down because of
              the web host issue, you are able to use the .NET
             extension as a temporary website to SERVE your

       (3) Access for the customers. WHY? Your customers should
              be your main priority. It means that even though your
              main website is down, customers who have purchased
              from you should be able to download their products
             at any time.

The key in here is…

You need to have a domain name that resonates with your heart
as well your audience. Many times, I have had newbies who told
me that they have a SEXY domain name. When they give me the
domain name… “I was NOT impressed”.

Why is that, Henry?

LOOK. You may think of your domain name as if it is your
legacy that you want to lite the world. The truth is
people do NOT care about your legacy. People care about
what is in it for them?

Your legacy is the RESULT of what you do in your business.
This is what you need to put forward first in your business.
For that saying, IF no one knows my existence in the future
even after I reach eternity, that is okay with me.

My legacy is NOT to be known.
My legacy is to touch other people’s lives when I am still
alive and after I leave the human world.

The questions to you are:

(A) Do you just care about your SEXY domain name? (OR)
(B) Do you want to focus on a domain name that resonates
       with both your business vision as well as people’s hearts?

Of course the answer to it will be “B”. If everything that
you do in business is all about you. There is no way you
will be in business for the long-term. In fact, you need to
make sure that your business will serve three types of

(1) Your customers.
(2) Your partners and strategic alliances.
(3) Your community.

If it does NOT serve these three types of audience, it is

Today, I strongly encourage you to get any of the domains available at

(You really need to access it now. Wild Stuff!)

Not for me, but for yourself. If your priority is to
build consistent traffic to your website as well as
create a good income stream for your business, you
MUST own a GOOD domain name.

It is the POWERFUL formula I have been continuously
using to monetize from my business month after month
while receiving HUNDREDS of UNIQUE VISITORS every
day on auto-pilot. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

(Well, I only work 2 hour a day)

It changed my life a long time ago.
It changed my business tremendously.
It has also changed my personal friendship with others.

I am very confident it will change yours as well.

Go for it.

Success is YOURS,

Henry Gold

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7 Domain Mistakes You Maybe Making


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