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Health and wellness topics ,advantages comparisons ,reviews and disadvantages of anything.
2023-02-17 02:00
  Photosynthesis is a fascinating process that has puzzled scientists for centuries. It is the mechanism through which plants and other photosynthetic organisms transform the energy fro… Read More
2023-01-27 01:19
The protosun, born from the condensation of gases and cosmic dust in a dense region of an interstellar cloud when the Universe was 9 billion years old, eventually formed the Sun we know toda… Read More
2023-01-18 02:01
Many people like ladybugs for their color and their black dots. However, farmers like them for their appetite. Most ladybugs voraciously eat plant-eating insects, such as aphids, t… Read More
2023-01-11 23:16
The Renaissance was a period of history that began at the end of the Black Death in the mid-14th century and lasted until the first half of the 16th century. Some consider it the beginn… Read More
2022-07-02 16:28
We all know or have a notion of the basic parts that make up a plant: root, stem and leaves. However, surely when it comes to identifying the different types and structures that exist… Read More
2022-05-19 23:09
Foot pain is as diverse as the complicated structure of the feet. Each foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and 20 muscles. More than 200 tendons and ligaments support the moveme… Read More
What To Buy For Plantar Fasciitis
2022-04-23 01:46
What is plantar fasciitis? plantar fascia is a connective tissue, that is, a biological tissue that supports, connects or separates different tissues and organs of the body. T… Read More
What Is Static Friction?
2022-02-21 02:05
Friction , also called friction , is the resisting force that opposes relative sliding motion between two objects whose surfaces are in contact. This force is n… Read More
2021-10-30 12:20
Collecting energy from space and transmitting it wirelessly was first described by Isaac Asimov in the story “The Wandering Mind . ” Scientists became interes… Read More
2021-10-30 00:53
Terpenes are hydrocarbon compounds that are unknown to many, but by no means uncommon. There is talk of over 20,000 terpenes and even 30,000 terpenoids in science. In con… Read More
2021-10-20 22:43
The thyroid gland is essential to properly regulate the body’s metabolism, but psychological and emotional stress can affect its function. Let’s see how to handle this situation… Read More
2021-10-19 03:10
100 million million bacteria . This is the number of microorganisms that inhabit our body naturally. It is surprising in itself, but it is even more shocking if we understand that… Read More
2021-02-21 23:38
Creating businesses from home and using what we have (usually material goods) has become fashionable. In fact, televisions advertise multiple portals for buying and selling second-hand… Read More
2021-02-12 20:45
The tubers are a very important part of the vegetable products that are consumed today, with such representative examples as the potato or the carrot. These are, in general, highly nutr… Read More
2021-02-12 20:28
The word taboo has multiple meanings, and explaining its meaning requires talking about a purely social issue: the taboo is always established within a conformed group, and it is p… Read More
2021-02-12 19:59
Characteristics of non-flowering plants The main characteristic of plants without flowers is their way of reproducing. As they do not have a reproductive organ, they do not pr… Read More
2021-02-11 20:23
The biodiversity of animals on our planet is very wide and, in part, this is one of the reasons why we must protect it to preserve it. A good example of this variety of fauna that we ca… Read More
2021-02-10 15:38
Do you know what the Tac or MRI is about? We tell you the main differences to visualize the interior of our body.  Once you have been told that you should have an MRI study or a CT… Read More
2021-02-10 02:55
Different technologies and mechanisms that allow a specific transmitter to contact one or more receivers are called means of communication , either in real time or d… Read More
2020-11-26 02:16
The distillation is a separation process that uses substances turn of vaporization and condensation , using them selectively to cleave a generally homogene… Read More
2020-11-26 01:28
Something that I have realized in recent years is that a respectful upbringing in tune with the needs of our children, is associated with a respectful look also for Mother Earth who is the o… Read More
2020-08-11 18:01
Are you proud of your smile? Do you smile with your lips half-closed because you fear you would buffet the other person with unpleasant views or odor from your mouth?    And when y… Read More
2020-08-03 02:08
    Humans are not the only ones that are affected by hair loss. It’s something that can happen to dogs and cats too. There’s many differences of course, perhaps the mo… Read More
2020-08-02 02:11
Frugivorous animals are animals that feed on fruit, partially or exclusively. They are found within the group of herbivores . Some examples are the gorilla&nbsp&hell…Read More
2020-07-24 04:39
Collaboration is pivotal to your company’s success. While occasional teamwork between teams or employees is beneficial, nothing beats having an organized system to encourage collaborat… Read More
2020-04-20 00:19
  The manatee belongs to the small group of marine mammals.  In addition to the whales and seals, they are among the largest marine mammals. The manatees describe a multi-species o… Read More
2020-04-18 21:44
At present, there are about 20,000-25,000 polar bears in the world. These bears live under threat mainly from global warming, which melts the ice and reduces the habitat of the animals. When… Read More
2020-04-18 02:10
A scientific revolution is an epistemological term that has been used by Thomas Kuhn. Although the scientific revolutions are believed to have taken place at a certain time, t… Read More
2020-04-18 01:55
In physics, acceleration is the name given to a vector magnitude (it has direction) that indicates the variation in speed of a moving body as time passes. It is normally repre… Read More
Adaptations Of Mammals With Examples
2020-04-05 20:05
To understand the different adaptations of mammals, one must go back to their origins. It is very likely that the appearance of mammals on Earth occurred at the beginning of the Mesozoic era… Read More
Examples Of Geothermal Energy
2020-03-09 19:22
Geothermal energy is an energy source more or less renewable , volcanic type, which involves the use of internal heat margins planet Earth. Since the recorded temperature increases as we app… Read More
Examples Of Freshwater Ecosystems
2020-02-27 11:59
Ecosystems are biological systems that are formed by all organisms that live in a community and by all abiotic or non-biological factors (climate, relief, luminosity …) with which the… Read More
The Grasshopper Adaptations
2020-02-11 00:31
  Some confuse them with crickets, but the grasshoppers make up a group of different insects. These small animals receive their common name by their form of displacement: by means… Read More
Adaptations Of Turtles
2020-02-04 01:08
Turtles, which are often called chelonians, are animals that belong to the order of reptiles, as are snakes, crocodiles and lizards. As part of their classification, turtles are divided into… Read More
Cow Adaptations
2020-02-03 02:01
The cow is one of the most popular mammals that exist in the animal kingdom. It is herbivorous, that is, it feeds on herbs and plants, so it is a common landscape to… Read More
Examples Of Money Laundering
2020-01-30 14:58
Currently, criminals use different ways to carry out illegal activities that are associated with money laundering and terrorist financing in this article we will give exa… Read More
Stages Of Money Laundering
2020-01-30 13:35
What is money laundering? To put it simply, money laundering is the process of making dirty money look clean. The purpose of these crimes is to generate profits for the individual or gr… Read More
2019-05-19 15:49
What is the pharynx The tube that is responsible for communicating the respiratory system with the digestive is the pharynx, is the tube that comes just after the mouth and that jo… Read More
2019-05-19 14:34
An osteophyte is a bone growth or deposit that forms at the margins of joint spaces , usually inside the joint capsule. Osteophytes are, therefore, a type of exostos… Read More
2019-05-17 22:24
The left colic flexure, often called the splenic flexure because it is close to the spleen, is the curvature that unites the transverse colon with the human descending colon .&nbsp&hell…Read More
2019-05-17 18:04
COVER PAGE SCIENCE HEALTH BODY NATURE HEALTH 3 ’28’ ‘ What are pelvic and abdominal adhesions? Pelvic and abdominal adhesions are abnormal scar tissue formed in the abdomin… Read More
2019-05-17 17:39
ions are particles (atoms or molecules, that is to say combinations of scopes) whose electrical composition stopped being neutral from a combination in which it lost or gained electrons… Read More
2019-05-17 17:13
The human embryo , like the embryos of other mammalian animals, maintains a close relationship with the mother. The embryo uses its mother’s body to obtai… Read More
2019-05-15 16:50
A solvent, also called a solvent, is any substance that has the ability to dissolve another substance , called a solute. Solvents are usually characterized by their physical p… Read More
2019-05-15 16:40
An ion is an atom or molecule that has a number of electrons different from the number of protons , which causes the atom or molecule to acquire a non-neutral net electric charge… Read More
2019-05-15 16:09
What is soil conservation ? Soil conservation It is part of the conservation of lands : the protection, improvement and use of natural resources , according to princ… Read More
2019-05-13 17:22
Active metal is defined as that which has low ionization energy , that is, that metal that tends to lose electrons easily to form cations 1 . This behavior is due to… Read More
2019-05-06 01:33
In quantum mechanics and physical particles, the spin is one of the intrinsic propertieshaving the elementary particles . Hadrons also have hadrons (p… Read More
2019-05-05 20:33
The Muslim world is ruled by the Koran and the Sunna. The same happens in relation to pleasure and enjoyment within the heterosexual couple. In the Muslim world, joy and pleasure a… Read More
2019-05-05 01:43
Gene Therapy Therapeutic technique by which a functional gene is inserted into a patient’s cells to correct a genetic defect or to give the cells a new function. Concept Human gen… Read More
2019-05-05 01:23
Mollusks . The word mollusc comes from the Latin mollis or the Greek malakos (soft), is used to designate the largest group of the animal kingdom after the&nbsp&hell…Read More
2019-05-04 18:06
The dinoflagellates are a group of eukaryotic protists flagellates very numerous and of great environmental impact. They constitute the Dinoflagellate Phylum … Read More
2019-05-04 17:27
In nuclear physics, beta decay is a type of particle decay in which beta radiation is emitted . It owes its name to the classification made by Em… Read More
2019-05-04 14:33
It is super possible to have a complete and sufficient diet following a plant-based line and without changing body composition but, everything DEPENDS! It depends on the composition of your… Read More
2019-03-06 12:00
What is the water cycle? The water cycle or hydrological cycle is the process by which water circulates through the different components of the hydrosphere. The… Read More

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