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Awesome Things to do when you’re Single on Valentine’s Day!

14 Awesome Things to do when you’re SINGLE on Valentine’s Day – Single AF Edition

Hey there you lovely dolls! Thanks for tuning in, today’s post will be featuring 25 Awesome things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day! Okay, okay, so Love is in the air and it’s trying to whack us singles like bus lol! I’m not a sappy person nor do I fret and go into this dwelling rant about being single (I think my lonely ass is accustom by now) but I know sometimes it can get a bit quiet when you don’t have a significant other. I mean there’s a big difference between being alone and being lonely but hopefully these things can help lift the mood either way. 

Without further ado, let’s show these couples we can have fun too…without dying a slow, lonesome, miserable Valentine’s death (okay, enough of the dramatics Lena)! P.S If you’re one half of a cute couple reading this, don’t worry you can chime in on the fun too, I’m pretty sure you can enjoy some of these things with your other half.

1. Write yourself a heartfelt poem!

Okay! Lol I know this sounds a bit cheesy and hopefully not arrogant to anyone reading but what’s wrong with showing yourself some love? Absolutely nothing! In fact I encourage all of you to whether you’re single or not. Truly, you’re going to see a lot of your shipped friends getting cards and sweet poems for their partner and who’s going to get one for you? Do NOT be afraid to grab a pen and paper (I think it’s more poetic that way) and write lovely stuff about yourself or affirmations.

2. Have a Sex & the City Marathon!

Whoop Whoop! Who hasn’t heard of Sex & the City? Like, no one ever! It’s fun, it’s witty and it’s a bunch of gals being independent and not being stuck so much on love. I’m not a Scrooge of love but Sarah Jess and her gang kick ass being single (even when they’re in some sort of relationship). Definitely one of many awesome things do do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day!

things to do when you're single on valentine's day

3. Start your own Valentine’s Tradition!

Whether it be with yourself or your best pal, start a tradition for whenever this time or other couple-esque stuff come around. Not that you’re making a tradition to be single all the time but it’s nice knowing you have something to do to occupy your mind on these days. Comment below and let me know if you have any 😉

4. Host a Singleton Partayyy!

Remember you’re not the only single person out there especially out of your bazillion contacts. Plan ahead and gather what you need and oh, don’t forget to invite your pals to join your awesome “Single on Valentine’s Day” party! You can have mega fun with other awesome singles.

5. Catch that Sale!

Who doesn’t love a S-A-L-E! I mean the best thing about consumerism is the abundance of sales for major milestones and such in life. There’s no rule saying you can’t shop Valentine’s Day sales if you’re single so take advantage! 

Cluess Shopping scene 90's

6. Travel your heart out!

I know sometimes being stuck at home with your thoughts can be the worst way to get over something so why not schedule a trip with some of your faves…or better yet maybe a solo travel? If you’re like me an actually enjoy being alone something a solo travel would serve you well. Have a love affair with with a whole new city! I know an amazing gal April who planned a solo trip and you can take some tips from here. If you can’t manage to get away, travel around your city and discover new places.

7. Two Words: DIY Spa!

Picture this! You’re coming home from work, you kick off your shoes and hit play to some of your favorite jams. You begin bumping and grooving your way to the kitchen to chill some wine and let the shenanigans begin! I read an awesome post by Sophie from GlowSteady on her rendition of a spa sesh and MUST check it out! Relax, unwind and let love slip your mind!

things to do when you're single on valentine's day gif 2

8. Read! 

Well if you can’t get romantic physically that doesn’t mean you can’t mentally. Go to your fave bookstore and grab some risque romance novels 😉 Light some candles on your room and live vicariously through your fave author.

things to do when you're single on valentine's day

9. Treat yourself to a nice meal or two!

I’m talking put on your little black dress and some heels and head to one of your fave places to dine out! It doesn’t have to be sappy and it doesn’t have to be lame. Just treat yourself to a full course meal for one and toast to being independent. If you’re a bit introverted…order in and bring out your nicest place mats and just indulge a little.

10. Catch up on some zzz! 

Nothing beats sleep in my books. Lol if you’re like me and always going sleep can never be a bad word for you. While every couple you know is out, use the extra free time to stay in, cuddle your blankie and simply let your talent of sleeping unravel.


*Eeeeekk* Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan just oozes sex! Like you don’t have to be in love or with your significant other to enjoy this sequel. I’m so hype for the upcoming 50 Shades Freed! Book your tickets in advance if you can and go to the movies to watch this hot flick!

things to do when you're single on valentine's day

12. Unplug from the world! 

Take this day to just mellow out and unplug from everything around you. Put down your phone, tablet and any other fancy gadgets you kids (lol yes I know I’m a kid too) use these days. Watching other people gush all over social media doesn’t help your single days and should be on the top of this “Awesome Things to do when you’re Single on Valentine’s Day” segment.

13. Do something NEW!

Take this opportunity to trip something new! Want to start yoga? Maybe join a new class? Or perhaps watched a new DIY vid and want to try it out? I say go for it! You only live once to enjoy every moment.

14. Treat it like any other fabulous day!

I mean Valentine’s is just a day…who needs only a day specified to all things love! Treat it like another awesome day and continue to keep at your fabulous ways! Love should always be around and don’t let your day come to a halt because you’re single!

Thank you dolls for reading! I hope this gave you guys a good chuckle or really helped you think of some awesome things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day! Help a single gal out by showing me some love and subscribing, maybe even tap a few of those follow buttons in the right corner. If you liked my tips please comment below and let me know or simply like or share so I can help other singles out! 

Until next time,

Lena Out!

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Awesome Things to do when you’re Single on Valentine’s Day!


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