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Best Electric Smoker For The Money 2019

An Electric Smoker is a simple and smooth solution for people looking for a safer way to make smoked food. Electric smokers marks down on the amount of smoke generated by an open flame, making them perfect for people who have to abide by specific building restrictions and cannot purchase a bigger smoker that runs on charcoal or gas. But gladly, smokers offer both indoor and outdoor electric grill styles, with some models that also work in both environments.

Selecting the best electric smoker is always a time consuming and also a boring task, which is why we have prepared this article for you, which will assist in making the final decision while choosing a new electric smoker. The most necessary thing is for you to find the correct model so that later you won’t regret your decision, and all of the money you lost. First of all, think about what you anticipate, or take into consideration the price, the size of the smoker and it’s other features. And after that you can move on to the initial analysis which we chose based on the plenty of factors such as the price, quality of workmanship, features and its size.

Indoor and outdoor electric smokers don’t require propane or coal to heat, it only has access to the electrical outlet, which is super convenient. And they actually happen to be easier to clean than charcoal or gas smokers and can be used for both places; whether it’s inside or outside. These grills are comparatively lightweight so are easy to bring to campsites, parties, tailgates and obviously wherever you want to take them, you can always rely on an electric smoker and just pack it up and get cooking right away.

Purchasing an electric smoker is most of the times, a one-time expense, because they don’t need propane tank replacements or refills. Electric smokers are usually cheaper than more of the traditional styles, since they also serve to be smaller. If you live somewhere that delimits propane or charcoal because of the risk of fire or any other reason, an electric grill is the most ideal fit for you, considering that there is no open flame. After you have looked through the selection of electric smokers and found the appropriate one for you, always go for all your must have grilling accessories for instance, long-handled utensils, cleaning brushes, smoker mitts and covers, thermometers and others to help you maintain your smoker way better.

If you are a first time user, we recommend you list of best electric smokers for beginners.

With that said, there are also porcelain and aluminum electric smokers styles and are carried by the world’s most trusted brands in electric barbeque smokers. Buy those outdoor electric smokers for easy set up on your patio or deck or look down the indoor electric smokers and sear your steak inside instead. Indoor barbeque smokers are especially easy to store and clean. Cooking on an electric smoker is relatively easy and safe. There’s no open flame or even a propane tank, just a power switch. Simply plug it in and turn the dial to control your cooking temperature.

Charcoal smokers, according to most people creates the best tasted food and is usually preferred by the people who have been into grilling or making smoked food for over some years and are more likely a Pro at grilling, but not to forget that charcoal smokers are a little hard to use and are not that safe and shouldn’t be preferred by the beginners, Gas smokers or grills are another great option but carrying a propane tank to your outdoor parties is not so fun and produces open flames which is not really a thing you would prefer in an apartment or any other indoor place, this too is a great option and creates delicious tasting food too but electric smokers are the safest and easier and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Electric smoker’s don’t release large amounts of harmful fumes, carbon monoxide or open flames, but at the end it all comes down to your personal preferences and tastes.

We collected some of the best and top rated selection of fairly priced electric smokers and hope you find the one that suits your personal preferences and needs. We mentioned all of these products with their pros and cons to help you choose the one which has most of the features you want in your smoker.

Best Electric Smokers for money (Comparison)

Electric Smoker Heating Element (Power)
Masterbuilt 20078715- Editor’s Choice 800 W Check Price" data-order="Check Price">Check Price
Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker 1000 W Check Price" data-order="Check Price">Check Price
Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker 400 W Check Price" data-order="Check Price">Check Price



Masterbuilt 20078715- Editor’s Choice

best electric smoker for the money

Check Price

We believe that if anyone’s given the right tools, literally anything can be mastered. Products that help you make perfect slow cooked ribs and create signature dishes. This Masterbuilt 30 inches digital electric smoker is ideal for the beginner and also for the pros. You can attain best possible Smoked BBQ results in your own backyard, without the inconvenience of a propane or charcoal. Simply plug this electric smoker in, set its digital controls, and leave the rest to it, Masterbuilt makes smoking way simpler and easier.

With its digital control panel and the RF remote, simply set the temperature and time, and this smoker does the rest of the work for you. Just use the remote to change your smoker’s temperature, internal meat temperature and cook time. You can achieve amazing results in your own backyard.

You can enjoy the delicious and juicy taste of slow smoked food year round with the Masterbuilt. The rich and full flavor of the slow-smoked food is a must for those outdoor cookouts. This Masterbuilt 30 inches digital electric smoker provides smokehouse flavor as convenient as grilling. It comes fully-equipped with a blue LED display for much better viewing in direct sunlight and has over 700 square inches of the total cooking space with the four chrome cooking racks. Masterbuilt smoker has a fresh and new drip deflector and a front access drip pan, accompanying with a locking door with the inner lining to help keep that heat and smoky flavor inside for easy and quick cooking. The smooth operating wood chip loading system permits you to easily add wood chips without the need of opening the door. Whether you are cooking chicken, pork, beef or seafood, your 30 inches Digital Masterbuilt Electric Smoker will allow you to have your friends or family’s gathering together for good food and good times. It’s four chrome coated smoking racks, can smoke 80 pounds of the food, with the top air damper for perfect smoke control.

These 721 square inches of cooking space with four chrome coated racks and provides 800 watt of heating element. It has blue LED display for easy reading, even in the direct sunlight, when you are smoking your food in your backyard or in any other outdoor place. The thermostat temperature controls for even cooking ranging from 100 to 275 degrees F. It has a redesigned front access drip pan.

Following are some of the pros and cons of this Masterbuilt Wide 30 inches electric smoker.

Pros Cons
Easy to setup and use. Comes with only 90 days warranty with no guarantee to the paint finish or rust.
Heats up quickly.
RF remote control which helps in monitoring time, temperature, internal light, on or off and meat temperature.
4 chrome coated racks.
A blue led display for reading cooking time and temperatures easily.



Masterbuilt is one of the best makes for electric smokers. Masterbuilt literally helps you look like a pro. It’s temperature gauge reads accurately, it’s overall sturdy and not that heavy or bulky to carry. It would be better if there was even a smaller handle to help you move the smoker around whenever needed and it would also be much convenient, this electric smoker works great even when using an extension cord, it’s very easy to use and is super reasonably priced.

Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

Char broil electric smoker

Check Price

Char Broil has been America’s favorite smoker or grill brand for years. And somehow, it feels like Char Broil is still only getting started. Possibly it’s because they know that making your products better also makes your barbecues better. The Char Broil Analog electric smoker features 544 square inches of cooking space spread across the three chrome plated cooking grates. It has double-wall insulated construction which helps retain heat and smoke and also produces even food, while dual exhaust ports helps to permit consistent and regular smoke production and improves air flow. It features a door mounted temperature which is super helpful in even cooking and dual door latches to keep the unit safe and secured. It’s grease cup is accessible from the outer front of the unit and the wood chip tray and the water tray is easily accessed from the inner front. It measures 20.7 inches w x 33.5 inches H x 15 inches D.

Whether you recently started smoking food or you are looking for a quite simpler smoking solution, this Char Broil Analog Electric Smoker helps in creating delicious smoked food easier. With its insulated cooking chamber and a wide capacity wood chip box, managing an even smoking temperature while also introducing smoky flavor is simple. The water pan aids in preventing meat from drying out and keeps your food perfectly juicy. The included three chrome-plated cooking grates provides the versatility to cook for whether a small family or bigger gatherings. The Analog Electric Smoker provides these amazing features along with others, and all of them are built with quality materials and sturdy construction making sure that it lasts. It comes with One year warranty on the entire unit.

The wood chip box due to its large capacity permits for hours of smoke with lesser refilling. The door mounted temperature gauge helps to easily monitor the internal temperature. The aluminized steel water pan helps prevent meat from drying out and sticking to its surface and also keeps the food juicy, while it’s removable drip tray also makes for easy cleanup. It’s made to last and is powered by a 1200 watt heating element.

Below we mentioned some of the pros and cons of this Char Broil electric smoker.

Pros Cons
A wide 544 square inches of cooking space. There is space for 4 cooking grates, but the smoker comes with only three.
Double wall insulated construction with dual exhaust ports.
A temperature gauge which is mounted on the door works well.
The water tray, grease cup and wood chip tray all have front access.



This well build smoker is the top choice for so many people for various reasons including the one that Char Broil is a very famous brand for grills and smokers because their products are durable, sturdy and lasts longer. The dual door latches are way better, it closes good and seals well. The side carry handles helps while moving smoker to the other location. It’s very well priced for it’s amazing quality and features.

Smokin-It Model #1 Electric Smoker

best electric smoker

Check Price

This electric smoker is made from 100 percent 18 gauge, the 201 stainless steel and is especially designed for ease of use and portability. Every Smokin-It Model #1 smoker comes with four heavy duty 3 inches diameter casters (you will need to attach them), smoke box, three stainless steel grilling racks, a drip pan that is made to slide under smoker and a rheostat for temperature control ranging from 100 F to 250 F degrees. The smoker is wholly assembled and ready to go and also includes a sample of hickory wood to help you season your new smoker right away. It has the capacity to hold up to 21 lbs. of seafood or meat. It has a 400 watt of heating element with the LED indicator light, 3 amps 120 volt single phase is protected with fiberglass to reduce heat loss and also has a 12 foot power cord. The new side handles are also added for lifting the smoker and for easy movement. Integrated electric cord hangers are installed on the back panel of the smoker. The total inside dimensions are 12-1/2 inches wide x 13-1/2 inches deep x 17-1/4 inches tall with the total weight of 60 pounds. The overall outside dimensions are 15 inches by 19 inches by 20-3/8 inches, with casters add 3 3/4 inches to its final height. This smoker is also NSF Certified for Restaurant’s use.

It can cook up to 22 pounds of meat capacity per load, 3 inches Diameter rubber casters and the 3 easily removable shelves included with the space for 4 shelves total, which makes it great for smoking food for large group of people.

We mentioned some of the pros and cons of this Smokin-It electric smoker down below.

Pros Cons
Easy to use. This smoker doesn't have the most stylish design, but it functions great.
Works great and cooks even food.
The heating element is easily replaceable.
The stainless construction looks very well and is overall, Well built.
A deep stainless tray that slides under the unit helps to make smoking a much cleaner process.



As we mentioned above, the appearance and overall looks of this smoker isn’t so stylish but it functions great compared to other pricier and stylish looking electric smokers out there. It’s the most expensive electric smoker on this list as it’s very well built and makes delicious juicy food without any mess. It has various amazing features, including one which should be preferred by most people is that it has easily replaceable heating element which will make this smoker last way longer than you imagined, in case if it’s heating element stops working you can replace it instead of throwing this whole smoker away. It’s overall, a great option and you should definitely go for this one if budget and style isn’t an issue.


Choosing best electric smoker for the money is not an easy task so, we have listed buyer’s guide to make it simpler for you.


For majority of the people, the price is most likely the deciding factor while shopping and it should be. Consider your budget and think about how much you actually can spend on an electric smoker based on how often you are going to use it. In this article, we included smokers between different price ranges so that people with different budgets can find something for themselves. You should know that the price impacts how many facilities your smoker will provide you and how big it will be. The bigger the smoker is and the more features it has, the higher it’s price will be, that’s a fact. You need to understand that when you have limited budget, you simply cannot afford a model with plenty of features, but don’t forget that you can still buy a great well-built product at a lower price.


Both of these aspects are very closely related to each another, consider how much food you will usually prepare and for how many people you will need it for. Most of the electric smokers are big and normally offers about 700 square inches of cooking area but if you plan on feeding a larger group of people than that and you need to have more space and you should consider models that provides about one thousand square inches. The main point here is actually how much meat you plan on cooking and for how many people.


If you want mobility or portability, then pay attention to smokers weight and whether the smoker has conveniences like handles and wheels. Not every electric smoker is equipped with these elements that is why, if you plan on changing the location of your smoker very often, it’s a better idea to check out if the model that you have your eyes on comes with wheels and handles.


You need to pay great attention to the power of the heating element. The smaller models with an area of about 700 to 800 square inches should have a heating element with almost about 800 watts of power, whereas the bigger models with an area of about 1000 square inches should definitely have about 1200 watts of power. It is vital if you want to be sure that the whole surface inside the smoker heats evenly.


Expensive models offers more interesting accessories, some electric smokers have the ability to refill wood chips and water area without the need to open the front door (it also prevents in heat loss and even cooking). On the other hand, others offers a remote system which helps you to control the temperature from a distance and allows to monitor the entire cooking process, and also features a digital control panel. Some manufacturers also provides accessories separately, if you have enough budget and feel the need to buy one. Don’t forget that such accessories or gadgets significantly increases the final price which makes it not a great solution for those with limited budget.

Final Verdict

As you might know, the market is full of various products and it’s a bit difficult to pick the best electric smoker for the money. Each model comes with some feature that makes them stand out so it’s not a convenient task to make the final choice. We hope that this article will be somewhat helpful for you to understand better what to actually look for in any electric smoker and allow you to choose a model that suits your preference.

Bear in mind that the above mentioned suggestions are directed towards various kinds of consumers, from models with unique and interesting features of electric smokers for those with a limited budget. It is totally up to you to choose which one of the electric smokers suits you the most, taking your requirements into consideration. You also need to know that there is not a single perfect electric smoker which contains every feature you want or need, but we hope that we were able to include all of the best electric smokers for you on the market.

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Best Electric Smoker For The Money 2019


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