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Vape for the Ultimate Effect

Why Vaping is Better than Smoking when it comes to Marijuana

Whenever something new comes to the market people are apprehensive about it. This is the case for almost any new or innovative product. Vaporizers are no different. But when it comes to marijuana consumption, vaporizers are most definitely the way to go. Vaping marijuana is still not as popular as smoking marijuana, but it is getting there. In opinion, research, and experience, there is nothing better than vaping marijuana, not even smoking it. However, you don’t have to take our word for it. Let’s look at the many ways that vaping is superior to smoking.

Marijuana Vaping is very different from normal Vaping

Before we get into the details, we wanted to clarify a misunderstanding which many people have. A lot of us have seen vapers blowing huge clouds of vapor out of gizmos which look like something from the future. That isn’t the type of vaping we are talking about. When it comes to vaping e-liquids (which is done instead of smoking cigarettes), there is a lot of visible vapor involved. Marijuana vaping is completely different – the devices are different, and the vapor is very hard to see.

Vaping is better for your health

We all know how bad cigarettes are for us. Cigarettes are bad for us because when tobacco is burned, it releases many harmful carcinogens. Carcinogens are substances known to give you cancer, which is why cigarette smoking causes cancer. Now, there isn’t thorough enough research on marijuana to reach a irrefutable conclusion – but, most studies show that smoking marijuana is much safer than smoking tobacco. Which ever way it goes, at the end of the day, you are still combusting something that came straight out of a plant and inhaling/smoking it. Inhaling smoke cannot be good for you, no matter what type of smoke we are talking about.

When it comes to vaping there is no smoke involved. Vaping involves vapors. The marijuana in your vaping device is never combusted – it never reaches a burning point or temperature. It is given just the right amount of heat so that it starts giving off vapors, which you then inhale. Studies already show that inhaling vapor is 95% safer than inhaling any kind of smoke. Since there is no combustion involved, most of the harmful carcinogens that are created when smoking are not present when vaping.

You don’t have to take our word for it – simply try vaping for a few days and you will be surprised at how easy it is, and you will quickly start to notice the difference, whether its vaping e-juice, marijuana, or marijuana concentrates. If you have been smoking for a long time, your lungs and your throat are somewhat used to the "hit" they take when inhaling hot smoke. This feeling or sensation if you will, is what makes the switch slightly more difficult, especially with tobacco smokers. When you vape e-juice or marijuana, the vapor is so much smoother and cooler that you barely feel it when you inhale. Once this transition has been made, the benefits of vaping over smoking become quite evident and almost immediate. When you switch to vaping, you will suddenly start feeling better. Your throat will feel clearer and you will be able to breathe more easily. You will actually feel healthier in just a few days of usage.

The effects are really, really strong

The biggest difference between vaping and smoking is how high vaping makes you. You won’t believe the difference – with vaping it feels like you get twice as high with the same amount of marijuana. And no, it isn’t a placebo effect, and you aren’t just imagining things either. According to a study conducted by California NORML, with vaping more than 46% of the THC in your marijuana is successfully converted into vapor. On the other hand, with smoking, only around 25% is actually inhaled by you. The rest is wasted in the smoke that you do not inhale, or in the process of combustion itself.

When you put marijuana in a vaping device, almost all of it is turned into vapors that you inhale. Vaping devices do not burn all the time wasting marijuana – they only turn on when you are inhaling. You’ll realize that you have suddenly started to spend much less money on marijuana, because you will need to use a much lower quantity of marijuana in order to get the same effect as you did when smoking it.

Really easy to smoke discreetly

Vaping is also much more discreet than smoking. Smoking releases smoke, and anyone that sees you will be able to tell from afar away that you’re smoking. Vaping releases vapors, which are invisible. Only the people that are close to you will be able to smell what you are smoking, anyone at a distance will not even be able to tell that you are smoking/vaping anything. This allows you to use marijuana much more openly, and in places where you could never smoke.

Vaping is better for your health, is more discreet, and gets you higher than smoking. The only reason that so many people still aren’t vaping is that they aren’t comfortable yet with spending money on a vaping device. A good vaping device will set you back a few bucks, but it is worth its weight in gold. The savings on marijuana alone will mean that the device will quickly end up paying for itself. At King of Vapes™ we carry a multitude of vape pens to fit your budget. Whether you are looking for a herb pen, wax pen, portable vape, or a desktop vape, rest assured that we have a wide variety of products to choose from, and only from the very best of brands. Also, if you are confused about vaping, or have questions, we are always happy to answer them and clear away any confusion about it. Let us know how your vaping experience has been going on in the comments!

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Vape for the Ultimate Effect


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