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What’s a Modular Helmet? – Unlimited Guide!

Also known as a convertible or flip face, a Modular Helmet is a type helmet that has the ability to switch between modes; full face and open face. In the full face mode, it has all the features of a full face helmet, with the face protection and the chin guard in their places. In the open face mode, the face screen flips up to expose the wearers face. It’s this versatility with the modular helmet that has made it the most popular type of helmet the world over- especially with motorcycle riders.

A person wearing a modular helmet can unlock the chin guard bar and flip up the face shield. This opens up the face to allow the wearer to eat, talk or to simply breath more freely. It’s a helmet loved by riders for the convenience it offers.

In the recent years, motorcyclists have taken to wearing modular helmets, not because they offer more safety than other helmet types, but because it allows the riders to do many things without having to take the helmet off.

Modular helmets come in different sizes to fit different head shapes and sizes. When buying one, you can use size charts that manufacturers provide to allow buyers to choose the right size. While a modular helmet is more convenient compared to other helmet types, wearing the wrong size can take away the convenience, and the comfort. The right fitting modular helmet should not:

Move around while your head remains stationary.

Press against any part of your head as to cause discomfort, that’s, it shouldn’t be too tight-fitting.

Come off your head if you bend down or if you push the helmet a little from the back.

Tips on How to Care For Your Modular Helmet

Just like any other helmet, a modular helmet requires proper care if it’s to function properly and to extend its lifespan. To ensure this do the following:

  • Keep it clean all the time. It extends the life of both the outer shell and the inner lining. Avoid exposing it to harmful chemicals such as products that come from petroleum; it damages the shell and the inner foam lining. Clean the helmet using soapy water only
  • Replace a face screen if it gets scratched. A scratch decreases visibility, causing a safety hazard
  • If the helmet happens to fall from a considerable height, there’s a big chance that it won’t offer protection anymore as a result of a broken lining or a damaged shell. In such a case, replacing it is advisable.
  • In case of an accident where the helmet happens to hit the ground,buying a new one is inevitable. It would obviously get damaged and as a result, offer less protection. The damage is mostly to the expanded polysterylene foam material that absorbs the shock of impact. Once it breaks down, it cannot be repaired, and a complete replacement is needed.
  • How you store your helmet matters as poor storage can result in damage. Always store it in a dry place since damp conditions can damage the EPS lining. Store it on a flat surface where it’s not likely to slip and crash to the ground. Keep it away from any chemical that would cause the protective foam layer to break down and lose its ability to protect your skull from injury.

When Is It Time To Replace Your Modular Helmet?

While a modular helmet is made to last a couple of years, it’s not always possible for it to stay that long. It could be due to factors beyond your control such as a crash, or it could be due to bad storage and use. Whatever the case, here are signs that your modular helmet needs to be replaced with a new one.

  1. If you got involved in an accident where the helmet got hit. The impact could have caused cracks that are invisible to the naked eye, and which would render it ineffective in offering protection. The EPS could have broken down, too, something that would make it lose its ability to absorb impact shock.
  2. If you happen to drop it from a height higher than your waist, or three feet and more to be precise.
  3. If it has outlived its life. The lifespan of most modular helmets is about five years. If you have had it for more longer than this, it’s about time you replaced it.

Modular helmets are quite convenient to use; you do not have to take them off if you want to speak to someone or to eat. People who wear glasses do not need to remove their glasses to put the helmets on. It’s no wonder, then, that they’re the most used helmets by riders from all over the world.

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What’s a Modular Helmet? – Unlimited Guide!


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