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Best Hockey Helmet Reviews Of 2017: Ultimate Buying Guide

Injury frequency in Hockey is high, and injuries to the head are usually fatal. You do not need the law to push you as a sport, team or player for you to wear the best hockey Helmet you can afford. Head protection will keep you in the field for many seasons to come.

Hockey helmets are not as popular as motorsport helmets. Therefore, finding the right brand and model that will not disappoint you can be a challenging proposition. And that’s why you need our expertise and experience in choosing the best model.

To make the search easier, we have included in this posting, a list of four highly rated and recommended hockey helmets that will certainly fit your budget. The selections were made based on first-rate features and incomparable performance.

Buyer’s Guide:

Importance of Hockey Helmet Standards

Any hockey helmet you buy should be CSA certified. Generally, the required minimum standard for hockey helmets is the CSA mark. Such kind of a helmet comes with high-impact protection that will give you confidence in the field.

There are other voluntary standards that you should consider, such as the ones met by Bauer hockey helmets. They include HECC and CE. A hockey helmet with dual or triple certification offers more assurance and protection.

Consider Low Profile Shell w/ EPP

The shell construction plays a very important role as far as impact protection is concerned. The major shell materials used by most manufacturers are fiberglass and polycarbonate, but the most popular shells are made from polycarbonate material.

An aerodynamic low profile shell sits deep inside your head to provide a snug and comfortable fit. Normally, the front part is supposed to sit just above the brow so as not to block your vision, and the back to sit slightly deeper to properly cover the head.

The two major foam EPP designs are based on the incorporated fit adjustment method, which includes one-piece and two-piece. The one-piece model has the foam laminated to the exterior material for superior protection, and it has a back fit system.

The two-piece model is fitted with two adjustment flips located on the sides. All you have to do is flip them up, and then you can choose to extend or contract the helmet. The major drawback of the two-piece is reduced impact protection because of gapping.

Go for Ergonomics

A hockey helmet is not complete without high-quality extras. The interior pads should not only be removable and washable, but also antimicrobial and replaceable. This will ensure long-lasting reliability and durability.

The chin strap system must be reliable to help hold the helmet in position in order to maintain a snug and comfortable fit. A loose helmet can cause some serious head injuries in the event of a crash while you are playing.

You can choose to wear a visor that attaches to the helmet to protect your eyes. Most hockey leagues require that the entire face is protected by a cage. So, it is advisable to buy a helmet with a preinstalled facemask that is fitted with thin wires for visibility.

Top Four Hockey Helmets of 2017

1.Easton E700 Hockey Helmet

Product Highlights

  • CE, HECC, CSA certified hockey helmet
  • Polycarbonate shell construction
  • One-piece EPP foam liner
  • Traditional dual screw j-clip attachment
  • Tool-free clear/tinted covers for ear pieces
  • Removable, replaceable and washable comfort padding
  • A detailed sizing chart included

The Easton E700 is a super-lightweight hockey helmet designed for the elite player in need of protection and assurance from unexpected hits. This GIRO inspired helmet is aimed at transforming your hockey experience.

The helmet features a one-piece design. Actually, the construction is a full polycarbonate plastic shell that is laminated into a one-piece EPP foam liner. This makes the helmet exceptionally rigid for resisting impact forces in the event of a crash.

The fact that the shell is fully polycarbonate makes the helmet extremely lightweight. You are not going to get any gaps in coverage, because the one-piece design is more compact. Expect complete protection cover with this helmet, even with localized hits and impacts.

The interior is fitted with first-class insides and extras. The one-piece EPP foam covers the interior of the helmet, and it is plastic-coated to the exterior for high-impact performance. You have removable, replaceable and washable comfort padding.

The padding is usually fastened with Velcro, allowing for easy removal for replacements or washing. The pads are also antimicrobial comfort and durability. They are sold as a set; so, you can buy spares for replacements.

The helmet comes with a reliable Giro fit system, which is available in most high-end bike helmets. The fit system comprises of a plastic design with an elastic fixture that stretches conveniently to provide a snug and comfortable fit.


  • The fully polycarbonate shell construction is super-lightweight and high-impact.
  • The one-piece EPP foam liner offers multi-impact protection and durability.
  • The Giro fit system with plush padding offers best in class comfort and stability.
  • The removable and washable pads are antimicrobial and replaceable.
  • The helmet comes with a detailed sizing chart for preference.


  • The helmet is available in limited color variations.

The Easton E700 is the best in class hockey helmet for its price range, and it offers and it offers unmatched comfort, protection, and assurance.

2.Bauer RE-AKT 75 Helmet

Product Highlights

  • CSA, HECC, CE rated
  • 7+ Technology Foam
  • Multi-density impact protection foam
  • Ergo translucent ear covers
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Molded occipital feature
  • Comfort fit suspended liner system

The Bauer RE-AKT 75 is a well-built hockey helmet that offers you aggressive protection for those daring, bold moves. It is a good looking helmet; you will admire it at first glance. The heavy-duty design is quite reassuring as far as protection and comfort go.

What is impressive about this hockey helmet is that it shares the same shell construction seen in most high performing helmets. The air vents do usually come in different colors, providing you with the option of the two-tone shell appearance.

The helmet features a two-piece system, which you can adjust using the available tool adjustment system situated on both sides. All you have to do is flip up the flicks, allowing you to contract or expand the helmet to your personalized fit.

The ventilation channels are quite unique in design, and they are strategically located for maximum performance. The vents run from the front of the helmet, down through the center and out through the back for consistent airflow.

The helmet features state-of-the-art liner that displays innovativeness and great technologies. The most recognized technology being the XRD foam, which is a multi-density impact protection. The liner system is suspended to provide a comfort fit.

The XRD foam is incorporated with MICROBAN antimicrobial treated inserts for comfort. In addition, the interior is fitted with ear covers that are ergo translucent. The strapping system is simple to use and offers a perfect fit.


  • The helmet is CE, HECC, and CSA certified for unmatched protection and comfort.
  • The XRD foam is multi-density and high performing during impact.
  • The incorporated tool-free adjustment system allows you to easily adjust the helmet.
  • The liner system is purposely suspended to allow for comfort fit.
  • The manufacturer used MICROBAN antimicrobial technology to treat the XRD foam inserts.


  • The helmet is available in limited color options for preference.

The Bauer RE-AKT 75 is undoubtedly the best hockey helmet for its price. You get first-rate features and superior performance on the field.

3.Bauer IMS 5.0 Hockey Helmet

Product Highlights

  • CE, HECC, CSA certified hockey helmet
  • Tool-free adjustment
  • Integrated ear covers
  • Multi-density foam
  • Heavy-duty ridge crown
  • Available sizes are small, medium, and large
  • Bauer 2100 facemask included

The IMS 5.0 is a high-quality, high-rated Bauer hockey helmet for the money. Going into the shell, you will observe the identical and similar structure to other high performing Bauer hockey helmets. The major shell design similarity that you will observe is the two-piece structure.

Bauer decided to provide the clientele base with a two-piece instead of a one-piece to improve protection. If you take a serious hit on the head, the one-piece design will not effectively disperse the impact energy, thus affecting the helmet’s protection capability.

The manufacturer chose to go for a wide-ranging protection with the two-piece shell design. The helmet is integrated with a tool-free adjustment system. To adjust the liner for an ideal fit, you will have to use the tabs on the side.

When adjusting the fit, the system applies a comprehensive grab that really pulls in tight from all over the liner. This does not only give you a perfect fit, but also a reliable level of protection and comfort, especially when you take a hit while on the move.

You will definitely be impressed with the liner of the IMS 5.0 hockey helmet. The liner features the seven plus foam technology that offers remarkable performance during use. This technology compresses effectively to ensure that your head and brain are safe from the impact.


  • The tool-free adjustment is not only easy to use, but also capable of providing a perfect fit.
  • This is CE, HECC, CSA certified hockey helmet that provides guaranteed protection and comfort.
  • The helmet is incorporated with ear covers for ear protection when you are on the field of play.
  • The helmet comes with the Bauer 2100 facemask for added protection and convenience.


  • It comes with limited color options and sizes for preference.

The IMS 5.0 by Bauer is one of the highly rated hockey helmets with a very competitive price range that you can afford.

4.CCM FL40 Hockey Helmet

Product Highlights

  • Meets minimum safety standard
  • Aerodynamic shell construction w/ ventilation
  • High-impact protection, low profile fit
  • Multi-density foam liner
  • Tool-free length adjustment
  • Comfort foam chin cup w/ wire guard
  • Safety strap
  • FL40 facemask included w/ thin round wires

The CCM FL40 helmet joins the likes of Bauer hockey helmets as far as providing protection and comfort goes. It comes with shiny exteriors, but very reassuring when you consider the protection the helmet can provide in case of an impact.

The helmet is incorporated with two-piece adjustment, which is very comfortable and convenient to use. All you have to do is hit the flips on both sides, and then press in or out to either extend or contract the helmet.

The helmet polished is not inscribed with graphics, but the CCM logo. The shell is available in four color options, including black, navy, pink, and white for preference. The available sizing chart is flexible and accommodating.

One of the most definitive exterior features of this helmet is the ventilation system. There are a lot of air vents that run from the front, down through the center, and out through the back for optimal airflow and cooling, allowing to stay nice and cool during the game.

It is incorporated with sealant removable ear covers for protection. The interior is fitted with multi-density foam liner with a really nice soft feel. The liner is integrated with moisture channels to help wick away moisture from your head.

This cage combo design comes with the FL40 facemask, which has thin round wires that do not block your vision during the game. The helmet is also installed with a comfortable foam chin cup with a wire guard for protection and comfort.


  • The aerodynamic shell construction sits deep on the head for a perfect fit.
  • The two-piece fit system allows for easy expansion and contraction of the helmet.
  • The multi-density foam liner contains moisture channels for effective wicking of moisture.
  • The helmet comes with a preinstalled FL40 facemask for added facial protection.
  • The available chin cup consists of comfort foam and wire guard for comfort and protection.


  • It is available in limited color options.

The CCM FL40 helmet stands out as one of the best hockey helmets for its price range because of the high-quality features and superior performance it offers.

Final Words

The CCM FL40 helmet marks the end of our best hockey helmet review. We have provided you with, highly recommended helmets that are not only competitively priced, but they also offer excellent features, unmatched impact protection, comfort, and assurance.

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Best Hockey Helmet Reviews Of 2017: Ultimate Buying Guide


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