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When he walks into a room or a particular place filled with at least a hand full of people, all he just do is to walk past these people without extending any form of greetings.

He squeezes his face like someone who has just had a combat.

When someone Eventually greets him, he doesn’t respond, he pretends like he did not hear one’s greeting even when one is as close to him as his collarbone.

If he’s eventually going to speak to anyone, he does that when he is in need of something which he doesn’t do right.

He approaches one rudely and also has an authoritative manner of approach. That can be annoying right?

A common good night isn’t in his dictionary and if he’s really going to have that long and friendly conversation with you which doesn’t even last for 10 minutes, he’s usually picky (choosy), that is, he chooses those he talks to and looks down on others.

There are more to him than you can ever imagine

Pride is very simple to pronounce with just a syllable, but as simple as it appears, it can bring an individual extremely down in just half a second.

Pride is a powerful weapon that ruins if one is not careful.

At the initial stage of pride, you feel on top of the world, you feel like a King, Queen, Emperor or even a demi-god.

At the middle stage, you become unapproachable, it tears into your skin, making you forget that you were made out of nothing but dust, at this stage, you’ll start believing that you were made out of Gold.

At the final stage, you become uncontrollable. Before you can take a glimpse at yourself, you start decaying from within until it gets to a stage where you finally Fall on the ground completely.

You become isolated because you drove people away from you. You fall into despair and disappointment simply because you believe it’s just you and you alone that must benefit all.

What is the point of having a knowledge as big as an encyclopedia and you do not have anyone to share it with? It will eventually die with you.

PRIDE can make an individual a living corpse.

PRIDE for me simply means:




Destruction and


Let us try to stay humble always. No matter the position we have attained, no matter the amount of money we have in our various bank account, no matter the level of fame we might have, no matter how old we are, let’s not allow pride take all that away from us.

When you see yourself almost diving into a river of PRIDE, try to call yourself back so that you don’t drown in it.

Before Pride there is UPLIFT, After Pride, there is FALL.

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