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Update:Thursday on Fire and Ice (Episode 246 – 248)

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Twinkle goes to sleep on bed, Kunj goes to sleep on couch, Twinkle says he could have pacified me a little more but he wants to challenge me in everything, Kunj says i will make her smile for sure.
Its morning, Usha sees house getting decorated, she asks whats happening?

Kunj says that is surprise, Leela’s family comes there, Pinni asks about function, Kunj says i will tell you, just tell me when did our so called family spent time together? never, this is like family get together, we will eat together and will not sleep, we will enjoy, also its Mahi’s welcome too, Yuvi says no need to do this for Mahi, Kunj says all family members are here, you can sit in corner and burn, Mahi says to Yuvi that all are here, i think we should join, Yuvi gets silent.

Kunj says first game is passing the parcel, the one who will get parcel will have to sing, Twinkle thinks that idea is good but i am stubborn too, i will not smile. Yuvi says to Mahi that we should leave, Mahi says i never had any family get together, please stay here for me, Yuvi says okay for you only.

All family members sit in circle, Kunj asks Cherry to play songs, Cherry says why? i can sing so let me take part, Kunj says you are deadly singer thats why, Cherry says now you have said right thing, i will play music. Cherry plays music, music stops when cushion is in Kunj’s hand, Kunj sings Heer to Badi sad, all clap for him while Twinkle frowns, music starts again, Manohar says to Twinkle that you have changed Kunj alot, he goes to college, he is happy, you have done alot for our family, thank you.

Cushion gets in Babee’s hands, Babee sings old song, all clap for her, Babee smiles, cushion is passed again, it stops in Anand’s hand, he says i will not sing, i cant sing, Cherry says you are out then, cushion is passed again, it stops in Twinkle’s hand, Cherry says its your turn now, Twinkle sings Hum Toh Bhae jaise hain wese rehengy, Kunj smirks listening this, all clap for her, cushion is passed again, it stops at Raman, Kunj says today show the world, Raman sings and dance on Blue hai Pani paini, he brings Pinni, Kunj and dances with them, all clap for them. Cushion is passed again, kunj gets is again, Kunj sings zara muskarade, he points Twinkle to smile, she makes angry face, all clap for Kunj, cushion is passed again, it stops at TWinkle, Twinkle sings Kyun aagy peeche dolte mere dewane ho.. all clap for her, cushion is passed again, it stops at Leela now, Leela says no, Babee says you have to sing, Leela dances and sings with Kunj and Twinkle on London Tumkha, Kunj strikes with Twinkle in dance.

Cushion is passed again, it stops at Yuvi, Yuvi sings Tumhe apna banane ka junoon, Twinkle angrily looks at him, Cherry says you got emotional Yuvi. Cushion is passed again, Usha gets it, she says i cant sing, Kunj says you have to sing, Usha says i cant sing, she leaves, cushion is passed again, it stops at Mahi, Mahi says what will i sing? she gets tensed, Twinkle sings mere ghar aayi ek pari.. she vcomes to Mahi but Mahi leaves from there, Twinkle gets sad. Game starts again, it comes on Manohar, he sings Yeh Sham, he dances with Usha, all clap for him, cushion is passed again, Kunj gets it, Kunj sings Inteha hogayi intezar ki, Twinkle looks on.

Jerry says lets start the game. They play passing pillow it stops on leela. Leela says no I can’t do this. She leaves. It stops on sarna, he leaves as well. It stops on Raman. Raman says first I will eat then sing. Kunj says you can eat later. He leaves. It stops on Babbe. Babbe says I am leaving, they are all there. It stops on Yuvi. Yuvi says I can’t play this boring game he leaves. Only kunj and Twinkle are left. It stops on Kunj. Jerrry says now sing Kunj. He sing and dances on ‘matargashti’. he picks Twinkle.

Anita says Twinkle has fried my brain. Whatever I try I fail. I don’t know what has her mother eaten when she was born. Plan something. They will have kids and we.. Yuvi picks glass and says don’t say that. Anita says what are you doing? Yuvi says I am sorry mom. Mahi has ruined my day. She is so nervous all the time. I cant act anymore. Anita says you are giving up? He says I am just frustrated my plans are not working. But I have a last trump card. Anita says what?

Twinkle is laughing. Kunj says I made you laugh. She says I had mercy on you. he says you are a drama queen. She says just queen. He says my queen. Twinkle says I wanna say something. so does he. He says tomorrow and so does she. They both smile.
Yuvi says in heart I will ruin your tomorrow. I will finish your relationship tomorrow.

Next morning, twinkle comes after shower, the song kuch to hua hai plays in background. Twinkle selects her saari. yug approves it. Both of them smile. Kunj dances with his kurta. Kunj ties her blouse from back. Twinkle smiles. She turns back, Kunj is not there. she was day dreaming.
They both imagine dancing with each other.

Kunj comes to babbe and says achivad. She says where are you going after looking so handsome? He says this is so special. Just pray this is best day of my life. Babbe says okay stay happy. God gives you 10 kids. He says oh God you get so emotional. She says where are you going? He says I will tell you. He leaves.
Kunj is on his way. Someone knocks at his window. Its twinkle she says sir buy roses you Mrs will like it so much. Kunj realizes its not twinkle. He buys the roses. he says finally the day is here when I tell you that I love you.
Twinkle is on her way too. She says I really love you.

Anita calls yuvi and says where is he? Kunj and twinkle both have left. Leela comes in. She says why you look so worried? anita says what are you doing here? Leela says I haven’t seen you in days. You have started looking worried these days. You will look old. After your efforts twinkle and kunj are still together. You should meditate your dirty mind. Whatever you do, kunj and twinkle will live together. Anita says I am your daughter’s mother in law. Leela says I know everything. don’t forget if you try to do anything wrong to my daughters I wont leave you.

Twinkle reaches the venue and says kunj.. where are you? Its all dark. Lights turn on. Kunj comes and says hi. He says there comes a time when a stranger becomes your life. He becomes your identity. A life partner, with whom you can share everything. All happiness and sadness. Twinkle says the one who supports you unconditionally. The one who is so special to you. You can say anything to him. Fight with him. He is happy for you and sad when you are sad. The one who makes you a better person. Kunj says who changes your world. With whom you equally enjoy sun and rain. The one who makes you laugh. The one with whom silence is enjoyable. Twinkle says the one you miss all the time. Whose eyes are your mirror. The one whose heart’s doors are always open for you. The one who is made for you. Both say the one without whom you can’t live a moment. The one who is only yours. They look into each others eyes. The title song plays. Kunj says I have found someone like that. Twinkle says I too. They come close. They are about to kiss, kunj’s phone rings. He says its anand. He picks and is dazed. Kunj says what? The ring drops from his hand.

Kunj gets call from someone, he is shocked to listen the news, he says what? ring drops from his hand, Kunj says papa got heart-attack? how? i will come rightnow, he runs from there, Twinkle goes behind him.

Kunj comes in hospital, Usha hugs him and cries, Twinkle comes there too. Usha says Kunj your father. Manohar is in OT, doctor is treating him. Kunj asks Usha to calm down, Usha says Manohar got some message, he got worried and went to his study room, i listened some noise from there, when i went there, he was lying on floor, Babee says he was in tension from many days, i asked him many times but he didnt tell me anything, i have raised him like my son, what if anything happens to him? Kunj says we cant become weak, nothing will happen to him, he goes to bring water, Anita smirks.

Kunj sits on sofa, Twinkle comes to him and sits beside him, Kunj is in tears, Twinkle puts hand on his shoulder, Kunj says i am not becoming weak, i cant become weak, you saw me with Babee and Usha? i was strong? if i breakdown then family will be break, father will become fine, Twinkle looks at him sadly, Kunj says i am fine, how life changes in a blink, i wanted to talk to father about many things, we was always reserved from me, time passedby and we didnt talk, i hesitate while talking to him, how to tell him that i need him, we had formal talks, i couldnt tell him that i need him, i thought to hug him and tell him that i love you papa, i miss you but i couldnt say it, now when he is in this condition, i feel like telling him everything, i want to talk about many things to him, he cries, Twinkle hugs Kunj and consoles him, she wipes his tears and says its not too late, why you are bringing negative thoughts, Manohar will be fine and will return home then you can talk to him about anything, i am with you too, Cherry comes and says come with me, Kunj asks what happened? Cherry says Manohar is coming on TV, come with me.
Kunj comes in hospital lobby, all see Manohar’s pictures on TV, reporter says Manohar Sarna’s cheap pictures are leaked, he is elite class and enjoys these kind of things, he is seen sleeping with girl on bed in pictures, all are shocked seeing it, Kunj gets angry, Usha cries, Twinkle thinks i handled this matter then how these photos leaked?
Yuvi is in venue where Kunj and Twinkle were about to confess their love, he laughs and says now confess your love, he breaks everything there and says you are dead Kunj, he smirks.

Babee says this cant be true, Kunj switches off Tv, he says this is lie, these news channels just do it for attention, Twinkle says this cant be possible, Anita thinks what will you do Twinkle? Manohar is in ICU and his respect is gone, how will you save his reputation now? Kunj says to Usha that Manohar is being framed, nurse comes and says press it waiting for you outside, Kunj says i will handle them, Babee says you dont need to go, Kunj says they will take silence as we being afraid, we have to shut their mouth, Cherry and Anand goes with him.

Press asks Kunj what he has to say about his father’s act? how did his mother react? Kunj says this is all lie, reporter says is Manohar not ashamed of these acts? Kunj says you are talking about my father, he hasnt done anything wrong, he is fighting for life and you are asking these questions? respect him, reporter says its our work to ask questions, you have these kinds to habits too? doesnt it matter to your wife or mother? Kunj beats reporter, Cherry controls Kunj and takes him from there, reporter says like father like son, son is beating reporters, Twinkle says excuse me, arent you ashamed of saying lie? how can you talk without any proofs, reporter says we got to know that you know this girl, Twinkle looks on, Kunj listens this too.
Usha says to Babee that this is lie, Manohar cant do this, Babee says i know, we will talk to Manohar when be becomes fine. Kunj and Twinkle comes there, Twinkle says to Kunj that i thought i handled everything, i deleted all photos, i dont know how it got leaked, Kunj says which photos? you knew about these photos? tell me, all look on, Twinkle says yes i knew about it, few days back i got video in which Purvi was seen, who was seen with Manohar, i got to know that she was participating in Mrs. Amritsar competition, she was blackmailing Manohar so i deleted photos from her phone, i went to that lodge following Purvi only, i got Purvi and her partner arrested but i dont know how it got leaked, Kunj says why you didnt tell me? Twinkle says dont get me wrong, you and Manohar are not on good terms and also i was hesitant to talk about this sensitive matter and also Manohar asked to not tell anyone, i deleted all photos, i got Purvi arrested, i did everything for respect of our family, Anita says you hided everything from family and also from your husband, Twinkle says to Usha that i hided from you as you would have been broken listening it, i dont know how it leaked.

Yuvi says now i have proof that its Twinkle who leaked Manohar’s cheap pictures in media, he plays video in which Twinkle is seen going to media channel, she signs in register and comes to meet editor of channel, she says these are pictures of my father in law Manohar Sarna(Twinkle’s face is not shown, only back is shown), Yuvi says this is real salt on wounds, he sends video and says let the game begin.

All family members get video of Twinkle giving pictures of Manohar to editor, all are shocked and looks at Twinkle suspiciously, Twinkle says this is not me, this is lie, its not me.

Yuvi laughs and says Twinkle baby you cant win over me, i know your love has hate for me but my love is same for you thats why i created this fake video, leaked photos in media, i am sorry baby, i had to do it to destroy your and Kunj’s relation.

Anita says to Twinkle that you destroyed your family’s respect in market, you are a liar, we are not blind, its you in video, i never thought in dreams that you can stoop so low, Twinkle says i am not lying, its not me, Anita says Manohar is in ICU, why are you lying now? you are cheap, Usha comes to Twinkle and slaps her hard, all are shocked, Kunj silently looks on, Usha says to Twinkle that how much lie will you say? Twinkle cries and says i didnt do it, Manohar knows everything, ask him, Usha says he is in this condition because of you, because of you our respect is gone, Twinkle says i didnt do anything, she says Kunj you believe me right? i cant do something like this, you know what family’s respect means to me, atleast say something, you think i leaked these videos? Kunj says i know you are not behind all this, its not you in this video, you cant do anything against my family but you are responsible for all this, papa is in ICU because of you, Twinkle is shocked.

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Update:Thursday on Fire and Ice (Episode 246 – 248)


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