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Update: Monday On Love Oh Love (Episode 90-92)

Avni reads the magazine in which Samarth mentions about her indirectly. Avni is happy to read it when Bhavna asks what she is thinking about. Avni says is it about her. Bhavna says yes it is her, still he didn’t disclose her identity. Samarth is an idependent and decisive person who knows what should be done in life. Samarth sees her and says when he will tell her what is inside his heart, she will know everything. He comes towards her but a worker comes and tells him Savita has got unconscious, if this scene is not done it will be a problem.

Samarth tells him to call a doctor as her health is more important. Savri tells the workers that she used to be the heroine of all shows in college. Samarth asks her if she will work in his serial, she gets excited. He thinks he will tell Avni after looking after Savri. Suket finishes his work and is about to go to the shooting spot, when Raj comes running to joins him. He tells him he has to discuss some important points. He suggest he will explain him everything in the car so that he doesn’t get late for where he is going. He agrees. Raj thinks he is coming Avni to tell her how much he love her.

Meanwhile, Samarth offers Savri Bua a small role in his serial. Savri is getting ready for the serial telling the makeup artists to do it perfectly. Bhavna and Avni were also there. Savri tells Avni she is going to play nurse’s role. The director comes and explains her role to her. Savri says it is very easy. The director says Action to her but Savri does her part in a very funny manner as she falls on the patient while performing. Everyone laughs. Director retakes the shot, she blames the stair. In another retake, she forgets the dialogue then says the dialogue in her own style. Everybody laughs again. Director tells her that nurse doesn’t talk like this; she says their nurse talks like this. They go for a retake. Avni laughs at her.

While on the way, Raj is worried they shouldn’t get their late. Suket asks if he is getting late for somewhere. He says he is thinking Suket shouldn't get late as everyone must be waiting for him. Suket gets a call; Bhavna asks why he has get late. He tells her they are just coming, and Raj is just saying they must be waiting for him. She asks if Raj is also coming. He explains they have some work to do so they came together. She says he should have think about what Savri told him. He tell her that he forgot about it because he was busy. He gets off the car. Raj gets Arpita’s call and tells her he is with Suket uncle. He asks if he is at a shooting set, she tells him it is still not late. Bhavna tells Suket that Raj is a good guy but whenever he is around Avni she only focuses on him. Raj gets inside the building while Suket is listening to the call. He calls him back, Raj comes to him. Suket tells him to keep the file in the car, and complete his pending work. Raj says he can wait here and will get a chance to see the shooting as well. Suket tells him to do what he is saying. Raj argues but he stops him saying the driver will take him wherever he wants to go. He says okay sir and gets into the car.

The shooting still goes on; Savri can’t say the dialogue properly but finally manages to do her part well. The director is a bit satisfied and says okay. Avni gives her a standing ovation. Savri is excited and gets appreciation from Bauji and takes him to show the makeup room. Samarth asks Avni to come with him as he has to talk to her.

Raj, in the car, thinks that he didn’t come to go back and tells the driver to stop the car. Savri says she doesn’t believe she did a role in the drama when Suket enters. Bhavna says he is so late that everything has been packed up and they are leaving. Arpita is worried that Raj has still not come. Raj sees everyone coming out of the main door and hides behind the furniture. Savri’s cell phone falls in front of him, he immediately hides himself under the sheet. She picks it up and leaves.

Samarth brings Avni to a specially designed room in order to proposes to her. She asks it is dark inside and why have they stayed here. He tells her it is special and with a click of his finger the lights on in a romantically decorated room lit, the flowers shower on Avni on another click. Raj comes there and thinks now he will propose her, he will stop him. Samarth says that one should not get late in expressing what is in ones heart and gives a bouquets of flowers to Avni. He kneels down and says he liked Avni’s voice first but when he saw her, he found she is even more beautiful. He never thought he will find his world in a small city and asks her if she will be in his world. Will she marry him? Raj stands at the side and watches, as Avni does not give a reply to Samarth. Avni is nervous, she is about to put the bouquet down but he holds it and turns. He smiles and tells her she can take as much time as she wants to. Avni thanks him and says she doesn’t understand what to say and asks for more time to make a decision, to which Samarth happily agrees. She runs away from the room. Raj relaxes as he now has some more time to propose to Avni and thinks he can still say his heart out to Avni. He is sure she will deny Samarth.

On the dinner table, Arpita is upset and asks where Avni is. Bhavna tells her she is talking to Samarth and will be here. Arpita goes inside. Raj tells her Samarth proposed her and he begs her to bring Avni to him hidden from everyone. Avni is worried to take such big decision herself, as she is confused, she thinks Raj understands her best and wants to take advice from Raj. Bhavna comes there and asks if Samarth proposed her. She asks how she know. Bhavna says she is her mother, they sit and Avni tells her she doesn’t know what reply she should give him. Bhavna says she understands that Avni takes life as a novel but in reality life is not a fairy tale, she should take this decision with the help of someone who has seen life’s reality. Bhavna remembers her past and cries. Bhavna says they want that her husband also loves her how much they have loved her. She tells her that Samarth is a good man, is disciplined, successful and loves her. But she should ask herself if Samarth is the guy she wants or if she is finding something else. She kissed on her forehead and leaves. Avni is confused.

Raj practices on I love you to Avni. The cars pull up as Avni reaches home, Raj hides. Arpita looks for him, he waves her. She calls Avni and then pretends spotting Raj. Avni tells him she missed him and has to talk to him. He says he has to say something to her too. She tells him to says first. Raj says ‘I, I…’. Avni holds her hands and excitedly says to him that she said yes to Samarth. But Raj gets shocked when she informs him that she had said yes to Samarth's proposal. She explains that her family likes him so much, so she said yes to him at the same place he proposed her. Raj asks does she love him. He tells her to close her eyes and see a face, and asks who is she seeing. She reluctantly closes her eyes and sees someone but blurred. He asks if he can’t see him clearly how she can live her whole life with him. She says that her mother says closed eyes can only show ones dreams but in reality such decisions will be taken with eyes wide open. She assures him she has taken the right decision and goes inside wishing him Good Night. Raj thinks how will he make her realize that the decisions of love and heart are taken with closed eyes. He crushes the rose he brought for Avni in his hand, thinking about her.

The next morning, Mr Chohan comes. He tells Suket Samarth called and said he have something important to say. Everyone also comes there and says the same. Samarth and Avni come downstairs together. Samarth announces that finally he and Avni have agreed for their marriage. Savri is elated. Suket hugs Avni while Bhavna brings sweet. Mr. Chohan and Bau ji decides the date. Savri makes the photo of couple together. As this makes everybody happy and seeing everybody happy, Avni too feels that her decision is right that brings such happiness in the family.

Raj recalls Avni saying she can’t see him clearly. He says to concentrate and see it is him. She calls him and tells him that she is very happy with the decision and has seen the person with open eyes. She tells him she is sure the decision with which everyone is so happy can’t be wrong. She sees Samarth coming and says bye to Raj. He comes to her and asks if she is happy. She says if the family members are happy, so is she. He asks her to give rating to his way of proposal out of ten, like he had done in his serial. She says it was fine, then says Good and begins to leave. He holds her hand, she is shocked. Samarth says he hopes she likes him more than just nice and fine. Suket comes and Avni get rid of her hand and runs inside. Mr. Chohan asks Samarth to come along as he has to talk to him.

Avni thinks in her room that Samarth touched her for the first time today, but she finds the magic missing that she had always been expecting as she didn’t feel anything special. She jerks the idea thinking her mother is right, this all happens in the films and drama's. Abhay comes from behind. She asks what happened. He tells her to be quiet. Akshat is sitting behind. He mocks with Akshat that Avni is finally getting married. Avni is irritated by his teasing. They all enjoy recalling their childhood plays. Akshat says he reminds her as a little girl, who has grown up and is about to leave them. She cries saying she doesn’t has to go anywhere. Abhay tell her they will keep Samarth here. Akshat says she used to save all her pocket money and now they will get it back from Samarth. Abhay picks up a calendar to see the dates of marriage. But Avni shows him the date of mother’s day and she plans with her brothers to have a great mother's day celebration saying she will celebrate it as a grand day. Bhavna over hears her children’s conversation and cries. Akshat tells Avni not to cry as their mother won't like it and hugs her.

Raj and Samarth reaches office together. Samarth tells him that they have decided to get married and asks him to congratulate him but Raj is in a bad mood and gets irritated at this news. He goes inside saying he has to give file to Suket sir. Savri is calling everyone. Bhavna calls her in the kitchen and tells her to stop calling people as she had already made 40 calls today. Savri says she needs to tell people that Avni have nothing to do with Raj and she was afraid that they might lose Samarth because of Raj. Bhavna tell her to let it go and asks her to taste salt in Avni’s favorite dish she is preparing.

Avni runs in garden to Abhay and asks him to read the speech she wrote for mother’s day. He asks what about the dance practice they and Samarth were going to give. Samarth comes there and asks what dances. Abhay says she is planning to run him on his fingertips. Samarth apologizes saying he cant dance as he forgets the steps, in return he will run on her fingertips for whole of their life. He and Abhay go for tea. Avni, who plans for a dance with Samarth for the mother's day celebrations, but since Samarth refuses to dance and decides to dance with Raj. Avni thinks she should call Raj now as he can dance with her well. At night, Savri comes to Avni when she is packing gifts. She tells her that they are planning a party for mother’s day. Savri asks what else are they doing. She shows her the list; Savri sees Avni and Raj’s name together and tells her not to even invite Raj. Avni argues with her on this. Savri tells her that she doesn’t like the guy and she went to his house to tell him not to come here. Avni is shocked.

Avni and Savri argues about Raj doing dance with Avni. Savri says that she went to his home to tell him not to come here and she is about to tear the list. Avni snatches it and asks her how can she do it, he is her best friend and how can she tell him not to come here. Bhavna comes there and listens to the argument. She shouts her name. Avni tells her mother to look at Bua for what she did and that Raj is not wrong. Bhavna tells her to stop it and asks if she is talking to her elders like this for the first time. Avni says that she will apologize to Bua but she will have to apologize to Raj first. Bhavna raise her hand to slap her, but stops. She says she hurt her a lot today and for a friend of a few days. She disapproved her upbringing. She says she has told her so many times to take care of Samarth but she is always talking about Raj. Avni's mother is angry with Avni as she and Savri Bua had an argument with each other. Avni's mother decides to not attain the mothers day celebration the next day. 

She goes away saying no one should arrange any party for her now. Avni apologizes to Savri. Savri says she gets angry very easily but Bhavna never gets angry quickly nor gets rid of it. Avni cries saying she won't call Raj to the party but she will get her mother agreed for party. Savri says she will try. Bhavna comes downstairs. Abhay, Akshat and Arpita were packing gifts for the party. Bhavna tells them that there will be no party in the house. Savri comes from behind saying she will not let one thing ruin the whole party. Avni also comes and tries to hold her mother's hands. She gets rid of her and leaves telling her to stay away from her. Akshat and Abhay come to Avni and ask why mother is so angry. Savri says she is just upset because of Avni going to leave the house after marriage soon. She tells them she will talk to her sister in-law ( bhabi ) and asks them to go to their rooms.

Raj comes to Avni’s place in the car. He thinks what he should do to make her understand that they both are made for each other. He comes in and sees Avni standing in the garden. He calls her, she gets worried seeing him and comes to him. She tells him to leave. He asks if she is angry with him. She says it's her mistake. He insists upon telling him the truth. She tells him to come outside, and tells that her mother is angry and has denied to even come to party. Raj provides a solution to her saying that if he is being a problem for her, he won't come to the party and she should celebrate Mother’s Day. He tells her to arrange for the party but she is reluctant saying she has denied for it. But he says he will find a solution for it.

Next day, Samarth comes to Bhavna in her room. She asks if it is something special. He says he has heard she said no for the party. Suket also comes there and asks why she is denying. She says she doesn’t want the party. Samarth leaves saying it is okay. Avni overhears them and thinks now she only has one plan i.e of Raj. Abhay brings flowers. Avni asks if she wants him to bring lilies. He says Lilies weren’t available. She tells him she made all the favorite dishes of her mom. Bhavna comes and scolds Abhay that she told him she doesn’t want a party. Avni says dad told them to do the decorations. Suket comes and tells her that this party is to welcome his college friend Mansi who is coming to Jaipur for some business. He gets a call and tells the driver that she is a very special guest and she must be brought with care. Bhawna leaves. She comes to the kitchen. Savri tells her that a special dish is being prepared for Mansi, as she is coming after a long time. Bhavna asks who she is. Savri says that she is a very special person; she had a big crush on Suket and wrote a lot of letters for him. He also liked her. Bhavna looks at her quietly. Savri says that meeting old friends is always fun. Her tea boils and Bhavna leaves.

They were on the breakfast table. Akshat tells Samarth that his dad beat him in jogging today. Suket says he want to analyse that he is still young today like the college days. Suket tells Bhavna that he won’t have paratha today, as he feels dizzy after having it. Today he has to be attentive for the party. He asks Savri where is the best saree shop in the city and that he has to buy gift for Mansi. Savri says she has already told him a lot of times that she put the card in his bag. Bhavna, learns about Mansi and finds out that the whole house especially Suket is eagerly waiting for Mansi thinks Suket never did such special shopping for her ever. Avni's mother Bhavna is desperate to find out who this Mansi is and decides to attend the party to see who this Mansi is. Akshat asks his mother if she is coming to the party. She replies she will have to, as a special guest of his father is coming. Avni thinks about Raj’s plan.
Savri comes to Bhavna’s room to ask about a lipstick from her. She asks her why she didn’t get ready. She says she is ready. Savri says she need to look best today and takes a saree from the cupboard for her. Bhavna says she told her already she doesn’t want to change nnd asks who is going to see her. Avni comes and brings a photo of Mansi. She tells Savri she is so young. Savri says Suket always liked her choice, and asks Bhavna that she should change the saree. She takes Avni along to let Bhavna get ready.

Avni calls Raj. She is extremely pleased with Raj for giving a brilliant idea and is happy saying his idea was brilliant and is thankfully to him. Her problem got less to mom and that Mansi became a bigger problem for her. He says he is very happy because of her. She tells that she will miss him and that she would have performed with him if he were also here. She is thinking if he have a girl along with him then no one would have any problem with him. He is lost in thinking. She says that she misses him so much that she begins getting awkward ideas. Raj is elated to have this idea.

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Update: Monday On Love Oh Love (Episode 90-92)


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