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Brag Rights bargains? my Beauty Bay steals!

When is a sale indeed, a sale?  When it’s time to restock makeup you needed anyway and you can get it hella cheaper than you usually would! BOOYAAAAAH! So that is what I did!  I needed some new stuff and along came Beauty Bay down from the sky singing like a snatched choir angel… ready for all my monies, and moths.

So, imagine the smug mode that activated when I quickly scanned the BeautyBay site and found products I had been intending to buy were knocked down in price? Squeak! Anyways, after a poll on my Instagram channel, you guys wanted to see the contents of the box! So imma show you my goodies.

So first up, I grabbed the Makeup Revolution ‘hyaluronic fix’ setting spray.  I use setting spray throughout my entire routine so I go through it quickly.  It makes sense for me to find ones that are budget friendly, and having the hyaluronic bonus won me over.  Did it work though?  I can’t say I saw much difference at all to the plumpness of my skin! And whilst many complained about its smell online, I for one quite liked the ‘hygienic smell’ it had.

Foundation is another thing I’m always running out on, move it football head I cry! That aside, I’d already fell in love with the makeup revolution concealer that we previously reviewed so why not add the foundation to the mix too?  Online shade matching is usually a vile process for me, but MUR made it pretty simple with listing undertone suitability and I think, with this information I may have indeed found the foundation shade for me!

And can we get a WOOP for how white this white concealer is too? I mean, I wasn’t expecting anything else but, well, y’know, oh whatever.  IT MAKES A GREAT EYE BASE OK? And it’s good to mix into any concealers that are a little too dark for me.  Winning, even when I do sound somewhat stupid.

I then hunted for some Liquid lips.  Now this one I’ll admit, I didn’t necessarily need new liquid lips, but I’m forever hunting new rose nudes down.  I grabbed the US famed budget brand Wet N Wild liquid catsuit in ‘Rebel Rose‘, the LA Splash ‘wickedly divine’ in shade ‘brides revenge‘ and the Hank & Henry lip lustre gloss in ‘orale‘

The LA Splash ‘Brides Revenge’ was a gorgeous brown (pretty close to Jeffree’s Leo liquid lip) that exuded much more of a grunge look on me than that I’d expect of a typical ‘bridal lip’… even if she were full of rage, still it was damned cute.  The Liquid Catsuit ‘Rebel Rose’ was absolutely divine, a perfect mauve rose shade that worked as a ‘bolder toned natural lip’ for myself, I can see this shade being used often, although it did suffer a case of the crumbly’s halfway through the day.  The Hank & Henry was a major Dee Dee moment for myself; what can I say? Girl likes her sparkle, however, I’m pretty bummed out from it.  Its ‘pearl pigment’ effect left it looking more like a flat lip topper than a gloss and… its shift was some mutated green? Like I’m sorry but unless it’s a themed look, I ain’t stepping out my damned house with Ghostbuster’s slimer on my lips… K? It literally was a massive case of ‘Oh, I didn’t expect that’ with this one.  Bummer, wahhhhp wahhhp wahhhhhhhhhp (apply vibrato when necessary) 

I’d heard so many mixed things about the MUR Bake and Finish powder that I ummed and arred over this one like you wouldn’t believe.  Alas my current fave Maybelline masterfix was on its last dregs, so I took the chance.  It’s a lot chunkier when compared to my Maybelline, suffers no flashback in photos and does melt well into skin… However, it didn’t steal my heart, I found creasing evident later in the day and its packaging is just awkward asf.  No deal!

I also grabbed a new blusher… I used to love orange hued blushers but pink literally won me over and this gorgeous BH cosmetics floral blush screamed at me.

And whilst ‘Fiji Fun’ gave the impression of a beautifully rose blush with gold mica mixed in for a golden glow ‘within’, it fell flat.  Hard.  This stuff almost appeared blueish on my skin.  I was gutted! The kickback was also insane.  I felt smothered in stuff at one point whilst applying.  So, this one? I don’t think I’ll be using very much I’m afraid.

And so, that concludes my Brag rights buys mooch! There were hits, there were misses, there were ‘wtf’es and ‘omg’es… too many ‘es’?

But it all came to just shy of £40, so, I’m counting it as a win, I think I can make the duds work… y’know, usual Zara style, it’ll buff out mode!

For now, Laters beautz! If you enjoyed my little box mooch let me know and I’ll keep a mental note for more in the future (She says as she forgets there’s a pie in the oven)

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The products in the above review were purchased by the author and views are their own 🙂 – prices may differ as all items were within Beauty Bays ‘brag rights’ sale.

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Brag Rights bargains? my Beauty Bay steals!


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