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Edinburgh Tips & Tricks

First of all I would just like to apologise for my unexpected absence…well, expected for me and unexpected for the rest of you! Me and my partner have been in the process of moving…again. After careful thought and planning we made the plans to move back to York and back into my parents house, lucky them! While my other half will be resuming his research studies in the field of Archaeology, I will (hopefully) be attending college on the fast track back into university! Which is very exciting news for me as unfortunate circumstances led me to give up my studies at the beginning of my third and final year. Anyway, I digress. With one very lovely holiday to Lanzarote (pictures coming soon) had at the end of March, we are now uprooted, moved and, living like kings in the stunning city of York in Yorkshire and I am back to blogging. Only this time, with a slightly sunnier view!

So, after having lived in Edinburgh for the past year I feel it is my duty to impart some wisdom unto those who are thinking of visiting or even relocating to there sometime in the near future. I hope this helps!

  1. Use the Lothian bus services, for 2 reasons. Reason the first being that buses in Edinburgh are about as green as they can get, which is always a plus! (For more information, see the link below.) And the second is that they run like clockwork! I honestly cant recall I time my bus was late, getting to and from work has never been so easy. One thing I should probably warn you of is that the buses in Edinburgh DO NOT OFFER CHANGE. you must have the correct change prepared for your ticket or risk losing what would be left over. It may take a while to get the hang of, but it sure does make the whole process a lot less painful.             Environment – Lothian Buses
  2. When we first moved to this miraculous city the first thing we encountered were the extortionate prices for city centre (or anywhere even close) parking. However, a blessing lay hid at the very end of every week…Sunday parking is FREE FREE FREE! So pack your bags, grab the car keys and visit a castle or two with the ones you love. From now on, let every Sunday be a fun day!
  3. Hidden bars…they’re worth a Google. Trust me.
  4. Braces yourselves, for every day around 1PM (on the dot actually) a canon of Edinburgh Castle will sound. And if you’re even half as ‘away with the fairies’ as I am, then you’ll be needing something to run and hide behind! Its a charming tradition, and good for those whose strong suit is not time keeping. But don’t say I didn’t warn you…
  5. This may sound silly, but I genuinely had no idea just how Scottish Scotland would be! Bagpipes playing in the distance, quotations by famous Scottish writers and theorist scattered in the winds and of course KILTS! Anyway, the point I wish to make is this…Scottish pride is a force to be reckoned with. Don’t believe me? Then all you need to do is pick up the remote control and turn to any and all of the Scottish alternatives to English TV, for example how genuinely elated the presenters all look and sound on STV at the mere mention of anything good and Scottish. (I’m sure there’s a fantastic drinking game opportunity somewhere in there too!)
  6. As far as a night out on the toooooon in Edinburgh goes…it isn’t cheap! Now we aren’t talking London figures, but there are so many times of year when prices sky rocket in the city centre of Edinburgh due to upcoming festivals, markets and attractions that these tips might just come in handy one day. Firstly, PRINK! And if you’re feeling particularly naughty, whip out old reliable. Now, I might be talking flasks. Then again, I might not be. Depends how much you would mind being thrown out of your favourite bar if seen with one! Secondly, UBER. the taxis in the city are pretty decent, but there’s nothing like being able to see your ride LITERALLY on it’s way to pick your, drunk up! Your move…
  7. This ones for those of you out there looking to socialise and meet new people in a strange city (long term visitors only.) Edinburgh has so much diversity and a result groups of strangers are banding together to enjoy each others common interests…theses my friends, are called clubs. NO, not the kind you find yourself in at 3AM reflecting on your questionable life choices but the kind you attend once, maybe twice a week to discuss things that interest and stimulate you. I attended a creative writing group once a week called ‘Visible Ink’. It can be a little hit and miss sometimes, but the best part is searching and finally finding a club that suits you.
  8. Pack for all weather conditions! There is a lot more than snow to be found in this beautiful city. One day you may be needing sunglasses, and the next you will be quivering in your thermals. Either way, keep that weather forecast app handy, and get stuck in!
  9. If you don’t already (which you SHOULD) then learn to recycle. The Edinburgh city council provide you with all the tools you need. Bins for Glass, Compostable, other recyclables, and general waste. And it cant get much easier than that. So, even if you’re not currently in the habit of recycling then you had best get used to it because Edinburgh is getting greener by the second. As the saying goes, if you cant beat em, join em.
  10. I would count this as more of a suggestion than a tip but here goes…save up and treat yourselves to occasional meals out. The dining experience in Edinburgh as a whole is so varied and unique that you’d be mad not to! From traditional haggis and tatties, to endless vegan establishments there should be a taste to suit everyone. And I personally recommend requesting the window seat as more often than not, the views of the city don’t disappoint either!

If anyone has any Personal Experiences of their own to share, or anything to add (restaurant recommendations, sights to see or tips of your own perhaps) then comment below. Edinburgh is a stunning city with a lot to offer and I very much enjoyed my time there and I hope you all will too! ENJOY!


*DISCLAIMER* These tips are a result of my own personal experiences and may not apply to everyone reading this. I am not qualified to give legitimate travel/excursion advice, I just wanted to share my thoughts on this proud and grand city experience. Thank you.

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Edinburgh Tips & Tricks


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