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How to Eat Food Properly?

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You probably don't give much thought to Chewing your Food. For most of us it's second-nature, and once you put food in your mouth chewing it is likely as automatic as breathing.
Paying more attention to the way you chew, however, especially how long and how thoroughly you chew, may be a simple way to improve your health. People who are obese, for instance, tend to chew less (and for shorter periods) than those who are a normal weight.

Getting back to chewing your food thoroughly, you may have heard the old adage to chew your food 32 times before swallowing. Is this really the "magic" number? There are many theories about how many times you should, ideally, chew each piece of food.

"The most common refrain is 'Jaldi karo... why are you taking so long to eat?' Our health entirely depends on what we eat and how well our body absorbs it. Incomplete chewing ruins the digestion process and leads to irritable bowel syndrome and flatulence, among other problems."
Where it starts

Digestion begins in your mouth. Efficient chewing increases the surface area of foods, affording a thorough breakdown by enzymes. saliva also contains lingual lipase, a fat metabolising enzyme, which breaks down fat before it reaches the stomach. If the fat reached the stomach inadequately chewed, brace yourself for digestion problems. The longer your food stays in touch with your saliva, the better it gets lubricated and lesser the stress on your esophagus. Even digesting carbohydrates starts with chewing right as your saliva detaches chemical bonds that connect the starch-containing simple sugars. When you don't chew well, these enzymes can't break down starches or digest fats, inducing sluggishness and loss of energy.

Enjoy Your Every Bite!!!

Rushing through a meal bars you from enjoying it to its maximum, leading to a sense of dissatisfaction. Mindful eating is about experiencing food more intensely — especially the pleasure of it — and chewing plays the protagonist in this show. We live to eat, or at least we live because we eat. So good food assiduously chewed for a good time will ensure that you'll love your food the most it can be loved.
Tips to chew well😊😊

- Mash slowly and steadily.
- Keep the ambience relaxed rather than loud or distracting. That means no sitting in front of the TV.
- Eat smaller morsels; smaller the bites, the better you will chew.
- Stop only when the mouthful is totally liquid and has lost its texture.
- Take another bite only when you have finished chewing completely and swallowed.

When you take the time to properly chew, it forces you to slow down, savour each morsel, and really taste all the flavors your food has to offer.

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How to Eat Food Properly?


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