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How pornography ruined entire family

Bukky Oyetade writes Zonda:

Some people do not take Sex Addiction seriously. Or they think a Christian cannot be struggling with such a lustful thing. This story reveals how man’s addiction to pornography and lust ruined his daughter’s and wife’s life.

It all has started small. First the daughter noticed her dad staring at some sexy girls on TV. Then one night his wife woke up and saw him watching sex channel in their living room. He did not admit the problem and just said he was browsing through channels and stumbled on this one. She believed him, as she could not think a church-going and -serving man would have a problem like that.

For over 16 years the man secretly lusted over images of naked women and porn videos. He masturbated and gave way to his Sexual Fantasies, thinking these will do nothing bad for his family. Somehow he kept on reading his Bible, praying and going to church.

However, sex addiction has eventually left a toll on him. It started to possess his thoughts and he became an isolated man, always starring at women and looking to get more porn for his dirty fancies.

His daughter came to her mother crying. The father never talked to her anymore. Never expressed any love or interest in his own child. She needed his love and support so much in her teenage years. Not being able to find it, she turned to running after boys and getting their attention. Eventually, being 18 years in age she got raped on one of her dates. Such was her first sexual experience in life!

The woman confronted her husband and made him go and get some counseling. He was forced to do so, but as he did not repent deep down in his heart, nothing really helped him. Few years later the daughter came to her mother and confessed bitterly crying that she has become a prostitute

For over 22 years of being married to this man with sex addiction the woman had hardly anyone she could talk to about it. In most churches, the problem is just ignored. Many men deemed to be Christians watch porn movies, hide naked women’s images from their wives and secretly give themselves over to sexual fantasies. They no longer worship God, but their own sex drive in stead.

Some of them believe it is none of anyone’s business what they do with their bodies. However, hidden sins always have visible and obvious consequences. That man never repented. His wife finally divorced him, feeling so ruined by what he has done. His daughter had to get sex addiction treatment, too, as prostitution can be one of its manifestations.

This story is so sad, but the truth must be known and discussed. Most people who get trapped by sex addiction cannot get out of it on their own. They need qualified help and spiritual ministry to break free. If you have such problems do not hesitate to seek help and sincerely repent before the Lord and your loved ones when it is not too late… Save a soul today!


Oops! Buky, we cannot underestimate the effects of Pornography.  Yet, the internet is not helping matters… it is right in our faces. It is a secret passion that starts from ‘just a view’ to ‘a little more’ and gradually becomes habitual.

It’s also another thing for the addict to acknowledge that he or she needs help and seek it. I understand it’s not easy to open up to anybody… especially on this issue. But if you do not… how will help come.

I have had the privilege of counseling some youths recently. Thank God, they have overcome.  Their parents didn’t even know they were involved in it… But the effects that masturbation (the consequence of porno) was having on them, made them seek help.

PS: Do you have an experience to share? Have you witnessed a life altering scenario…and how it was resolved? Write in the comment section or send a mail to Zonda at [email protected] Thank you for reading.

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How pornography ruined entire family


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