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Hormonal Imbalance Part 3: My Struggles With Thyroidism

I passed out… my husband and children were crying…

Then began my trips to hospitals, both orthodox and alternative. There are a few of the experiences that are vividly ingrained in my memory.

2002 photo - marking the first anniversary of New Treasure magazine in Lagos, Nigeria... Iretunde (middle, at the onset of thyroidism) flanked by management and staff
2002 photo – marking the first anniversary of New Treasure magazine in Lagos, Nigeria… Iretunde (middle, at the onset of thyroidism) flanked by management, staff & family

Because of the short breath I was experiencing, I had begun using Ventolin Inhaler, although my Doctor still believed I didn’t have Asthma. There was this Alternative medicine practitioner that someone recommended; he was said to be good in treating Asthma. When I went to him, after listening to me, he scribbled on a piece of paper and asked me to take it to a specific address and do some tests. On getting there, the young man carried out the tests. He however warned me not to return to the man who sent me to him, either the test was positive or not! That if I did, he would milk me dry. It was a Tuberculosis test and it came out negative.

Inhalers….and others

On one other  occasion, I was given an antibiotic injection in some hospital that I reacted adversely to. Oh my goodness!  My eyes were turning, I was visibly shaking and I could almost swear that my lungs were giving up on me! It was as if all my systems were shutting down.Thank God my husband was beside me, he alerted the senior doctor, immediately. I would have passed out. That was the last day I took that specific antibiotic.


What about the times the doctor would admit me and I would see there was no improvement? I would just say, ‘discharge me’. Whenever I got home, I would blend ginger with garlic, add lemon, honey and hot water. I would sleep like a baby. And in the morning when I go back and see the doctor, he would be wondering “what exactly did you use?’

Whenever I got home, I would blend ginger with garlic, add lemon, honey and hot water. I would sleep like a baby



There was also this very urbane private hospital I started going to because the doctor came highly recommended. After a few visits, he invited an endocrinologist to look into my case.  I was hopeful and elated that help was on the way. Had heard the endo was one of the best in the country. About two or three times, he asked me to do a series of tests. One of the tests was a thyroid function test. All the results came out negative.


Then, both the doctor and the visiting specialist said they were going on vacation for a few weeks and asked me to do another very expensive test. Ha! The way I was feeling, I needed help urgently… And these ones were going abroad!!!  Anyway, mine was just one case among many that they attended to daily. After their vacation they would see the ones that were still alive!

When my unresolved case couldn’t stop my doctors traveling on vacation!

Once we walked out of the hospital, I told my husband we weren’t returning there anymore…They didn’t seem to have a clue…


One day, my brother called me that his pastor would like to see me. When we got to him, he persuaded me to meet a doctor that was also a counsellor in his church. On getting there, he asked for the symptoms. After which he asked me to stretch my hands forward. He put a paper on it and my hands were trembling. He said he had encountered a condition exactly like mine some years ago. He asked that I do a Thyroid function test. I told him, I had done it the previous week and the doctor said the result was negative. He said there was a specific Immunuassay Lab he’d send me to, that I should give it a try.


Three days later, I came back with the result. It was positive. I was diagnosed of Hyperthyroidism (Hormonal imbalance). It simply means my Thyroid was over-active. He put me on Carbimazole. After a few days I was already feeling better… And I got better and better. But along the way, the drugs seemed not to be working any more. We knew it was time to move on. God had used the doctor for the purpose of setting us free from our ignorance.


Day I Almost Died!

Oh! Did I tell you what happened to me at about 2a.m. one night? I had eaten quite early. But apparently the food didn’t go down. It was right there on my chest. I just put my hand in my throat to bring it all out so I could have some respite. I was very weak. I was feeling better but I couldn’t sleeep… Later on, I went to use the restroom. On my way back, I just swooned straight unto the floor of our room. Passed out and that was all I knew…


The next time I woke up,  was in my husband’s arms. He was crying (I had never seen my husband cry before) and trying to force my mouth open. My children were crying, they were there too. I was oblivious to whatever it was that happened. They thought I had died! My husband had tried to rouse me and I didn’t respond. I opened my eyes after about ten minutes, I was told I said: “Thank you Jesus”. And “what happened, Femi?”  I saw relief and hope restored to the faces of my husband and children….

To be continued….

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Hormonal Imbalance Part 3: My Struggles With Thyroidism


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