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Here it goes,
The crucial years between adolescents and adulthood.

What? Work?
Well, honestly i really don’t mind working at all.
Being in an environment which can helps build myself and confidence is of course, a good reason for me to work. Stressful? Nope if your colleagues are fine and treats you well.

To me, the importance in every workplaces varies. However, the key thing that every workplace should implement is strong Teamwork and Communication. Doesn’t matter in whichever line that one works, communication and bonding is equally important.

Recently, from my experience, a workplace is really lacking of communication. Language barrier is one thing, teamwork is another. Also, management was not being reasonable. Tell me, how am I going to survive in these kind of environment. TOTALLY NOT HEALTHY!!!

Every single one has their own personality, which I wouldn’t want to go into details. You’ll hate me if I were to tell. Haha. Putting that aside, of course work is never done. There will always be tons of work to do but why do I see people overwork just for the sake of title?

Is there a need? I don’t think you.
I believe one has to work hard to be on top but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect all your other colleagues and being mean to them, “secretly”. What are you trying to do??? Telling the management that we, the rest, are not doing our jobs? Wow, as if we are paid to be slaves instead of humans.

As humans, we can be Sick, anywhere and anytime. Doesn’t mean one aged yet doesn’t get sick, the younger ones won’t get sick too. Also, sick leave is entitled. If doctors think that one is not sick, then why give an MC? If MC is given, why is work still more important than own’s health? Just because you are older and is healthy all the time, doesn’t give you the right to predict one’s health and sickness. How sickening.

Family. Commitments. Why are you being so difficult? Everyone from all walks of life has the right to be with their own family, in whatever circumstances. Yet again, why is work more important than one’s own commitment and family? Entitlement is given and the same thing, you have to right to give order on what one has to do with their family.

And on the other hand, you showed how sly you really are by doing all those. Also, as management, you have no right to treat the others unfairly. There were no communication at all and please, don’t go around the bush and being so bossy. Don’t speak the untruth just to hide the truth.

Where is the communication? Teamwork? Spirit? And justice?

Well, congratulations. You have given me the encouragement to prove my justice right. I have enough courage to put all these to a stop and I am very sure that I do not regret whatever I did, for whatever I did is right and there is nothing wrong as compared to yours.

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