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AJK Elections 2021: Polling ends, counting of votes underway

Artwork: Obair Khan/SAMAA Digital

Polling officially ended across Azad Jammu and Kashmir at 5pm on Sunday after thousands took part in the elections held under tight security.

3:44PM: A group of PPP supporters attacked PTI’s Asif Hanif on his visit to the polling station in Nakial. They accused him of rigging after which a fight broke out between members of both the parties.

3:19PM: A man was arrested from LA-36 Jammu III’s polling station in Sialkot for carrying weapons. The police seized three magazine guns and 40 bullets from his possession. Display of weapons and carrying firearms is strictly prohibited under the electoral rule

2PM: Four FC officers were injured in a fight between the supporters of two parties at a polling station for women in Muzaffarabad’s Chattian.

12:23PM: At least 10 people were injured after a fight broke out between PPP and PTI workers in LA-15 Bagh’s polling station 86. FC and Pakistan Rangers personnel have reached the site. Voting at the station has been stopped. Injured people have been moved to the hospital.

12PM: Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Farooq Haider has claimed that security forces are collaborating with PTI candidates in Muzaffarabad VII’s Dara Batangi and Banayia.

11:45AM: Polling at LA-35 Jammu II in Gujranwala’s Satellite halted after PML-N leaders were found inside the polling station. The deputy commissioner has reached the site and is vacating the station. Two people have been arrested.

11AM: PPP Senator Taj Haider, in a letter to the election commission, accused PTI workers of opening fire at the car of PPP workers at polling stations 91, 92, 93, 94,95, and 101. The police have, on the other hand, arrested LA-30’s chief polling agent Zarrar Khan.

In Abbottabad, a fight broke out between the supporters of two independent candidates. The police have reached the site and dispersed the crowd.

10:39AM: Two people were killed and two injured in an exchange of fire between the workers of PPP and PTI at a polling station in Kotli’s LA-12. Display of weapons and carrying firearms is strictly prohibited under the electoral rule. Voting at the polling station has resumed.

9:40AM: The PPP accused PTI of harassing voters at LA-34’s polling station 481. “They are not letting people vote,” a PPP worker claimed. The opposition party claimed that two polling agents of LA-9’s polling station 18 have disappeared. A written complaint has been sent to the election commission.

9:39AM: PPP wrote a letter to the secretary of the election commission accusing PTI workers of forcefully removing camps outside polling station 20 in LA-44. The police are instructing people to vote for certain candidates, the letter said.

8:30AM: Six people were arrested outside a polling station for LA-45 in Peshawar. It was reported that a fight broke out between polling agents and workers of a political party. The voting resumed after a delay of 30 minutes. The voters are being allowed inside The City School No 2 following strict security checking.

A total of 724 candidates are contesting for 45 general seats. This year, 20 women are competing in the polls. Five hundred and seventy-nine candidates are competing for 33 constituencies within Azad Jammu and Kashmir. The remaining are contesting for 12 “refugee constituencies” in the country’s four provinces.

The 45 directly-elected members of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly will choose eight candidates for special seats. The assembly will be formed by 53 lawmakers.  

This year, 32 political parties are competing for the AJK elections.

Voters and security

Over 2.8 million voters have been registered in Azad Kashmir and 0.4 million in Jammu. According to the AJK Election Commission, as many as 301,400 voters will exercise their right to vote in Mirpur district; 287,536 in Bhimber district; 540,646 in Kotli district, and 286,864 in Bagh district.

The AJK government has handed over the security of the upcoming election to the Pakistan Army. More than 44,000 security personnel will be deployed at polling stations across the region as per Article 245 of the Constitution. The Pakistan Army troops will be deployed from July 22 to July 26.

Police, assisted by LEAs from other provinces and Civil Armed Forces, including Rangers and FC, will be employed for the smooth and peaceful conduct of AJK Elections

The government has declared 1,209 polling stations sensitive and 826 most sensitive. Control rooms will be established across the region at the district level to ensure a smooth flow of voting.

The last elections were held in 2016, in which PML-N bagged 31 seats, PPP won three seats, PTI won two, and the Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Party won one seat. Of the total 29 seats, PML-N took 22. The remaining it won from 12 constituencies across Pakistan.

Here is the list of candidates contesting for the elections this year:

LA 1 – Mirpur I

  • PPP’s Choudhry Muhammad Asfar Shahid
  • PTI’s Chaudhry Azhar Sadiq
  • JK PP’s Raja Muhammad Sarfaraz
  • Jamat Falah e Insaniyat AJK’s Abdul Latif Butt
  • AII J&K MC’s Ghulam Rabbani Barq
  • PML-N’s Chaudhry Masood Khalid
  • IND Javed Iqbal
  • IND Muhammad Jahangir Akbar
  • IND Shoaib Abid
  • IND Tahir Qayyum
  • IND Shahid Ahmed Chughtai
  • IND Zaffar Khan
  • IND Zahoor Sarwar
  • IND Ali Zaman
  • IND Liaqat Ali
  • IND Luqman Anjum Sultan
  • IND Nasreen Akhter
  • IND Nagina Perveen
  • IND Waqar Ahmed Mughal

LA 2 – Mirpur II

  • TLP’s Abu Al Hasnat
  • MQMP’s Basharat Shareef
  • PPP’s Qasim Majeed
  • AAPP’s Khalid Farooq
  • AII J&K MC’s Zulfiqar Ali
  • QIP’s Sabar Sheraz
  • PTI’s Zafar Anwer
  • AT’s Asim Akram
  • PML-N’s Muhammad Nazir Inqalabi
  • JK UM’s Mazar Iqbal
  • JK DP’s Mazar Iqbal
  • IND Jameel Akhter
  • IND Sohail Sarfaraz
  • IND Shahid Anwer
  • IND Azeem Bakhsh
  • IND Muhammad Khalil
  • IND Moheez Majeed
  • IND Maqsood Ahmed Tahir

LA 3 – Mirpur III

  • MWM’s Syed Tasawer Hussain Kazmi
  • MQMP’s Toqeer Ahmed
  • JI’s Zulqernain Butt
  • PTI’s Sultan Mehmood
  • JK UM’s Shabir Ahmed Chachi
  • AII J&K MC’s Shazada Iqbal
  • QIP’s Sardar Abdul Rahman Khan
  • TLP’s Umair Asghar
  • PPP’s Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf
  • PML-N’s Chaudhry Muhammad Saeed
  • AT’s Raja Muhammad Naib Khan
  • AAPP’s Nasreen Farooq
  • IND Yasir Sultan
  • IND Muhammad Waqas Ashraf
  • IND Muhammad Naheem
  • IND Muhammad Azeem
  • IND Muhammad Bilawal Hussain
  • IND Muhammad Ashraf
  • IND Qamar Zaheer
  • IND Ishrat Hassan
  • IND Shaid Latif
  • IND Aman Ullah Khan
  • IND Iftikhar Ahmed

LA 4 – Mirpur IV

  • PTI’s Arshad Hussain
  • JI’s Altaf Hussain
  • MQMP’s Raja Tanveer ul Hasan
  • JK UM’s Khalid Hussain
  • PML-N’s Ruksar Ahmed
  • PPP’s Riaz Ahmed Chaudhry
  • TLP’s Abdul Aziz Chaudhry
  • PPP’s Faiz Hameed
  • AII J&K MC’s Raja Masood Raqoof
  • IND Ikhlaq Ahmed
  • IND Hafeez Ullah Khan
  • IND Soaib Arshad
  • IND Raja Zaheer ul Haq
  • IND Abdul Qayyum Aziz
  • IND Aveena Ruksar
  • IND Farooq Ahmed

LA 5 – Bhimber I

  • PPP’s Choudhry Pervez Ashraf
  • PML-N’s Waqar Ahmed Noor
  • J&K UM’s Aamir Saddique
  • PTI’s Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq
  • JI’s Muzaffar Hussain
  • TLP’s Muhammad Khursheed
  • AII J&K MC’s Muhammad Shafique Jarral
  • IND Laeeque Muhammad Aamer
  • IND Muhammad Sikandar Khan
  • INDA Malik Abdu Hamid
  • IND Shakir Raza
  • IND Chaudhry Waleed Ashraf
  • IND Waqas Khizar
  • IND Muhammad Malik

LA 6 – Bhimber II

  • PPP’s Idrees Chaudhry
  • PTI’s Ali Shan
  • AII J&K MC’s Khushnood Azam
  • TLP’s Ghulam Qadar
  • JI’s Fakhar Uddin Ahmed
  • AT’s Mehbood Hussain
  • JK Liberation League’s Muhammad Arif
  • PML-N’s Maqsood Ahmed Khan
  • IND Javeed Akhtar
  • IND Javeed Iqbal
  • IND Waheem Akram
  • IND Adeel Ali Shan
  • IND Muhammad Razzaq
  • IND Muhammad Rafiq
  • IND Muhammad Latif

LA 7 – Bhimber III

  • PPP’s Anees Ahmed
  • PTI’s Chaudhry Anwar ul Haq
  • JI’s Riaz Ahmed
  • TLP’s Muhammad Zubair
  • J&K Awami Itehad’s Samia Mukhtar
  • PML-N’s Tariq Farooq
  • AII J&K MC’s Raja Tahir Iqbal Khan
  • J&K UM’s Muhammad Ali Akhtar
  • PPP’s Ali Murtaza
  • J&K Awami Tehreek’s Muhammad Aziz Subhani
  • IND Inam ul Haq
  • IND Inam Sobani
  • IND Raja Babar Ali Zulqernanin
  • IND Muhammad Taimur Ilyas
  • IND Muhammad Rizwan
  • IND Muhammad Saeed
  • IND Muhammad Sajjad
  • IND Sami Ullah
  • IND Muhammad Abdullah
  • IND Abdul Qayyum
  • IND Muhammad Usman
  • IND Abid Zubair
  • IND Qayyum Yousaf
  • IND Raja Mazar Iqbal

LA 8 – Kotli I

  • PML-N’s Zulfiqar Ali
  • J&K UM’s Sanwal Shareef Akash
  • JK PP’s Shahzad Ahmed
  • PTI’s Zaffar Iqbal Malik
  • TLP’s Malik Zaheer Ahmed
  • QIP’s Aqib Amir
  • PPP’s Muhammad Aftab Anjum
  • JI’s Muhammad Arif
  • AII J&K MC’s Malik Muhammad Nawaz Khan
  • IND Amjad Rasheed
  • IND Syed Amir Arshad Ali Shah
  • IND Muhammad Zaman
  • IND Muhammad Faiz Malik

LA 9 – Kotli II

  • PTI’s Asif Hanif
  • PPP’s Javed Iqbal Budhanvi
  • AII J&K MC’s Sardar Muhammad Naeem Khan
  • PML-N’s Munir Hussain Khan
  • PPP’s Muhammad Raqib Shaheen
  • TLP’s M.Shabeer Tabassum
  • IND Asif Mumtaz
  • IND Khizer Iftikhar
  • IND Shadia Shaheen
  • IND Shah Nawaz Ali
  • IND Masood Ahmed
  • IND Muhammad Baseer Khan Sarwar
  • IND Muhammad Naeem Khan
  • IND Waqar Ahmed Khan

LA 10 – Kotli III

  • AAPP’s Anees Butt
  • PML-N’s Zubair Iqbal Kayani
  • JK Liberation League’s Shakil Ahmed Rathore
  • JI’s Abdul Hameed Chaudhary
  • QIP’s Sardar Abdur Rehman Khan
  • PPP’s Raja Imran Adil
  • TLP’s Muhammad Tasneem Azeem
  • AII J&K MC’s Muhammad Farooq Khan
  • PPP’s Muhammad Yasin Chaudhary
  • PTI’s Malik Muhammad Yousaf
  • IND Ahmed Faheem
  • IND Rizwan Ahmed
  • IND Shakeel Mehmood
  • IND Asim Javed
  • IND Atif Ikram
  • IND Abdur Rehman
  • IND Chaudhary Abdul Qayyum
  • IND Irfan Arif Chaudhary
  • IND Lal Hussain
  • IND Liaqat Hussain Mughal
  • IND Syed Majid Bukhari
  • IND Muhammad Iltas Chaudhary
  • IND Muhammad Amjad
  • IND Muhammad Masood Raza
  • IND Muhammad Najeeb Raja
  • IND Chaudhary Nasir Kamal Yousaf
  • IND Nazam Hussain

LA 11 – Kotli IV

  • AII J&K MC’s Raja Iftikhar Hussain
  • J&K UM’s Babar Hussain
  • QIP’s Sardar Abdul Rehman Khan
  • PTI’s Ch.Muhammad Ikhlaq
  • PPP’s Sardar Muhammad Bashir Pehlwan
  • AAPP’s Muhammad Bashir
  • TLP’s Muhammad Habib
  • JI’s Muhammad Mehfooz
  • PML-N’s Raja Muhammad Naseer
  • IND Abu Bakar
  • IND Sardar Zaffar Iqbal
  • IND Muhammad Akram
  • IND Muhammad Babar
  • IND Mehfooz Hussain

LA 12- Kotli V

  • TLP’s Arshad Mehmood
  • JK PP’s Bashrat Hussain
  • PTI’s Shauqat Fareed
  • JI’s Ghafarat Shaid
  • PML-N’s Muhammad Riasat Khan
  • JK Liberation League’s Muhamamd Sharyar Zaffar
  • PPP’s Muhammad Yasin
  • AAPP’s Maqsood Ahmed
  • AII J&K MC’s Naeem Mansab Dad Khan
  • IND Haider Ali Tepu
  • IND Zulfiqar Ahmed
  • IND Robina Shaheen
  • IND Saeed Hussain
  • IND Aqeel ur Rehman
  • IND Muhammad Alyas
  • IND Muhammad Munir
  • IND Mumtaz Ahmed
  • IND Nusrat Hussain

LA 13 – Kotli VI

  • TLP’s Arslan Faiz
  • PML-N’s Ayaz Ahmed
  • JI’s Ch. Habib ur Rehman
  • PPP’s Amar Farooq
  • AII J&K MC’s Muhammad Rasheed
  • PPP’s Muhammad Waleed
  • PTI’s Nisar Ansar
  • MQMP’s Waseem Zulfiqar
  • IND Javed Iqbal
  • IND Ch. Nisar Ahmed
  • IND Zubair Hussain
  • IND Shadab Sikandar
  • IND Abdul Qayyum Sabri
  • IND Abdul Qayyu Qamar
  • IND Muhammad Asad
  • IND Muhammad Waseem Kafiat
  • IND Nasreen Akhtar  

LA 14 – Bagh I

  • JK PP’s Abrar Ahmed
  • J&K UM’s Akhtar Hussain
  • JI’s Imtiaz Ahmed Abbasi
  • JI’s Khalid Mehmood Khan
  • PPP’s Muhamad Khawar Khan
  • TLP’s Muhammad Usman Abbasi
  • PML-N’s Raja Faisal Azad
  • PTI’s Muhammad Latif Khalique

LA 15 – Bagh II

  • PTI’s Tanveer Ilyas
  • PPP’s Rahida Riaz
  • PPP’s Sardar Zia-ul-Qamar
  • JI’s Abdul Rasheed Tarabi
  • JUI’s Abdul Rasheed
  • TLP’s Masood Hayat
  • PML-N’s Mushtaq Ahmed Minhas
  • MQMP’s Muhammad Gulzar Khan

LA 16 – Bagh III

  • PML-N’s Ejaz Ahmed
  • PTI’s Sardar Mir Akbar Khan
  • PPP’s Sardar Muhammad Rafique Baig
  • PPP’s Sardar Qamar-uz-Zaman Khan
  • TLP’s Saddam Aziz
  • JI’s Muhammad Sajid Khan
  • MQMP’s Muhammad Rafique Hashmi

LA 17 – Bagh IV

  • TLP’s Tanveer Hussain Siddiqui
  • PML-N’s Ch. Muhammad Aziz
  • PPP’s Raja Faisal Mumtaz Rathore
  • PTI’s Amir Nazir Choudhary

LA 18 – Poonch and Sudhnuti I

  • PPP’s Muhammad Ishfaq Khan
  • PPP’s Sardar Amjad Yousaf Khan
  • JI’s Zulfiqar Ahmed Khan
  • TLP’s Tariq Aziz
  • PTI’s Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan Nayazi
  • PML-N’s Ch. Muhammad Yasin Gulshan

LA 19 – Poonch and Sudhnuti II

  • PTI’s Sardar Arzash Sadozai
  • PPP’s Saood bin Sadiq
  • PML-N’s Sardar Amir Altaf Khan
  • TLP’s Gulbaz Khan
  • JI’s Muhammad Sarfraz

LA 20 – Poonch and Sudhnuti III

  • PML-N’s Abdul Rashid Khan
  • PTI’s Khattab Azam
  • JUI’s Riaz Ahmed Nomani
  • TLP’s Shafat Hussain
  • PPP’s Sardar Muhammad Yaqoub Khan
  • JI’s Zahid Rafiq

LA 21 – Poonch and Sudhnuti IV

  • PML-N’s Tahir Anwer Khan
  • TLP’s Muhammad Abid Hussain
  • JI’s Sardar Qayyum Afsar Khan
  • JUI’s Dr Muhammad Irfan Kiyani
  • PPP’s Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan
  • PTI’s Nayyar Ayoub Khan

LA 22 – Poonch and Sudhnuti V

  • PPP’s Syed Dilawar Hussain Bukhari
  • PTI’s Shahida Sagar
  • PML-N’s Sardar Abdul Khaliq Wasi
  • JI’s Muhammad Sajjad Khan
  • TLP’s Muhammad Naeem Khan

LA 23 – Poonch and Sudhnuti VI

  • JI’s Arslan Nisar
  • QIP’s Shoukat Hussain Gohar
  • PTI’s Sardar Muhammad Hussain Khan
  • PPP’s Muhammad Raees Khan
  • PML-N’s Muhammad Najeeb Khan
  • TLP’s Naseem Ahmed Khan

LA 24 – Poonch and Sudhnuti VII

  • TLP’s Zulfiqar Ali
  • JI’s Sardar Arshad Nadeem Advocate
  • QIP’s Abdul Ghafoor Khan
  • PPP’s Innyat Ullah
  • PML-N’s Farooq Ahmed Tahir
  • PTI’s Faheem Akhter  

LA 25 – Neelum Valley I

  • JI’s Muhammad Altaf Kashmiri
  • TLP’s M. Ayyun Sheikh
  • PPP’s Mian Abdul Waheed
  • AAPP’s Sajid Gul
  • PTI’s Sardar Gul Khandan
  • PML-N’s Shah Ghulam Qadir
  • MQMP’s Shokat Hussain
  • QIP’s Tauseef-Ur-Rehman
  • Pak Kashmir Party’s Syed Manzoor Akbar Shah

LA 26 – Neelum Valley II

  • PTI’s Raja Muhammad Ilyas
  • PML-N’s Raja Basheer Khan
  • Pak Kashmir Party’s Zaheer Ahmed
  • PPP’s Mian Abdul Waheed
  • JI’s Anayat Ali Awan
  • MQMP’s Muhib-ur-Rahman
  • JUI’s Mahrouf Ahmed
  • TLP’s Mian Muhammad Khabib

LA 27 -Muzaffarabad I

  • MQMP’s Babir Iman Khan Ikhwanzada
  • PTI’s Mir Atique ur Rehman
  • TLP’s Mir Fahad Mushtaq
  • PPP’s Sardar M. Javed
  • PML-N’s Noreen Arif
  • JUI’s Hafiz Waqas Ahmed

LA 28 – Muzaffarabad II

  • PTI’s Ch. Shahzad Mehmood
  • JI’s Raja Asad Khan
  • PML-N’s Ayed Murtaza Gillani
  • PPP’s Syed Bazil Ali Naqvi
  • TLP’s Syed Shahbeer Hussain Kazmi
  • AAPP’s Naila Shahzaman

LA 29 – Muzaffarabad III

  • PML-N’s Syed Iftikhar Gillani
  • PPP’s Raja Jamal Abdul Nasir
  • MQMP’s Junaid Ahmed Mir
  • PTI’s Kh. Farooq Ahmed
  • TLP’s Malik Fiaz
  • PPP’s Sardar Mubarak Haider
  • JI’s Syed Nazeer Hussain Shah

LA 30 – Muzaffarabad IV

  • PPP’s Ayed Iftekhar Hussain Shah
  • TLP’s Shaukat Hussain
  • PPP’s Mubashir Muneer Awan
  • JI’s Muhammad Bashir Awan
  • PTI’s Muhammad Rasheed
  • PML-N’s Mustafa Bashir Abbasi
  • All J&K MC’s Syed Tassawar Abbas Musavi

LA 31 – Muzaffarabad V

  • PML-N’s Raja Ibrar Hussain Khan
  • JI’s Qazi Shahid Majeed
  • PPP’s Ch. Latif Akbar
  • TLP’s Muhammad Ashraf
  • PTI’s Raja Muhammad Mansoor Khan
  • MQMP’s Syed Waqarat Hussain Shah

LA 32 – Muzaffarabad VI

  • JUI’s Altaf Hussain Siddique
  • JI’s Raja Muhammad Mushtaq Khan
  • PML-N’s Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan (AJK PM)
  • PTI’s Syed Zeeshan Haider Kazmi
  • TLP’s Muhammad Ashfaq Hashmi
  • PPP’s Muhammad Ashfaq Zaffar

LA 33- Muzaffarabad VII

  • PTI’s Deewan Ali Chughtai
  • PML-N’s Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan (AK PM)
  • JI’s Syed Ali Imad-ul-Islam
  • TLP’s Abdul Razzaq
  • JUI’s Mukhtar Ahmed Kiani
  • PPP’s Muhammad Javed

Refugee seats

These 12 seats are reserved for Kashmiri refugees who migrated from the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir in 1947 and 1965 and are settled in various parts of Pakistan.

LA 34 – Jammu I [Balochistan, Sindh, Multan, Bahawalpur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Faisalabad, Sargodha, and Lahore]

  • PTI’s Riaz Ahmed
  • PPP’s Zahid Iqbal
  • PSP’s Shah Abdul Latif Faisal
  • TLP’s Fazal Ur Rehman
  • PML-N’s Nasir Hussain Dar

LA 35 – Jammu II [Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Sialkot’s Daska, Pasroor and Samrial]

  • PML-N’s Ch. Muhammad Ismail
  • PPP’s Khalid Mehmood Chaudhary
  • PPP’s Muhammad Iqbal
  • TLP’s Muhammad Arif
  • PTI’s Maqbool Ahmad

LA 36 – Jammu III [Sialkot]

  • PPP’s Choudhry Shaukat Ali
  • PTI’s Hafiz Hamid Raza
  • TLP’s Rana Adnan Jamil
  • PPP’s Faiz Ullah
  • PML-N’s Muhammad Ishaq

LA 37 – Jammu IV [Narowal]

  • TLP’s Arslan Rasheed
  • PTI’s Muhammad Akmal Sargala
  • PML-N’s Muhammad Siddique Chaudhry
  • PPP’s Mazhar Yousaf Choudhary

LA 38 – Jammu V [Gujranwala’s Wazirabad, Gujrat, and Mandi Bahauddin]

  • PML-N’s Zeeshan Ali
  • TLP’s Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry
  • PPP’s Muhammad Ashraf Chughtai
  • PTI’s Muhammad Akbar Chaudhry
  • JI’s Muhammad Umer Siddique

LA 39 – Jammu VI [Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad]

  • PPP’s Chaudhry Fakhar Zaman
  • PML-N’s Raja Muhamamd Siddique
  • TLP’s Rashid Mehmood
  • PTI’s Nazia Niaz

LA 40 – Kashmir Valley I [Balochistan and Sindh]

  • PSP’s Shabir Ahmed Khan
  • PML-N’s Tahir Ali Wani
  • PPP’s Amir Abdul Ghaffar Lone
  • PTI’s Muhammad Saleem Butt

LA 41 – Kashmir Valley II [Lahore]

  • PPP’s Shabbir Abbas Mir
  • PTI’s Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din Dewan
  • PML-N’s Muhammad Ikram Butt
  • All J&K MC’s Syed Maqsood Gillani

LA 42 – Kashmir Valley III [Bahawalpur, Multan, Dera Ghazi Khan, Gujranwala, Faisalabad, Jhelum, and Chakwal]

  • PPP’s Hafeez Ahmed Butt
  • All J&K MC’s Rana Sarfaraz Ahmed
  • JI’s Saeed Ahmed Khan
  • PML-N’s Syed Shoukat Ali Shah
  • PTI’s Muhammad Asif Sharif

LA 43 – Kashmir Valley IV [Ward 15 to 50 in Rawalpindi]

  • PTI’s Javed Butt
  • PPP’s Hamza Majid Bazmi
  • PML-N’s Naseema Khatoon  

LA 44 – Kashmir Valley V [Ward 1 to 14 of Rawalpindi, Cantonment ward 1 to 10, Islamabad, and Attock]

  • PTI’s Bashir Ahmed Khan
  • PML-N’s Muhammad Ahmed Raza Qadri
  • PPP’s Muhammad Rashid Aslam
  • TLP’s Naseerullah Khan Durrani

LA 45 – Kashmir Valley VI [Khyber Pakhtunkhwa]

  • IND Ahmed Mushahid Mushtaq
  • IND Abdul Nasir Khan
  • PTI’s Abdul Majid Khan
  • JI’s Noor-ul-Bari 

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AJK Elections 2021: Polling ends, counting of votes underway


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