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Jupiter transit in Virgo – 11th August 2016: Effects on you

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 my photoAcharya Raman
Vedic & KP System Astrologer

Jupiter will enter Virgo on 11th August 2016. Virgo is a dual but earthy sign. Thus we see a steadiness in Virgo`s at times and insincerity at times. I was going through the horoscopes of major riots happened in India and the severest were done when Jupiter was in a dual Sign. In 1969 Gujrat riots or babri masjid riots Jupiter was in Virgo only. There is no doubt in my mind that this transit will bring another incident of such proportions. But where is something no one knows. Jupiter does not remain a benefic in dual signs and causes divorces and separations between couples.  Two good things which will happen with this Jupiter are that it will leave Rahu and will move ahead from the 10th aspect of Saturn. You will get the most effects if you are running the DBA of Jupiter and Jupiter is a benefic for you at stellar level, otherwise it will be doing worse things only.

  • Aries: As a planet, Jupiter in sixth house will cause over indulgence in sex. You may start over eating and gain weight. You may become lazy. Jupiter is also the lord of 9th and 12th It will cause some dent in your luck factor. It is advised that be careful before 10 days and after 20 days when Jupiter has entered Virgo. Otherwise you may face sudden defamation. You will win over enemies if Jupiter is a benefic otherwise you will be troubled by them. You may face disrepute due to natives of opposite sex. You will have increased expenses. This transit will be good for salaried people but for businessmen this will be a year of status quo or loss. Banks may give you loans but it will be better if you continued without one. You will find it very hard to repay them. Some expenses will be on the hospitalization front too. Take care of your liver, pancreas and kidneys. Do not over eat, over drink, over drug; over sex yourself in this transit. Your love matters will end or will never begin in the first place. There will be lot of confusion in mind. Its effects will become bad when it will enter mars star and will produce some effects related to 8th house.

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  • Taurus: The mool trikona of Jupiter falls in your 8th This is why, many times, Jupiter fails to deliver as the 11th house lord for you. You will indulge more in your religious practices; your social circle will increase. People will prefer to consult you over others in matters of trust. You may do some things which will hurt your self respect. Being lord of 12th bhava it will certainly erect some problems related to your progeny, if you are expecting a baby make sure the medical checkup part is up to date. If Jupiter is connected to evil houses then this will be a bad transit for your father. There is possibility of things getting eased up in the beginning but later the reverse may hold true. Your kids may do some very harmful things and there will be difference of opinion between you and them. Jupiter will also be transiting in the stars of sun, moon and mars. Mars is a maraka for you and also the lord of 12th house. The transit in the stars of moon and sun is not of much importance but in mars star you may face serious issues related to your health and wealth both. The direct aspect will be on 11th house own sign so expect Jupiter to give some good results in the first and last month of the transit.

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  • Gemini: This is the other sign in which major riots have taken place in India between Hindus and Muslims. You will have favors from seniors. You will get promotion in your work sphere; it can be increase in your stature or an actual promotion. You will be liked by your seniors. You may become more religious and God fearing. The 10th house being aspected by own lord will give such results depending upon your natal horoscopes and stellar connectivity of Jupiter. You should try your hand on real estate broking if you are unemployed. You may find happiness there. Jupiter is also your 7th house lord. If your 4th house is not afflicted in your natal chart then you will witness a good marital year otherwise the things will be just reverse. Your enemies or rivals may have an upper hand over you. Remember that 4th house is also the 10th house of the opposition. Thus this is a double edged transit for you. Jupiter will transit in sun moon and Mars stars in this sign. In sun and moon star it should not do much harm but in Mars star it will get connected with 6th Health will become a concern at that time. You may have fevers or cuts and wounds and some may suffer more serious casualties. You may get rid of some old diseases or there could be temporary relief in them. You may find an alternate cure therapy or a divine miracle may help you out. In mars star it will also give success in competitions for you so if you are aspiring for competitive exams then this transit will favor you.

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  • Cancer: Jupiter exalts in this sign. It will be in the third bhava from this may feel that your average body temperature has risen above normal but there will be no fever. You are a religious bent of mind person already and now you may feel more inclined towards God and his virtues. You will have good relations with your kiths and kins. Jupiter rules over 6th and 9th It will aspect its own house of luck thus there will be blessings of almighty and you will have luck favoring you at the times of extreme needs. There will be many travels because third house also denotes travels. You should try the works where advisory or consulting is rewarding like broking of any kind. Third house also includes it. Your written communication will also improve. If you are a writer or blogger then this is the year which may bring you the desired recognition you had been craving for. But remember that if Jupiter is a malefic for your natal horoscope then the same literary acts may put you negatively in front of the media. Having said that, Jupiter will also transit in stars of sun, moon, and Mars. Leo is also a good sign for this ascendant as it falls in second bhava and Mars is a yogakaraka planet. Thus Jupiter will be giving good rewards only when it is a benefic at stellar level and also these planets are not connected with 6-8-12 in your chart. When it will transit in Mars star then some good things related to profession will happen, you will face some hurdles in your job but there are good chances of getting a better one.

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  • Leo: The other royal sign, King of planetary kingdom – Sun rules this sign. Jupiter owns 5th and 8th house for this sign. Your astrological skills or intuition will improve. You will get wealth from others. You may get a good spouse if you are planning to marry in this transit and Jupiter is benefic for you in natal chart. You may get diseases of teeth or eyes. There will be increase in your bank balance. You may see an increase in your family size this year. As a planet, Jupiter is a planet which supports expansion. So be ready for some good happenings. You may also get gains from old documents, Government etc. You should be careful in your eating habits because it may lead to problems to liver and kidney. Control your weight. It will be aspecting 10th house from second house. You will get a good opportunity if you are in work field. If you are businessmen then you will see a growth in your profits provided Jupiter is a benefic in your natal chart. You will do better if you are an astrologer. After sun it will enter in Moon star which is the lord of 12th house, but it is said that sun and moon both do not give bad effects of 12th house, when Jupiter will enter the star of Mars then there will be problems in your career for some time but at the end this will prove to be a good exercise for you. Old diseases may give you problems and there are chances of accident or physical injury to you in this period. Second house is also a maraka bhaav too apart from dhan sthana. It will be coming to moon star before mars star and there will be increase in your expenses and you will have to bear heavy expenses. You will spend on buying new things and possibly abroad travels.

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  • Virgo: Those people awaiting marriage will be married in this transit. This is not a wealth giving transit but gains giving transit which can be mental physical or both. Jupiter in ascendant is considered to be a blessing and this Jupiter is untainted, when it was in Leo – it was afflicted by rahu and Saturn aspect was also there. It aspects 5, 7, 9 houses from there which are more connected to peace of mind rather than bank balance or wealth etc. If you are passing through some marital problems then in this transit you may feel some relaxed situations. I strongly advise not to sign any deal related to ancestral property or any other property and let this year pass away. You may feel some lack of self esteem at some occasions. You may fall in love with someone you know since long or you both may confess the feelings to each other. This may also lead to tie the knot. There can be rise in your body weight, you may become plump. You may be oversexed and fall ill due to it. You should get a good phase when Jupiter will be in moon star but when it will be in stars of mars and sun then the things will be difficult for you. Mars owns the 8th bhava and moon owns 12th This connection with 8th and 12th house will make things difficult to a good extent. People who are in media or content development should be cautious in these periods as they can make some hazardous mistakes which will cause disrepute to them. There will be divine blessing over you which will save you from some major threats. When Jupiter will be in the star of moon, make the most of the time as you will have many things get done in this period.
  • Libra: Twelfth house is not a good house in general but Venus enjoys the most in this house. Both are “tamasik” in nature and thus the liking. Sun, Moon and Mars all three hold important houses for this ascendant. Mars being a maraka too. Jupiter holds 3rd and 6th bhava for this sign. As a ruler of 6th in 12th will create vipreet rajayoga in transit, those born in this duration will enjoy the fruits of this yoga. Jupiter is also the 3rd house lord. You may face troubles due to your own deeds. You will make other`s life miserable too. You may lose money and waste it on senseless things. Jupiter will be restless in this house as the “satv” and “tam” rasas do not match, this will in turn make you restless and there could be sufferings due to insomnia. You may commit some immoral sexual acts like incest or relation with some relative. Jupiter will be transiting in stars of sun, moon and Mars. There will be problems in your profession, love matters, family relations, and steep increase in your expenses due to connectivity of 2nd house with 12th. There will be gains also when the transit will be in sun star as sun is the lord of 11th But gains may drain soon so be careful if you make a lot of money- keep it safe somewhere where you also cannot reach till Jupiter has crossed this sign. Your spouse may leave you for some time or there can be a temporary separation and it will depend upon you about how to close it down or take it to the next level – Divorce. Overall this will not be a very good transit for you. You should try to have a low profile and cool head in this time.
  • Scorpio: For Jupiter transit in Leo I had said that this was the best transit for you and this year also you will be the one to reap the fruits most because Jupiter will be in 11th After this it will leave for your 12th bhava and will produce some undesired effects but there is a lot of time for that and you can prepare yourself now itself. So that you can be ready for that coming year. The lord of 2nd and 5th house is in 11th house, what else one can ask more!!! Lord of two in eleven is raja yoga and those born in this period with Jupiter direct and moon in moon star will rise to great heights in their youth and beyond. Your interest in music will increase. If you are into performing arts of any kind then you can expect a rise in your career, or if you are into consulting or religion or speculation then also there will be rise in your stature and fortune. Those into financing business will also see growth. You will make new and influential friends. Your relatives will be cooperative towards you. Your son will be more benevolent towards you. You will be helping out many of your friends from crisis situation. You will be having career growth in whatever field you are. You will get things done in shorter span of time. There will be blessings from the authorities. You will get good job opportunities in this period. But all this will be only when you are passing through Jupiter DBA and Jupiter is a functional benefic for you at stellar level.
  • Sagittarius: To have the ascendant lord in 10th house is a very good thing. There will be rise in your career and fame. If you are unemployed then this is the time when Job will come to you, just keep posting your resume in the relevant places. Business people will see more rise in their profits and they will work harder. You will out-compete your rivals. Not only for this year but for next also you will be reaping happiness through life and destiny. Those who are born in this transit with moon in moon star and Jupiter direct with no malefic aspects will see a great and grand life ahead in their youth and after. Late shree B.Suryanarayan Rao emphasized a lot on the 10th house situated Jupiter of Late Shree B.V.Raman and we all know the name and fame Late Shree B.V.Raman achieved in his life. Late shree Jyotindra Hasbe ji had Jupiter in 10th house conjunct Moon creating gajkesari yoga. So the time coming is good for you if the natal Jupiter is not a malefic in your chart. You will achieve success if you are a politician. New borns will have Politics as a career option in their time to come. People into real estate will reap success. If you are a builder with doomed fortune then this could be the year which will take you to rise above else. Government job is also almost promised, if you are born in this transit, in your coming life. Sun, Moon and Mars will be the star lords of Jupiter in this transit. Moon is the eighth house lord but sun and moon are not considered malefic as 8th or 12th house lords as per Vedic dictum. Jupiter will be aspecting dhana bhava thus ensuring increase in your dhana or wealth. Abroad travels and hefty expense are also about to come in this transit.
  • Capricorn: A good hearted person always tries to do well of others even if he is holding a bad portfolio. Jupiter holds 3rd and 12th ownership and thus it is considered a malefic for this ascendant but in my experience I have seen it not to be so. Infact, it may do some good instead of giving bad results of 12th house, it may send you abroad or make you travel to places or fix you in a job which is too much travel oriented. So this will be a blessing in disguise for you. It will be in your ninth house which is the house for long distance travels and higher education so a travel or stay for educative purposes is also likely. Your inclination towards spirituality may see a rise and you may opt for some courses involving religion or history. Your relation with your father will get better. A lot of travels are for sure inbound or outbound will be decided by your own chart. If a child birth is expected then make sure that the care is taken for the father as this yoga may take away the father of the child as per the texts. The child born in this yoga with direct Jupiter with moon in moon star will rise to new heights, will have many properties and will turn out to be a good person but will have a afflicted personal life. Both sun and moon will not be offering much when Jupiter will be in their star but when it will come in mars star there will be gains of sorts. Mars is the lord of 11th house, so in this period you should do your most of the works and in the correct sub, your wishes will keep fulfilling as decided by your horoscope.
  • Aquarius: 8th house is the most undesired house and is feared just like Saturn or rahu-ketu etc. Jupiter in this house will surely bring some relief but mostly this will be a very bad transit for those who are going through DBA of Jupiter. It will also depend upon the star in which Jupiter is posited at the time of birth. If Jupiter is in own star then there will be gains of some kinds but otherwise one should not get much excited about this transit. As of now your ascendant lord is transiting in 10th house and it will move to 11th next year and this will mitigate the bad effect of Jupiter to a good extent. If Jupiter is in a malefic star then you may become hand to mouth in this period so prepare yourself. Jupiter will go through sun moon mars star and moon is a malefic for you, sun is a maraka and only mars will be good but even then due to effects of 8th house your profession may suffer. But for people having Jupiter in own star, there will be gains in this period from their job. Be ready for unexpected events and mental traumas and increasing expenses. Also some serious disease may hit you. Do not trust people on their face value. You will be cheated in this period and may face defamation for bodily wants.
  • Pisces: The lord of ascendant will be in seventh house. This will strengthen your self esteem as the aspect of the lord will be on the ascendant itself. You may have an extramarital affair. If you are passing through a rough time in your married life then this could be the time to get divorced peacefully. The position of Jupiter in this house will facilitate easy separation. Alternately, if you are looking for a patch up then some new guidelines can be followed mutually to stay put. Matters of love will be blooming up. You will face health issues. Enemies will be troubling you. You will enjoy this transit most when Jupiter will come in mars star and mars will be transiting in favorable houses for you. You will have gains from your spouse, partner etc. you will have long travels. Some may go abroad but most of the trips will be work related and not leisure. There will be good relations with brothers and friends. There will be support from the peers. You should not get much emotional and egoistic but rather be more polite, humble and practical.

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Jupiter transit in Virgo – 11th August 2016: Effects on you


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