The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel announced this week that they have approved an experimental Rule that will allow the Big Ten and Mid-American conferences to use Instant Replay on certain plays within during the 2016-17 season.

Only in effect during conference play, the rule states that if the official believes that an incorrect call he may call for an instant Replay. It may also be invoked if a head coach appeals a call and asks for review. I assumed there must be a limit or restriction there as well since my goodness every coach would use it and then I read further. OH YES! If a coach appeals it is determined that the coach was in error and the ref made the right call on the play, the coach’s team will be charged a timeout. of course if it goes in the coach’s favor, no penalty. But can you imagine how many players are going to be hating on their overzealous “run hot” coaches who call for a review and then are wrong.

According to there are also a few more rules and conditions that apply.. The experimental rule can be applied only during Big Ten and Mid-American conference games under the following conditions:

  • Instant replay can be used only in the last two minutes of the second half or the last two minutes of any overtime period.
  • Instant replay may be used only when an official has made a block/charge call in or around the restricted area arc, and the decision is based on whether the defensive player was in or outside the arc. Instant replay may not be used on no-calls.
  • Any review, whether by the officials or a coach’s appeal, must be recognized and corrected before the ball next becomes live.

Allowing the replay experimentally and only for the two conferences should give the NCAA a sense if this is working or not.