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Strawberry 100% Volume 4 Review - Confessions of A Friend

Chapters 27-35

Like all manga centered around highschoolers, there has to be a School Festival arc or point in the series. I like the School Festivals because they are when the relationships are put to test. My favorite school festival has to be the School Rumble one. The Sports festival as well were great. So the Film Club, after some crash and burn, decide to make a movie and play it at the festival as the female members parade around in maid outfits. The maid outfit thing is probably the only thing that gets old when it comes to these events. Aya decided to show Junpei videos of the former Club. Of course they are great and this leads to the both of them having to come up with a great script, and Aya going to his house.

So at Junpei's house things are going so awkward. Its hot and Aya takes off her blouse to a under shirt and no bra. Breast just free as hell. Big breast just free as hell. I'm surprised this dude could not stare or try to attack. I would have been lost my cool. Junpei ends up saying sorry for his actions over the past weeks and Aya accepts. To get past this emotional moment the other Club members including Ms Kurokawa show up to party. They bought liquor and a teacher, to a kid's bedroom. I'm sorry, if Ms.Kurokawa showed up to my room half drunk, she getting it on sight. I'm kicking everyone else out and handling my business. But this is a manga so that shit didn't happen. Instead they plan a trip to a resort so they can film for the movie.

Coming with them to the resort pretty much makes Aya a member of the Club now. More cliche things are bound to happen because its a manga at a resort. peeking on the girls in the bath happened and I wish there was more to it but it wouldn't have set up for what happened next. Half sick and drunk, Satuski is in a room with Junpei. Just the two of them. We don't even have to yell "Turn off the lights", because there were none. But she wants to go all the way with him and even confesses that she is in love with him. Of course rejects because he has a girlfriend and she passes out due to her cold. that was pretty emotional moment. Anything could have happened right there. I wanted Satuski to win him over but if it wasn't for her cold she could have had him. Damn you the common cold. When will we cure you?

With Satuski out of action there is nothing left to do but enjoy the rest of the trip. Aya and Junpei are walking on the beach and Aya asks Junpei if he would wait by her bed if she were sick and he says yes. Aya wins some points in her mind. As they are sitting on the beach she starts to bring up times that Junpei has shared with Tsukasa and it seems that she is going to make a move on him but he's so oblivious. She then just stops and says she going to check on Satsuki. As she runs she falls and Junpei sees her Strawberry Panties. After her getting a pretty good distance from him a typhoon is approaching the beach . Rain pouring he goes to save her and he finds her under a pole crying. She confesses her love for him there but he could barely hear due the rain. Aya lost in the end. I damn near cried at this point.

While all of this was happening Tsukasa was trying to get in touch with Junpei.the next day she meets Okita at a restaurant. We are not going to talk about him trying to mack on her. He got what he deserved. So junpei gets back later that night and he gets a call from Tsukasa to come out. This man hasn't seen hid girlfriend in a minute and he doesn't want to see her? Its only 10 pm. Nothing happens at that time. So whole time it was her birthyday, and this dude didn't even know. Junpei has been upgraded to FuckBoi Supreme. How do you not know your girlfriends birthday? he couldn't even give her a kiss, something which she wanted the most. all he did was give her a handshake and be lost the whole time. Nugget head mfer. I feel so bad for her because she really likes this dude and he's just there to be there.

So when school starts again Okita convinces Jupeit hat he has to let all the girl know how he feels. He starts with Satuski telling her that he likes all of them equally and she takes that as him making her seem mre special because she was the first he told. The fact that she is willing to know this and still fight for him is amazing. I couldn't do that. I would have whooped his ass and never talked to him again. So as it stands he likes all of them equally, Satuski is the only one who knows this, Aya has confirmed her feelings and Tsukasa is being left out of the fray even though she really likes him.

This was a really good volume. This is my favorite so far. so much emotionl interaction. There times when, besides Tsukasa, the girls really had him to themselves. If it wasn't for that damn cold. I'm sure with the current revelations the next volumes will be amazing. 5 has to top this one and until then, just wish for Junpei's death.

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Strawberry 100% Volume 4 Review - Confessions of A Friend


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