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Last night he had spent a lot of time with himself and his thoughts, contemplated a lot about a lot of things, he had spent last few nights in similar ways. His life was kind of sorted for the coming year or two to come. Yet he was having sleepless nights and last night was no different. When he woke up in the afternoon it was like past few afternoons only but something had changed. He still was not aware of the answers that he was looking for but he was certain about one thing ‘what he wasn’t looking for and what all he did not want to do’.

कुछ रास्ते हम इसीलिए चुनते है ताकि हमें उन राहों पर ना चलना पड़े जिनपे हम बिल्कुल चलना नही चाहते और कभी कभी यही रास्ते हमें वहाँ ले जाते है जहाँ हम हमेशा से पहुँचना चाहते थे

““Sometimes we tread on some paths because we are sure that we don’t want to walk on the other ones and that’s what lead us to where we want to be.””

He took out his rucksack, kept some clothes, wallet, ID card, headphones, camera, charger, a new diary and a new pen which was gifted to him by his father when he passed out from academy. He was ready to leave, he wanted to leave without informing anyone but he knew his mother was about to come back from school so he preferred to wait. But soon he realised his decision to wait will give rise to so many questions for which he genuinely had no convincing answers at that time so he decided to give her a call when things were a little bit sorted. What, where, when, why, how etc.…

He wasn’t sure where he was headed but he knew where not, to be found,
He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do but knew what not, to be done,
He wasn’t sure what he was looking for but knew exactly about all the ‘nots’…

जवाब एक ना था अनगिनत सवालों का
किससे दूर चल दिए थे और ना जाने किसकी ओर
मंज़िल ही ना पता हो तो कितना चलोगे दूर
ये कैसा फितूर ये कैसा फितूर !

I don’t know if at all anything like this has ever happened to you but I feel on similar lines almost all the time, when I just want to go out without knowing where to go, how to go, whom to take along. Don’t we sometimes go to a restaurant and decide there what to eat, don’t we sometimes find a restaurant just like that, do we always have plans for everything? Do we always need plans? Especially when it comes to travel do we ALWAYS need plans? Yes undoubtedly there are times when we do need plans but I believe once in a while we must travel without any plans.

It may sound weird but that’s what I always feel like doing
I often imagine myself doing it, I have done that in past spontaneously and I am sure there are a lot more such experience to discover at much higher levels. If you really want to go somewhere you won’t be able to wait for a Train reservation, or high airfare, or a long drive. Whenever in any such condition just do it, leave all the thoughts behind and do whatever it takes to be there where you want to be. Don’t let little things stop you from doing what you love. There will always be parents who would want your welfare and want you to not go, there will always be one or the other small job to be done, there will never be a seat available for you in a train or a bus that will take you where you want to be, but there is one thing that I am certain about once you have made up your mind and left home you will reach a beautiful destination. When you decide about what to eat in a restaurant why can’t we do the same at the railway station or a bus terminal? Now that technology is so much advanced we need not take that much pain to reach station etc, we can easily plan our journey while already on it. 

I started writing this blog with the name ‘Journey is my destiny’ when I was in my college first year, it’s been almost 7 years now that I have been posting things on it. When I had started it I wasn’t sure what to Write, when to write, with whom to share, why to write, I am still discovering all that.

Aren’t we suppose to explore some paths and journeys while we are on it. Just because you have booked a train ticket from Delhi to Manali doesn’t mean that you have to reach Manali only or travel throughout the time in train only. If at some point you feel that you must get down and rent a bike and enjoy the beautiful road that’s running beside then you must do it. Once in a while we must not think before doing what we want to do.

Nowadays we have maps and apps that has made journeys so much simpler, all we need to know where to go and we have everything that we need on our fingertips and when you don’t know where you want to go, everything itself is a wonderful experience. Do we always need a friend with whom we need to plan for hours and months for a trip or do we sometimes need a friend who will knock on the door and will ask you to pack your bags for a trip to a mountain or a beach The one who will tell you 

‘’ Saale puch nahi Raha Hoon bata raha hoon ki bag pack kar hum ja rahe hai...

I do understand it’s not always possible to do, especially with everyone but once in a while we should be on both the ends, friend who knocks and the friend who is invited on a short notice.

My experience says it’s always the least planned trips that have amazing stories. It’s our time to live and create stories, even though this post is for me but I am sure someone will find a reflection and if that happens it is just to remind you that there are stories waiting to be written by you my friend.

It doesn’t matter how you write a story with a pencil or a pen, on a word file or a blog post what matters is how much feelings are associated with it. Similarly it doesn’t matter where you go, you go on a bike or a train, you go alone or with a friend all that matters how much you feel connected to yourself while you are on it.


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