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Another Step

Seraphina Josefine, Seraphina Josefine... 

It's so interesting to create a new reality, a virtual reality of yourself - for yourself.  It's like a new frontier, a new galaxy... awaiting.  So strange being here in this reality that does not exist to "put yourself out there" yet under an alias.  I wonder what the name I chose means?   What does it symbolize?  Here in this place I can explore it.  Free run with a healthy dose of insanity to break down the barriers.

There is a living breathing pulse to the internet.  It, along with man and his other modern technologies, and also time, space, history and the future ..... all stream together with age-old tribal patterns, tales and symbols.  Visuals, music.  The matrix is coming!  

And if it is, what will be the opportunity?  What does it mean?  As Seraphina Josefine I guess I might speak in riddles, or paradox, but I am free to explore what has yet to be understood.  I do get the feeling sometimes that it is true what the Oracles say, that this has all happened before.

I just watched the movie Wall-E, which, prior to going I hadn't really been interested in seeing.  In spite of my resistance, I just utterly fell in Love with it.  Wall-E was this mish-mush, mash-up of "I Am Legend", "Battlestar Galactica", "Lost" and "Star Wars" rolled into the very latest in animation art.  These are stories that explore the very essence of human survival, love and compassion, war and survival, magic, and the cosmic unknown!  The ancient stories revealing unto themselves and now in the form of a surreal, musical-visual, almost child-like experience.  Universal communication without a common language.  I love Oracles, messages, archetypal figures, the energy of the unending story of birth, awakening, death, and rebirth.  In fact, this is Wall-E!

Wall-E also has a vision of 2012 in it.  I recently discovered "the whole 2012 thing" not that long ago.  At first I was scared of what I thought it meant, and didn't want to know.  Instinctively I knew there was a deep truth in it, and I was not sure I wanted to discover anyone else's version of that truth.  I was incredibly intrigued and utterly drawn to learn more but didn't dare read a book, do a web search.  I had the sense that I would become obsessed with it before I even understood all the literature out there on the subject meant, and I really wanted to keep my perspective "pure".  Since then, I've read a few chapters in a book on it, and scanned the internet here and there, but mostly I've just allowed it to rest inside my consciousness every so often.  And every so often I see a bounce between my own unconscious and the larger, living consciousness.  I think that is an aspect of what 2012 represents for us.  An emerging from a sleep state and random, self-destructive, low-vibrational behaviors that necessarily keep leading us up into the love, the light, and the Life Force - pure energy.  Wall-E.  

Wall-E.  He's just this sweet and simple animated-robot-guy with pupils in his eyes and an E for empathy, an E for ecstasy, in his brand.   He's the robot with a human heart.  A machine made in man's own image.  Something less than man, yet respectable enough to be in service of him.  Even this little robot is touched by the life force, simply because he is.  And it is his own survival instinct, combined with a universal longing to experience true love, that in the end saves humanity from the trappings of it's own self destruction!

Wow.  I get to write such cool stuff and it doesn't even need to make sense to anyone ...unless it does!!  :)

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Another Step


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