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Impossible World Site Blog
This is the official blog of the site Impossible World, which is devoted to impossible figures in art.
2024-02-25 17:05
 Oddwood  by Moa Wallin  Author - Read More
Baseball Hat
2024-02-24 07:26
 Hand painted baseball hat by jumpsoner  Author - Read More
Broken Circle
2024-02-11 18:09
 Broken circle  by s_jonghun  Author - Read More
Impossible Handrail
2024-02-10 17:34
 Impossible handrail in metro car  by Edgar Klein  Author -… Read More
Wall 8
2024-02-04 11:36
 Wall 8  by Istvan Orosz Read More
Illusion View
2024-01-27 16:29
 Illusion view  by Chris Grit  Author - Read More
Screenshots From The The Flash
2024-01-20 12:40
 Screenshots from The Flash TV series with impossible ring as logo of the mobile application. Read More
Adventures On Paper
2024-01-14 13:08
 Review on book "Adventues on Paper" Read More
2024-01-08 15:35
 Artwork by Rafal Olbinski  Author - Read More
Welding By Hassan Abu-Izmero
2024-01-07 19:05
 Welding sculptores by Hassan Abu-Izmero Read More
Animation Film With Penrose Staircase
2024-01-05 18:21
 Screenshots from animation film by Kris Stanton link… Read More
Cartoons By Lola Morales
2024-01-04 13:41
 Cartoons by Lola Morales  Author - Read More
Douluo Continent
2024-01-02 12:02
 Screenshots from anime series Douluo Continent Read More
The Perfect Insider
2023-12-24 11:57
 Cover image of the anime series "The Perfect Insider" Read More
Morning Coffee
2023-12-15 17:49
 Morning coffee  photo montage by vitalyart  Author -… Read More
2023-12-14 17:10
 XMAS-2023  by Vicente Meavilla Segui Read More
Final Space
2023-11-19 07:58
 Screenshots from animated TV series Final Space Read More
2023-11-16 18:11
 Diamond  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
Dance To Death
2023-11-12 08:34
 Poster and screenshots from Russian movie Dance to Death Read More
2023-11-06 15:36
 Logos of programming frameworks Read More
The Royal Mallard
2023-10-29 16:36
 Screenshot from webtoons The Royal Mallard Read More
Roman Colonnade - 2
2023-10-24 18:04
 Roman Colonnade - 2  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
2023-10-22 15:07
 Terrace  by Istvan Orosz Read More
2023-10-15 09:30
 Background image from an animated TV series Unikitty!  Author - Read More
Wall - 14d
2023-10-14 13:45
 Artwork by Istvan Orosz Read More
2023-10-08 17:19
 Screenshot from computer game Knock-knock Read More
2023-09-28 19:11
 Tornado  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
Chainsaw Man
2023-09-24 16:08
 Screenshots by anime TV series Chainsaw Man Read More
2023-09-17 14:04
 Image by Laura Krtek  Author - Read More
Hawking Radiation
2023-08-27 09:07
 Hawking Radiation  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
Rendered Images By Joe Wu
2023-08-20 13:40
 Images by Joe Wu  Author - Read More
Art By Maximiliano Romero
2023-08-13 07:34
 Art by Maximiliano Romero  Author - Read More
Street Metamorphoses
2023-07-24 12:52
 Street metamorphoses  by slavikgirev  Author - Read More
Columns III
2023-07-23 17:03
 Columns III  by Istvan Orosz Read More
2023-07-22 17:03
 Screenshots from the film Hustle (2022) Read More
Penrose Triangles In Desert
2023-07-15 16:21
 Penrose triangles in desert  by Michael Montagne  Author -… Read More
Star In Impossible Cage
2023-06-20 18:17
 Star in Impossible Cage  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
2023-06-11 15:53
 Screenshots from TV series Loki Read More
Swallowed Star
2023-06-03 05:51
 Screenshots from anime series Swallowed Star Read More
Art By Arcadio Esquivel
2023-05-25 18:25
 Artworks by Arcadio Esquivel  Artist - Read More
Abbey Color
2023-05-23 17:48
 Abbey by Istvan Orosz Read More
Roman Colonnade
2023-05-08 18:04
 Roman Colonnade by Vlad Alexeev Read More
Royal Republic
2023-05-08 16:18
 CD cover of album by Royal Republic "Club Majesty" Read More
Impossible Face - 49
2023-05-07 07:28
 Artwork by Vicente Meavilla Segui Read More
Spiderman: No Way Home
2023-05-03 18:14
 Credits to film Spiderman: No Way Home Read More
2023-04-26 17:30
 Screenshots from Lamput animation TV series Read More
New Artworks By Regolo Bizzi
2023-04-22 18:02
 Artworks by Regolo Bizzi - Read More
New Artworks By Matej Cadil
2023-04-12 17:54
 Artworks by Matej Cadil  Author - Read More
Artworks By Regolo Bizzi
2023-04-09 13:23
 Impossible figures on torus  by Regolo Bizzi  Author - https://regolobizzi.s… Read More
Two Pillars
2023-04-05 17:19
 Two pillars  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
Coin Of Cameroon
2023-04-01 15:01
 A coin with impossible perspective of Republic of Cameroon Read More
New Artworks By Gnana Sai Reddy
2023-03-25 16:28
 Artworks by Gnana Sai Reddy - Read More
2023-03-18 14:24
 Animation "Melancholy" by Matthieu Braccini -… Read More
Black Monolith
2023-03-08 15:16
 Black Monolith  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
Art By Bangzheng Du
2023-02-18 17:04
 Art by Bangzheng Du  Author - Read More
2023-02-05 07:40
 Sunrise  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
Squid Game
2023-01-29 18:00
 Frames from South Korean TV series Squid Game Read More
Manhattan Bridge
2023-01-22 14:43
 Manhattan Bridge  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
New Images By Matías Gárate
2023-01-10 18:33
 New rendered images by Matías Gárate  Author - htt… Read More
New Artworks By Deni Je
2023-01-04 14:38
Artworks by Deni Je -  Read More
Escher's Thanksgiving
2022-12-24 17:29
 Escher's Thanksgiving  by Heather Murphy Read More
Impossible City
2022-12-10 17:54
 Impossible city  by Tiberiu Sirbu - Read More
Wall 13
2022-11-26 15:25
 Wall 13  by Istvan Orosz Read More
Principles Of Welfare
2022-11-20 17:46
 Cover of book by Korean author Jaejin Yang Read More
2022-11-13 15:18
 Mucca  image by Agustin Gambino  Author - Read More
2022-11-07 18:22
 Superskyscraper  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
New Images By Paisley Straenj
2022-11-04 07:44
 Images by Paisley Straenj - Read More
2022-10-16 13:47
 Wildcards by Paisley Straenj  Author - Read More
Impossible World
2022-10-02 15:09
 Impossible world  by Paul Trani  Author - Read More
2022-10-01 15:35
 Artwork by Istvan Orosz Read More
Art By Henk Wyniger
2022-09-27 17:08
 Artworks by Henk Wyniger - Read More
2022-09-22 19:15
 Panopticon  by whomself  Author - Read More
Cover Of The Economist
2022-09-20 18:14
 Cover of The Economist magazine Read More
A New Wall
2022-09-18 17:39
 A New Wall  by Istvan Orosz Read More
Animation Of Impossible Ring
2022-09-13 16:51
 A screenshot from animation by Matt Taylor  Author -… Read More
A Marvel Engineering
2022-09-12 17:29
 A Marvel Engineering  by Erik Johansson  Author - http://www.all… Read More
2022-09-06 18:01
 Animation of impossible gears  by Matt Taylor  Author -… Read More
Striped Impossible Figures
2022-08-28 07:27
 Images by Divin Creador - Read More
The Loop Bridge
2022-08-10 13:02
 The Loop Bridge  by Vlad Alexeev Read More
Impossible Figure In Interrior
2022-08-07 18:00
 Impossible figure in interrior  by Michail Mantulin Read More
Impossible Edges
2022-07-08 19:17
 Impossible edges  by Vicente Meavilla Segui Read More
2022-07-02 15:45
 A short animation of two impossible rings by JN3008 - Read More
Tower Bridge
2022-06-19 10:52
 Tower Bridge by Vlad Alexeev Read More

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