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Second Ward School
2023-12-10 21:51
Charlotte, North Carolina.Site of the first public high school for Blacks in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. (Education • African Americans) Includes location, directions, 3 photos, GPS coordina… Read More
The Rudisill Lode (Vein)
2023-12-10 20:23
Charlotte, North Carolina.Located near this site is the 19th century Brush Hill Gold Mine which roughly marks the geographical center of Charlotte's main gold vein - The Rudisill Lode. The l… Read More
John E. Penman
2023-12-10 19:29
Charlotte, North Carolina.Few individuals enjoyed their time in Charlotte more than the prodigal John E. Penman. Penman, a high-born Englishman, arrived in Charlotte in 1837 with the intenti… Read More
Vermeer Yellow Iron Academy
2023-12-10 19:28
Pella, Iowa.In 2014, Vermeer invested in providing team members' children and grandchildren an early childhood education platform. Vermeer Yellow Iron Academy is managed by Bright Horizons F… Read More
Vermeer Shop 48
2023-12-10 19:28
Pella, Iowa.This center for innovation is home to some of our inventive engineers responsible for building and testing the next generation of Vermeer equipment. The name Shop 48 pays homage… Read More
Vermeer Founders' House
2023-12-10 19:27
Pella, Iowa.Just across the street sits our Founders' House. Here, Vermeer founder Gary Vermeer and his wife Matilda spent their entire married lives. Listed on the National Register of Hist… Read More
Vermeer Global Pavilion
2023-12-10 19:26
Pella, Iowa.The Vermeer Global Pavilion and Museum was built in 1998, the year of our 50th anniversary. As our company grew, the need for space to host events and meetings for team members… Read More
Plant 7
2023-12-10 19:25
Pella, Iowa.In the 1990s, Vermeer experienced rapid growth for five years in a row. Much of this growth was due to demand in the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry as telecommuni… Read More
Plant 4
2023-12-10 19:24
Pella, Iowa.The team in Plant 4 was the first on the mile to build products like tree spades and stump cutters serving our customers managing natural resources. Built in 1979, there was a gr… Read More
Vermeer Parts Center/Health Center
2023-12-10 19:22
Pella, Iowa.Before 1993, this area of land was covered by miscellaneous storage for large parts and finished products. Parts and service needs were managed by each individual area of the bus… Read More
Captain James Jack Homesite
2023-12-10 17:58
Charlotte, North Carolina.This tablet marks the site of the home of Captain James Jack Revolutionary patriot Bearer of The Mecklenberg Declaration of Independence to the Continental Congress… Read More
Overcarsh House
2023-12-10 16:51
Charlotte, North Carolina.This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior (Architecture) Includes location, directio… Read More
Plant 3
2023-12-10 08:46
Pella, Iowa.Plant 3 was constructed in 1975. Like many plants early in our history, the teams working here built various equipment like balers, small rubber-tire trenchers and large track tr… Read More
Plant 2
2023-12-10 08:45
Pella, Iowa.First constructed in 1970, Plant 2 joined our legacy at a pivotal time for agriculture when farmers began investing more in new technologies than labor and land. This paved the w… Read More
Plant 1
2023-12-10 08:44
Pella, Iowa.Welcome to Vermeer Corporation! We help deliver a real impact in a progressing world through the design, manufacture and support of high-quality industrial and agricultural equip… Read More
Vermeer Strong
2023-12-10 08:42
Pella, Iowa.On July 19, 2018, Vermeer endured one of our greatest challenges in company history when the Vermeer campus took a direct hit from an EF3 tornado. The biggest blessing of the day… Read More
2023-12-10 06:30
, Netherlands.Sarphatipark Architect Jacobus Gerhardus van Niftrik (1833-1910) Opdrachtgever Gemeente Amsterdam Bouwjaren 1881-1886 Het Sarphatipark, genoemd naar de Portugees- Joodse arts S… Read More
The Spotter's Cabin
2023-12-10 05:13
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.Art Savage came to Pequot Lakes in 1939 to serve as a Forest Ranger for the Minnesota Department of Conservation, where a significant part of his duties included staf… Read More
Balanced Rock
2023-12-10 05:11
North Salem, New York.This balanced rock is estimated to weigh 60 tons. Geologists refer to it as an "erratic." The boulder is composed of a type of granite that does not match. rock normall… Read More
Women In Military Service
2023-12-10 04:39
Gainesville, Florida.From a Grateful Community A special tribute to honor All Women who served in the Armed Forces to preserve America’s Freedom November 11, 2002 (Military • Wom… Read More
Harmon Farms
2023-12-10 04:25
near Lubbock Co, Texas.James Rush (J.R) Harmon (1872-1927) farmed in Fort Bend and Lamar counties, marrying schoolteacher Alberta McClure (1879-1966) in 1903. To escape the boll weevil infes… Read More
Union Farmers
2023-12-10 04:24
Charlotte, North Carolina.Mecklenburg County remembers with honor her gallant sons who served in the 43rd Regiment N.C. Troops. In January and February 1862 an infantry company known as the… Read More
The Warehouse & Office
2023-12-10 04:18
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.A 10-foot by 16-foot wooden building was built here in 1928, to house firefighting equipment. Forest Ranger Art Savage noted that in 1939 his firefighting equipment i… Read More
Ranaleburg Riflemen
2023-12-10 03:49
Charlotte, North Carolina.In April 1861 an infantry company known as the Ranaleburg Riflemen was enlisted at Ranaleburg, in southern Mecklenburg County, with Captain Albert A. Erwin commandi… Read More
Art Savage, Fire Tower Ranger
2023-12-10 03:08
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota."Plant Some Trees, Then Plant Some More" Art Savage worked as a Forest Ranger from 1939 to 1971. He was District Forester for the Department of Conservation, the age… Read More
Gateway To The Hills
2023-12-10 02:27
Los Angeles, California.The Jewel of Crenshaw a historically black advocacy organization that stresses job training and It's more than fitting that the headquarters of the Los Angeles Urban… Read More
Federico Mistral
2023-12-10 02:04
, Italy.In questa casa nel MDCCCXCI visse Federico Mistral virgilio della sua provenza grande poeta degli umili apostolo di latinita. La reale accademia d'italia il comitato mistraliano nel… Read More
The Catawissa Bridge
2023-12-10 01:25
Catawissa, Pennsylvania."The pin-connected modified Warren truss highway bridge which crossed the Susquehanna River at this site from 1898-1987 had four individual truss spans of 304 feet. T… Read More
Charlotte Confederate Cemetery
2023-12-10 00:56
Charlotte, North Carolina.In the spring of 1870, 169 Confederate soldiers from local C.S. hospital cemeteries were reinterred in this section. As of spring of 1996, 105 war dead and 3 postwa… Read More
2023-12-10 00:37
Charlotte, North Carolina.Charlotte remembers with honor her gallant sons in the Charlotte Grays, Company C, 1st Regiment N.C. Volunteers, who fought in the first battle of the War of Secess… Read More
Never Forgotten
2023-12-09 21:33
Lancaster, Pennsylvania.Never forgotten September 11, 2001 343 firefighters rest in peace _________________________ In memory of our volunteers Volunteer FF Volunteer FF Walt Hudson… Read More
Wild Band Of Razorbacks
2023-12-09 21:30
Fayetteville, Arkansas.After returning from a historic victory over LSU in Memphis in 1909, the University of Arkansas football team was greeted by a large crowd of fans and students at the… Read More
Duane E. Dewey
2023-12-09 21:23
Gainesville, Florida.[front] Medal of Honor Duane E. Dewey Corporal U.S. Marine Corps Reserves Panmunjom, Korea April 16, 1952 America’s Highest Military Award of Valor in Combat [… Read More
Basque Sheep Camp
2023-12-09 21:20
Bakersfield, California.Basque immigrants from the Pyrenees mountains of France and Spain were drawn to California by the Gold Rush. They found providing the miners with lamb and wool more p… Read More
Railroad Flagman’s Building
2023-12-09 21:11
Bakersfield, California.As railroad service expanded across the United States, railroads took precautions to ensure safe transportation for travelers and freight. A railroad flagman notifies… Read More
Confederate Navy Yard Charlotte
2023-12-09 19:27
Charlotte, North Carolina.The navy shield affixed to this monument was originally installed on the wall of the Seaboard Airline Railway freight depot, one of the several buildings that was p… Read More
Leimert Plaza Park
2023-12-09 08:27
Los Angeles, California.Leimert Park’s Front Door This small one-acre park at Crenshaw and Vernon was originally a plaza that was part of the design of Leimert Park, the planned reside… Read More
Insula Dell'Ara Coeli
2023-12-09 06:02
, Italy.L'esplosione demografica che si verificò nelle città, in modo particolare a Roma, tra la fine della Repubblica e i primi due secoli dell'Impero, aveva reso necessario t… Read More
The Pequot Fire Lookout Tower
2023-12-09 04:00
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.The hillcrest where you are standing is 1,378 feet above sea level, 70 feet higher than County Road 11 at the entrance to the park. Add another 100 feet to the floor… Read More
Gandy Bridge Tower
2023-12-09 03:20
Largo, Florida.Speed from shore to shore The Gandy Bridge, revolutionized travel between Tampa and St. Petersburg. The bridge shortened the distance between the two cities from 43 miles to 1… Read More
Ángel Barceló Vallvé
2023-12-09 03:05
, Spain. . . . (War, World II • Civil Rights) Includes complete text, location, directions, 2 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
Old Dutch Cemetery
2023-12-09 02:28
, Ghana.This Old Dutch Cemetery was initially constructed in 1806 by Governor J. P. Hoogenboom. Renovation works to the Old Dutch Cemetery were undertaken in 2006 as part of the implementati… Read More
Fires And Firefighting
2023-12-09 02:09
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.Forest Fires can be devastating, and they play a paramount role in Minnesota's history. Fires were a recurring event in the Pequot Lakes area, threatening the natural… Read More
St. George's Castle, Elmina
2023-12-09 02:07
, Ghana.Ghana Museums & Monuments Board The arrival of Europeans along the Gold Coast in West Africa led to the establishment of fortifications at various locations to facilitate gold an… Read More
Radnor Village And Township
2023-12-09 01:12
near Radnor, Ohio.Radnor village is located amid a cluster of elevated knolls surrounded by broad fields and beautiful farms largely devoted to the cultivation of grain. In the early 1800s… Read More
Radnor Baptist Church
2023-12-09 01:09
near Radnor, Ohio.The first religious society in Radnor Township was organized by Welsh Baptists on May 4, 1816. It consisted of 11 members who met in a log school where services were held i… Read More
The Growing Forest
2023-12-08 22:11
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.You are standing in a young forest of aspen trees. This portion of the park was logged in 2004. That's a short time for trees to grow this tall. When they are young… Read More
Firefighting Heritage
2023-12-08 21:37
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry works with other agencies and fire departments, to provide wildfire protection for over 16 million… Read More
Crenshaw Music Scene
2023-12-08 07:19
Los Angeles, California.Where It’s At While the history of the Central Avenue jazz scene of the 1930s and 1940s has been well documented, less attention has been paid to the soul and R… Read More
Don Nelson
2023-12-08 03:59
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.This picnic shelter is dedicated to Don Nelson, who served Crow Wing County, Sibley Township and the City of Pequot Lakes as a dedicated employee and volunteer. Don N… Read More
William Degraft
2023-12-08 03:28
, Ghana.William Degraft W.D. was the leader of the group in the Castle called "The Bible Band", who were desirous to read the Bible with the aid of commentaries against the then Governor Cha… Read More
Captain James Potter
2023-12-08 03:18
, Ghana.Captains James Potter The Wesley Methodist Church Ghana, salutes Captain Potter for his unparalleled role in the establishment of Methodism in Ghana. Captain Potter's story, culled f… Read More
Minnesota's Most Devastating Wild Fires
2023-12-08 03:10
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.Baudette-Spooner Fire Fire conditions in northern Minnesota were extreme in the autumn of 1910. Several small fires developed in the dry slash left in the wake of lo… Read More
Rev. Thomas Birch Freeman
2023-12-08 03:02
, Ghana.Rev. Thomas Birch Freeman Rev. Thomas Birch Freeman is arguably, the father of Ghana Methodist. He arrived in 1838 and died here in 1890. He expanded the work of the church from Cape… Read More
Roman Circus Stands
2023-12-08 02:47
, Spain.Catalá Circ Roma Graderies El circ romà de Tarraco es va construir a finals del segle I dC i va estar en funcionament fins almenys el segle V dC. Llavors les seves volt… Read More
The Battle Of McIntyre's Farm
2023-12-08 02:45
Charlotte, North Carolina.American forces: 14 men Commander, Capt. James Thompson Men: George Graham, Lieut. • Francis Bradley • James Henry • Thomas Dickson • John Dick… Read More
McIntyre Skirmish
2023-12-08 02:45
Charlotte, North Carolina.In commemoration of the McIntyre Skirmish Oct. 3, 1780 Erected by Mecklenburg Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution 1901 (War, US Revolutionary) Includes loc… Read More
Sir James Marshall
2023-12-08 02:27
, Ghana.Sir James Marshall M.A B.L RCSG. CMG Born: 29th December, 1829 at Edinburgh, Scotland Resident at British Headquarters Cape Coast as Chief Magistrate and Judicial Assessor to the Gol… Read More
Childhood Home Of Frances
2023-12-08 01:52
Mankato, Minnesota.Frances "Bick" Kenney, daughter of Patrick and Rose Kenney, was born on July 13, 1891, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Kenney family lived in this house from 1898 to 1911… Read More
Lake Ice Bear
2023-12-08 01:52
Tomahawk, Wisconsin.The Lake Ice bear which many years ago spent summers in Sawdy Pond has returned! Tomahawk's bear was originally a Hamm's beer advertising display. It sat on the beer cool… Read More
A Small But Pleasant Looking Village
2023-12-08 01:48
near Fort Towson, Oklahoma."Doaksville is a small but pleasant looking village. There are a number of neat, if not tasteful dwelling houses, and two stores, which I found contained a little… Read More
Marion History - 1918
2023-12-08 00:56
Waldo, Ohio.This photograph of Waldo in 1918 shows where the G&R Tavern is now. Carolyn Moser doesn't know the people in the picture, but if anyone knows them they may contact her at 494… Read More
2023-12-08 00:54
Ashley, Ohio.A project designed by the third grade class, and created by students in grades K-4th, Buckeye Valley East Elementary 2013 - 2014. Under the direction of art teacher Robin Clay a… Read More
Upper And Lower Dams
2023-12-08 00:52
near Mount Gilead, Ohio.The Early Mill For over 175 years, various lowhead dams (similar to this one) have impounded water at this location on Sam's Creek. In 1841, Richard House built the f… Read More
The Dams Of Mt. Gilead
2023-12-08 00:50
near Mount Gilead, Ohio.Safety Ensuring infrastructure safety is a priority of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The original lower dam at Mt. Gilead Lake was constructed in 1930. Pr… Read More
Celdonia Memorial United Methodist Church
2023-12-08 00:39
Caledonia, Ohio.Entered in the National Register of Historic Places 1979 Caledonia Memorial United Methodist Church Founded By William Garberson - 1830 Dedicated - 1909 (Churches & Relig… Read More
2023-12-08 00:34
Red Bud, Illinois.This unit obtained and placed here by Red Bud VFW Post 6632 To honor all veterans past, present and future Era of vehicle In service - 1954 to 1963 Exported to West Germany… Read More
McCoy Slave Cemetery
2023-12-08 00:23
Huntersville, North Carolina.In my anguish I cried to the Lord, and he answered by setting me free. The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can a man do to me? The Lord is with me; h… Read More
John McKnitt Alexander
2023-12-07 23:28
Huntersville, North Carolina.Signer of The Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence May 20th 1775 Charlotte North Carolina (Colonial Era • Patriots & Patriotism) Includes location, d… Read More
William Bain Alexander
2023-12-07 23:08
Huntersville, North Carolina.Soldier – NC born and died in Mecklenburg County, NC Marker placed by Mecklenburg Chapter, NSDAR April 18, 2015 (War, US Revolutionary) Includes location… Read More
Close To Home... Area Historic Wildfires
2023-12-07 21:39
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.Though the fires noted on this panel are not considered among the most significant in the state's history, this area has experienced some harrowing and memorable wild… Read More
Children On The Farm
2023-12-07 19:18
Conway, South Carolina.Farm families produced most of what they needed to survive. Everyone including children, was expected to do their part. "Young'uns" were taught to contribute at an ear… Read More
The Legacy Of Farm To Table
2023-12-07 19:11
Conway, South Carolina.With the exception of staples like salt and coffee, the farm kitchen was almost completely self-sufficient. Farm-raised herbs and vegetables, fresh eggs, milk, pork, p… Read More
Don Antonio Lopez E Ferreiro
2023-12-07 18:15
, Spain.A Cibda de Compostela ô seu fillo predileuto D Antonio Lopez e Ferreiro. Bô Galego, bô Sacerdote, bô Historeador, bô Literato. Dino por todo de perduran… Read More
Newhall Ranch House
2023-12-07 06:09
Santa Clarita, California.Rancho San Francisco was established by Franciscan padres late in the 18th century, where they built a sub-mission, or asistencia, at Castaic Junction in 1804. The… Read More
Cpl Milton Lewis
2023-12-07 04:53
Gainesville, Florida.Cpl Milton Lewis 1920 - 1942 United States Marine Corps Awarded the Navy Cross and Purple Heart for Valor during World War II, on the South Pacific Island of Tulagi, Cpl… Read More
Site Of Prairie Mountain School
2023-12-07 04:47
near Llano, Texas.German immigrants and pioneer settlers established the Prairie Mountain community once known as Starks in the mid 1800s. In 1906 the Putman School relocated to Hickory Cree… Read More
Steger Building
2023-12-07 04:44
Chicago, Illinois.The Steger Building was the headquarters for the Steger & Sons Manufacturing Company, who at the turn of the 20th century, were one of the country's most successful pia… Read More
Robert E. Rowntree House
2023-12-07 04:39
near Llano, Texas.Early Llano County leader, Robert Flack (Bob) Rowntree (1847-1893), built this majestic two story house in the Prairie Mountain community from 1875 to 1888. Scottish archit… Read More
Prescribed Fire
2023-12-07 04:25
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.For thousands of years, fire was an important component of the health of natural areas including prairies, oak savannah, wetlands and forests. Fires were started by l… Read More
Six Mile School
2023-12-07 04:22
Llano, Texas.Six Mile community was established in the 1880s. Most residents farmed, ranched or worked in granite quarries. The land around this site was donated to Llano County by William A… Read More
Walsingham House
2023-12-07 03:55
Largo, Florida.An Earlier Time Jesse Walsingham came to central Pinellas in the mid 1890s. The young man fell in love with Mary O'Quinn, a member of the McMullen and O'Quinn pioneer families… Read More
Life “Over The Creek”
2023-12-07 03:38
Oakville, Ontario.Tannery Park Life "Over the Creek" West Harbors history as a working class neighborhood began in the 1830s with William Chisholm's need to raise money for his ill-fated Oak… Read More
Fire And Healthy Forests
2023-12-07 03:29
Pequot Lakes, Minnesota.About one-third of Minnesota is covered with forest. These woodlands are incredibly diverse, with over 50 species of native trees and a wide array of plants that make… Read More
St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery
2023-12-07 03:25
Castell, Texas.The congregation of St. John Lutheran Church had been meeting in its new sanctuary for some four years when the death of one of its members, Anna Charlotte Lillie (Kowierschke… Read More
Castell School
2023-12-07 03:18
Castell, Texas.Education for students in Castell may have begun as early as 1852, according to local oral tradition. Earliest written records indicate that the Llano County Commissioners Cou… Read More
Rosalía De Castro And Manuel Murguia
2023-12-07 03:11
, Spain.Esta casa da Praza da Universidade, antes do Mercado Vello, acolleu entre 1863 e 1865 a Rosalía de Castro e Manuel Murguía. A Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, no… Read More
Homesite Of Emil Kriewitz
2023-12-07 03:11
near Castell, Texas.Arriving on the Texas coast from Potsdam, Germany, at the onset of the Mexican War in 1846, Emil Kriewitz began his Texas exploits by serving in the U.S. Army. He later w… Read More

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