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From Boom To Bust, 1856-1877
2024-05-25 06:22
Oakville, Ontario.During the 1850s, a dramatic increase in international wheat prices made Bronte prosperous as a grain handling port. By the end of the decade, over 300,000 bushels were bei… Read More
Water Highway
2024-05-25 06:05
Boonville, Missouri.Rivers were once America's super highways. Westbound riverboats churned by here, hauling American goods - cloth, hardware, paper, mirrors - from St. Louis to the frontier… Read More
Boone's Lick Country
2024-05-25 06:04
Boonville, Missouri.Look to your left. In the early 1800s, this was the western edge of the American frontier. American Indians controlled lands "out there." Spanish territory was 440 miles… Read More
Heritage House
2024-05-25 05:54
Riverside, California.Designed in Queen Anne style for Mrs. James Bettner, widow of an early citrus pioneer, by architect John H. Walls. The home was purchased for restoration by the Riversi… Read More
Early Travel Route
2024-05-25 05:37
Pilot Grove, Missouri.The Katy Railroad was not the first to use this route from Boonville to Sedalia. Founders named this place Pilot Grove in 1820 because a local grove of trees "piloted"… Read More
History Of Pilot Grove
2024-05-25 05:35
Pilot Grove, Missouri.1820 The Pilot Grove A grove of trees visible on the rolling prairie for miles around gave the town its name. The grove "piloted" travelers southwest along the divide b… Read More
Carl Moore Jordan
2024-05-25 02:08
Chesapeake, Virginia.Carl Moore Jordan 1880 - 1957 Born in Sussex County, Virginia, Jordan moved to Norfolk in 1900e in search of work. After several years working for Richmond Cedar Works… Read More
Cradock Established 1918
2024-05-25 02:06
Portsmouth, Virginia.Cradock Established 1918 The United States purchases 310 acres formerly Afton and Prospect farms as one of its first planned housing developments. Afton, Prospect, &… Read More
United Methodist Church Of Athens
2024-05-25 00:37
Athens, Texas.Henderson County Methodists were first organized in 1852 by the Rev. Hezekiah Mitcham. Worshipers met in homes and brush arbors around the county. In 1854, the Rev. W.M. Sansom… Read More
Atlantic Coastal Plain
2024-05-24 23:31
Baltimore, Maryland.The Atlantic Coastal Plain is a flat area located east of the Piedmont fall line. Rivers and streams carry silt from the Appalachian and Piedmont regions to the Atlantic… Read More
Bruce Field
2024-05-24 23:24
Athens, Texas.As the focal point of Athens schools and athletics, Bruce Field has served the community since 1922. Bruce Academy, a leading educational institution at the turn of the 20th ce… Read More
First United Presbyterian Church Of Athens
2024-05-24 22:51
Athens, Texas.The Rev. Robert H. Hodge (1805-1866), a native of Tennessee, immigrated in 1850 to Anderson County, Texas. After two years he came to Henderson County. He began Science Hill Ac… Read More
Salute To Military Women
2024-05-24 22:40
Honesdale, Pennsylvania.Navy - Waves...Est. 1942 Marine Corps Women's Reserve...Est. 1942 Air Force - WASPS...Est. 1943 Coast Guard - SPARS...Est. 1942 Army - WAC...Est. 1942 Women's Armed F… Read More
Cedar Hill School
2024-05-24 22:37
Selkirk, New York.Cedar Hill School Built in 1859 Redesigned in 1907 by noted Albany architect, Marcus T. Reynolds Used as school until 1960 (Education • Architecture) Includes locatio… Read More
Capt. De Chazy
2024-05-24 22:28
Chazy, New York.Near this spot Capt. de Chazy Soldier of France was killed by Mohawk Indians 1666 (Wars, Non-US) Includes location, directions, 3 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
Gen Burgoyne
2024-05-24 22:11
Chazy, New York.1777 Gen Burgoyne Passed by water in June to Saratoga - his troops, building a baggage road, laid logs over a swampy spot near here (War, US Revolutionary) Includes location… Read More
Native Stone Mosaic
2024-05-24 21:59
Baltimore, Maryland.Mosaic of the continental United States. Each state contributed a native stone. Initiated 1939 Dedicated Flag Day June 14th, 1961 [On Texas' stone:] Stone of same pink… Read More
Melvin Hill
2024-05-24 21:58
Phelps, New York.Taking an Indian trail west out of Oaks Corners in 1791, Jonathan Melvin arrived at the top of this hill and four years later established a prosperous 800-acre farm. within… Read More
Shelby Chapel Church And Cemetery
2024-05-24 18:05
Athens, Texas.James Madison Shelby (1814-1889), a native of North Carolina, moved with his large family from Alabama to Texas in the 1870s. They first lived in Smith County, then moved to so… Read More
6 Jermyn Churches
2024-05-24 13:54
Jermyn, Pennsylvania.Calvary Bible Church Preaching Salvation In Christ since 1883 P.M. Church 763 Jefferson Ave. Est. Nov. 12 1892 St. James St. George Episcopal Church Founded 1872 St. Mic… Read More
The Founders Of First Aid In America
2024-05-24 13:27
Jermyn, Pennsylvania.Jermyn Colliery The Hudson Coal Co. Oct. 25, 1899 Matthew J. Shields, M.D. Samuel Waters · David J. Jenkins · John Hogarth · Geo. Pendered, Sr. Thos… Read More
Atlas, 1937
2024-05-24 11:06
New York, New York.Sand-cast bronze Lee Lawrie (American, 1877-1963) Renee Paul Chambellan (American, 1893-1955) Atlas is a successful collaboration between two famed artists, Lee Lawrie, wh… Read More
1st Lt. Robert A.
2024-05-24 03:35
Canton, Texas.These flags are sponsored by the family of 1st Lt. Robert A. "Bob" Reese in honor of his service in Europe with the US Army Air Corps 1942-1945. World War II P-47 Thunderbolt (… Read More
Confederate Veterans
2024-05-24 02:51
Canton, Texas.In Memory of Our Confederate Veterans " ___ Lest We Forget" (Military) Includes location, directions, 2 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
The Four Sisters' House
2024-05-24 01:26
Sewickley, Pennsylvania.The Four Sisters' House Zehu P. Smith, Builder, 1872 (Architecture) Includes location, directions, 2 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
Edmund A. Wynne
2024-05-24 01:10
Canton, Texas.The Wynne community of Canton is one of the oldest African American communities in Texas. Its namesake, Edmund Arnold Wynne, was born June 18, 1850, in Cherokee County to a fam… Read More
The Free State Stockade
2024-05-23 23:45
Canton, Texas.In 1867, a group of citizens, resentful of Northern control of the State and county, attempted to secede from Texas and the U.S. General Philip Sheridan, Commander at New Orlea… Read More
Hill Family In Springtown
2024-05-23 22:59
Springtown, Texas.The Allen C. Hill family moved to 160 acres about a mile southwest of Springtown in 1855 as early settlers of the community. Hill (1814-1873) was a farmer and stock raiser… Read More
Eddie Van Halen
2024-05-23 20:35
Pasadena, California.The Van Halen family emigrated from the Netherlands to Pasadena in 1962. Alex and Eddie Van Halen attended schools in Pasadena and began playing music together with Eddi… Read More
Licking County World War II Memorial
2024-05-23 19:55
Newark, Ohio.In grateful appreciation for their service to country and community this living memorial of flowering native trees is dedicated to The Men and Women of Licking County who served… Read More
Freedom Isn't Free
2024-05-23 19:48
Newark, Ohio.In honor of the men and women who served in the armed forces of the United States of America in all wars past and present. God Bless America Dedicated to those who have serve… Read More
Sgt. Zebediah Barker / Pvt. Moses Varnum
2024-05-23 19:36
Waterloo, Illinois.In honor of these Revolutionary War soldiers who put down roots in New Design settlement and are buried in the New Design Cemetery. Zebediah Barker, Sgt. — MA Born… Read More
Saint Anthony Park Branch Library
2024-05-23 15:44
Saint Paul, Minnesota.A Carnegie Library opened in 1917 Placed on National Register of Historic Places in 1984 Restored and remodeled in 1988 (Notable Buildings) Includes location, direction… Read More
Quaker City
2024-05-23 13:39
Quaker City, Ohio.Home of the Ohio Hills Folk Festival since 1904 (Arts, Letters, Music • Entertainment) Includes location, directions, 3 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
Quaker City
2024-05-23 13:37
Quaker City, Ohio.Home of the Ohio Hills Folk Festival since 1904 (Arts, Letters, Music • Entertainment) Includes location, directions, 3 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
The Coonskin Library
2024-05-23 13:37
Amesville, Ohio.This tablet commemorates The Coonskin Library housed in the home of Ephraim Cutler two miles north in 1804 Athens, Ohio (Education • Charity & Public Work) Includes… Read More
2024-05-23 13:34
Amesville, Ohio.Sale of pelts financed the founding of the famed Coonskin Library here, 1804 (Education • Industry & Commerce • Animals • Charity & Public Work) Includ… Read More
Federal Valley Trains
2024-05-23 13:33
Amesville, Ohio.Ohio was an incredibly important state to railroads; one of the nation's first opened in 1839, the Mad River & Lake Erie (a future component of the New York Central), and… Read More
New Lexington
2024-05-23 13:30
New Lexington, Ohio.Near birthplace of Januarius A. MacGahan champion of Bulgarian freedom (Wars, Non-US) Includes location, directions, 3 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
Erected In Honor Of Mary The Mother Of God
2024-05-23 13:28
Shawnee, Ohio.In memory of our beloved dead by the pastor, people and friends of the parish from the building stones of St. Peter's Church the first Catholic Church in this area built in the… Read More
173rd Airborne
2024-05-23 13:26
Lemay, Missouri.173rd Airborne, Chapter 21 503 Inf. Airborne Brigade (Military • Air & Space) Includes location, directions, 2 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
Edgeworth World War II Honor Roll
2024-05-23 12:40
Edgeworth, Pennsylvania.In honor of the Residents of Edgeworth who served in the Armed Forces World War II Samuel Adams, Jr. • William Arrott Jr. • Thomas H. Ashton • William… Read More
Elvis Im Oktober 1958
2024-05-22 21:22
, Germany.Der King of Rock'n'Roll persönlich verbrachte seine ersten Tage in Deutschland - in Bad Homburg - im damaligen Ritter's Parkhotel! Egon Steigenberger war genau zu dieser Zeit… Read More
Bahia Palace
2024-05-22 20:41
, Morocco.Français Palais Bahia Je suis la Magnifique comme mon nom l'indique. J'abrite l'un des plus vastes palais de la médina, près de deux hectares. Je suis l'oeuvre… Read More
Bronte: A Fishing Village
2024-05-22 20:25
Oakville, Ontario.For nearly a century, commercial fishing was a way of life for the village of Bronte. In 1850, the mouth of Twelve Mile Creek resembled an Atlantic Coast outport. Fishing s… Read More
Little Gracie
2024-05-22 18:01
Savannah, Georgia.Little Gracie Watson was born in 1883, the only child of here parents. Her father was manager of the Pulaski House, one of Savannah's leading hotels, were the beautiful and… Read More
Lewis' Last Journey
2024-05-22 17:01
near Hohenwald, Tennessee.When Meriwether Lewis returned from the Corps of Discovery expedition, President Jefferson appointed him governor of the Upper Louisiana Territory. The position was… Read More
Just Up The Road...
2024-05-22 14:03
Smyrna, Delaware. "Ho! For Collins Beach!" Back in the 1800's [unreadable] The famous Hygenia House hotel at left [unreadable] dance pavilion and restaurant. A merry-go-round, bath house a… Read More
You're On The Buckeye Trail!
2024-05-22 13:42
near Shawnee, Ohio.The Buckeye Trail The Buckeye Trail is Ohio's State Scenic Trail. It's 1400+ miles, winding around Ohio, from a Lake Erie, beach, to a hilltop overlooking the Ohio River… Read More
2024-05-22 13:41
Shawnee, Ohio.1870-1880 Capital of the Knights of Labor Union Movement (Labor Unions) Includes location, directions, 3 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
Blue Star Family Memorial Garden
2024-05-22 08:05
Bedford, Virginia.Designed and patented in 1917 by Army Captain Robert L. Queissner of the 5th Ohio Infantry, whose two sons were at the front, the Blue Star Banner was displayed in thousand… Read More
Women Marines / Rosie The Riveter
2024-05-22 07:48
Leesburg, Florida.Women Marines United States Marine Corps Women’s Reserve The qualifications for women who wished to become members of the “WR” (Women’s Reserve) we… Read More
Cradock Historic District
2024-05-22 07:38
Portsmouth, Virginia.Cradock, begun in 1918 to accommodate the rapid influx of workers at the U.S. Navy Yard in Norfolk during World War I, was one of the nation's earliest federally funded… Read More
Norridge Vietnam War Memorial
2024-05-22 04:37
Norridge, Illinois.In memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice for their country Donald Warren Bollman, U.S.M.C., March 1, 1967 • Kenneth Wayne Wells, Army, March 5, 1967 •… Read More
Pilot Grove To Clifton City
2024-05-22 03:06
Pilot Grove, Missouri.The 12.1-mile ride to Clifton City begins with a long and straight passage between farm fields, and trail users can expect gradual downhill grades to the Lamine River… Read More
Pilot Grove To Boonville
2024-05-22 03:06
Pilot Grove, Missouri.Pilot Grove to Boonville, 11.50 miles, is considered by many Katy Trail users to be the most difficult stretch of the trail due to uphill grades. Over the first several… Read More
Pilot Grove - 1873
2024-05-22 03:05
Pilot Grove, Missouri.Pilot Grove received its name from an extensive grove of hickory trees surrounding a watering place, a welcome sight to travelers across the featureless prairie. Two tr… Read More
The Harriman Millstone
2024-05-22 03:04
Pilot Grove, Missouri.This is the original millstone from the Harriman Mill begun by Dr. William P. Harriman south of Pilot Grove at Mt. Vernon in the late 1860's. It was constructed by Anth… Read More
John Jermyn
2024-05-22 02:52
Jermyn, Pennsylvania.N 41° 31.706 W 075° 33.988 (Settlements & Settlers) Includes location, directions, 2 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
Old Muskego Church
2024-05-22 02:44
Saint Paul, Minnesota.A house of worship erected in 1844 by the first congregation organized by Norwegian Lutheran immigrants in America. Originally located on Indian Hill, near Waterford, i… Read More
Jermyn Memorial Garden Circles Of Life
2024-05-22 02:30
Jermyn, Pennsylvania.The Memorial Garden is comprised of Circles of Life with remembrance bricks encircled by living memorial plants and trees, and engraved with historic and civic-minded se… Read More
Jordan Bridge
2024-05-22 02:06
Chesapeake, Virginia.Welcome! Replacing the original steel structure built in 1928, this soaring concrete bridge opened in late 2012 to reconnect the community across the Elizabeth River's S… Read More
2024-05-22 01:56
Somerset, Ohio.Home of Phil Sheridan Civil War General (War, US Civil) Includes location, directions, 3 photos, GPS coordinates, map Read More
George Teamoh
2024-05-22 01:51
Portsmouth, Virginia.George Teamoh, a member of the Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1867-68 and the Senate of Virginia from 1869 until 1871, was born enslaved in Norfolk and spent most… Read More
Mount Locust Slave Cemetery
2024-05-22 01:01
Cannonsburg, Mississippi.Before you is the Mount Locust slave cemetery. Only one unmarked stone remains. The names of persons known to be buried here are listed below. Cielious Washington… Read More
Metz Before The Fire Of 1908
2024-05-22 00:57
Posen, Michigan.The first settlers in the northern Michigan wilderness area that later became Metz Township were four German immigrant farmers who took up homesteads shortly after passage of… Read More
Jean Lafitte
2024-05-22 00:36
near Estelle, Louisiana.Between 1805 and 1814 the privateer Jean Lafitte, led 1,000 men of dives (marker damaged) into one of the largest, although illicit, business enterprises of its day… Read More
Earnest P. Bicknell
2024-05-21 23:23
Posen, Michigan.Ernest Bicknell was appointed National Director of Relief Operations for the American Red Cross following its 1908 re-organization. He started his job on October 1st and his… Read More
The Metz Fire Of 1908
2024-05-21 23:00
near Posen, Michigan.The Metz Fire of 1908 began west of Millersburg sometime on the morning of October 15, 1908. Driven along by gale force winds, by that night the fire had burned all the… Read More
Cimarron County
2024-05-21 20:18
near Kenton, Oklahoma.A rich cultural history of the Old West The famed Santa Fe Trail, a wagon route linking the eastern United States and Mexico, cut through this corner of Cimarron County… Read More
2024-05-21 20:13
Arnold, Missouri.This steel beam was recovered from ground zero and donated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey to the City of Arnold, Missouri. Dedicated on September 11, 2011… Read More
In This Place...
2024-05-21 19:35
Woodland Beach, Delaware. Delaware Bay developed further as rising seas spread over the coastal plain, spurring formation of brackish water tidal marshes along its edges. Sea levels were 60… Read More
In This Place...
2024-05-21 19:18
Smyrna, Delaware. A Plentiful and Prosperous Place The map at left (circa 1630) and quote below highlight the wealth of natural resources as viewed by early Delaware Bay explorers: "Th… Read More
The Survey Tree
2024-05-21 16:56
Avery Island, Louisiana.This live oak was selected on October 9, 1810 by Thomas Orme to mark point "D" of his survey of the Elizabeth Hays Tract, later to become the first land purchase of J… Read More
Hanford Farmstead
2024-05-21 16:21
East Meredith, New York.When David Josiah Hanford purchased the mill in 1860, he also purchased the farmstead located on this site. The original farmhouse, built in the 1850s, was occupied b… Read More
Meridale Farms
2024-05-21 16:07
near Meredith, New York.Founded by F.W. Ayer, it was a nationally known Jersey breeding farm which included the Meredith Inn & Creameries. Two hill barns & the sale pavilion stood he… Read More
Henderson Bros. General Store
2024-05-21 15:58
East Meredith, New York.Opened by John Henderson ca. 1890. Operated by sons Roland and Lyle 1913-1930s and then by Lyle until 1970. (Industry & Commerce) Includes location, directions, 2… Read More
Dr. Clarence L. Norris 1888-1946
2024-05-21 15:28
Gaffney, South Carolina.Dr. Norris was born in Kingstree, S.C. to George and Arnette Norris. Upon his arrival to Gaffney in 1914, he was one of the first Black Physicians to serve the commun… Read More
Mr. Clarence Lawrence Glymph, Sr.
2024-05-21 15:17
Gaffney, South Carolina.Glymph Memorial Garden is named in memory of Mr. Glymph who was born in Newberry, SC to George and Minnie Glymph. He was married to Dollie Ruff, and to their union, s… Read More
15 Rutherford Place
2024-05-21 13:46
New York, New York.Quakers, members of the Religious Society of Friends, arrived in the colonies in the 1650s, and this Meeting House has been used for Quaker worship since its construction… Read More
Duo Jan & Mien
2024-05-21 07:25
, Netherlands.Het Duo Jan & Mien bestaande uit de Amsterdamse volkszanger en café-eigenaar Bolle Jan Froger (1942-2009) en zijn echtgenote Mien van Es (1942 - 2009) bracht in de j… Read More
Henry De La Vaulx
2024-05-21 06:27
, France.Le Comte Henry de La Vaulx L'un des promoteurs de la locomotion aerienne President de la Federation Aeronautique Internationale Vice-President de l'Aero-Club de France Ne le 2 avril… Read More
East Meredith
2024-05-21 05:53
East Meredith, New York.Presbyterian church built in 1895, it served the community until 2014. A Baptist church stood on this lot prior to 1895. (Churches & Religion) Includes location… Read More
Florence County Courthouse
2024-05-21 05:49
Florence, Wisconsin.This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior. Court House and Former Jail, 1889. Florence Cou… Read More
Hurrle – Weston Home
2024-05-21 04:05
Stockton, California.Built for Charles J. Hurrle, manager of the Stockton Glass Works. Purchased in 1915 by Mrs. J.D. McDougald for her daughter, Carolyn and her son-in-law, Paul Weston, loc… Read More
The Marian Shrine
2024-05-21 03:48
near Los Gatos, California.This structure once shaded a statue of the Virgin Mary. A second shrine near Upper Lake honored St. Joseph, patron saint of Italian - including many of the immigra… Read More
2024-05-21 03:32
Fort Campbell, Kentucky.M-3. Equipping airborne forces in 1941 required combining the power of the M-2 105mm howitzer with the size and recoil system of the M-1 75mm pack howitzer. The M-3 w… Read More

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