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SEO Advice for Artists: Jewelry Artist Website Review

While her website looks great overall, there are some ways that this handmade jewelry website could be improved to get more search engine traffic and to sell more of Kate’s gorgeous handmade jewelry.

Watch the video above or read on for the transcript.

The Transcript:

Hi! This is the first in a series of website reviews that I’m going to be doing for my #BadassCreatives.

The first thing that I want to show you is @kateandmoose on Instagram. This is just for a little bit of context. As you can see, she’s got this really beautiful, curated, colorful Instagram feed. She’s showing off her products every third photo or so, including her really cool colorful Earrings, and then she’s got several beautiful lifestyle photographs that kind of works with those same colors that she’s showing on the earrings. It’s got this really beautiful, colorful vibe and that’s reflected in her tagline, “colorful jewelry that speaks volumes.”

Let’s go checkout the website and see if we get the same impression. This is the homepage of, and you can see that the homepage feels really neutral. I love a neutral navigation because we want that to be really easy for people to get around the site.

There’s not too many links in the navigation, which is great, but the whole vibe I get is a totally different feeling than the feeling I get from Instagram. Even though the tagline here says “minimalist jewelry for color lovers,” what I’m getting here feels like “minimalist jewelry for neutral color palette lovers.” That is kind of the vibe that I’m getting from this initial first impression.

Well, these are a pair of the Kate & Moose earrings. These are a black neutral-colored pair, which could be great, but it doesn’t read as colorful right away and the background of this homepage is very gray and neutral. The whole thing just feels kind of the opposite of what I would have expected if I had first discovered you on Instagram or social media.

Let’s scroll down a little bit. As we get into the featured products, this is much more the vibe that I would’ve expected to see if I had only seen you on Instagram first and then had come to your website. You might want to consider swapping out that top photo for something a little bit more colorful like maybe one of these types of photographs you have further down the page. That would be one of my first recommendations for you.

I love these little links over to your blog and here you can see again, this is a feed directly pulled in from Instagram and this is the vibe that I think that you are trying to represent with your brand and that I’m not getting right at the top of your website.

Here’s another thing that I noticed. You have this Customer Love page, which is filled with product reviews about your earrings and your other jewelry that you make and they’re all really positive product reviews, but they’re kind of buried on this website. I found it via the link in your footer. These are really great reviews. They give me some social proof. They’re showing that other people have bought your products and enjoyed your products. They’re talking about specific earrings or specific necklaces sometimes, for instance, this one is talking about the tiger orange stud earrings. What I would love to see is these reviews on the actual product pages instead of buried in this totally separate page.

It’s going to be more helpful if these reviews were actually on the product pages themselves, so let’s hop over to one of the earring pages and take a look at what that feels like. Let’s take a peek at these beautiful blue stud earrings. We’ve got an add to cart button, a little bit of information about these earrings, right, awesome. Okay, but then, not a whole lot of text information on this page, which means that there’s not a lot of information for Google or another search engine to scan and understand what this page is about.

Obviously, you say that these are blue stud earrings, but I think that there’s more information that you could talk about so that it would help both customer who’s on this page understand what these earrings are made of, how they were made, what inspired them, maybe what types of outfits they might look good with as well as giving the information to Google and other search engines so that they have content or words on your page to analyze and to understand that this page is about blue earrings.

These are beautiful blue earrings, but maybe they’re also a great gift for Mother’s Day, or they’re a great gift for a graduation present or something else. That sort of information is not on this page.

Also, I love how you feature these related products. You’ve got more of the earrings that people can click through to. That’s great because that keeps people moving through your website, but the page just kind of drops off right here.

There is only this one picture of these earrings. So say that somehow, I had found this page first. I didn’t go through your home page. I didn’t go through another page and I haven’t seen what this set of earrings looks like on a human being. I have no idea of the size. I know that you say 0.39 inches and 10 millimeters, but unless I’m also making jewelry and have a really good kind of gut feeling about how big that is, I think the average person is not going to know without some sort of context and seeing it on a person, in an ear, how big these are, right?

This doesn’t really make sense to me if I’m just looking at it, with nothing to compare it to, so reconsider beefing up these individual product pages both with photos and adding more text content to it. Describe more about how the products were made, and maybe add those customer reviews on the product pages. Add more product photos that give me more ideas of how they could be styled, what they look like on a person and what size they might be.

That’s the overview for you and I hope that this jewelry artist website review was helpful.

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In this website review, I'm going to be offering up some SEO advice for artists by looking at the website of jewelry artist Kate & Moose. While her website looks great overall, there are some ways that this handmade jewelry website could be improved to get more search engine traffic and to sell more of Kate’s gorgeous handmade jewelry.

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SEO Advice for Artists: Jewelry Artist Website Review


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