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Take The Basenotes ACRONYM Challenge: See How You Score!

Welcome to the Basenotes Acronym Challenge! Test your knowledge of Basenotes acronym jargon at 7 different levels. Acronyms include both fragrance names, as well as common (and less common though still spotted from time to time) expressions and brands. Answers are in WHITE below each list. Highlight that section of the page to make them appear! You get one point for each correct answer. Tally your score as you go and add it up at the end. See how you placed in...The Basenotes ACRONYM Challenge!

Good luck! :evil:
LEVEL ONE: Basenotes Survival: Without these you probably find yourself often lost while perusing threads. "What's DHI and why is it so much better than LIDGE?"

1. SMW
2. GIT
3. VIW
4. BDC
5. TDH

1. Silver Mountain Water 2. Green Irish Tweed 3. Virgin Island Water 4. Bleu de Chanel 5. Terre d'Hermes

P.S. DHI = Dior Homme Intense and LIDGE = L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme....everybody knows that!

LEVEL TWO: Basic Acronyms: These appear frequently...and frequently confuse visitors to the site who've never heard of them!

2. AHS
3. MI
4. TV
5. DHS

1. L'Air du Desert Marocain 2. Allure Homme Sport 3. Millesime Imperial 4. Tobacco Vanille 5. Dior Homme Sport

Did you scoff at the ease with which you were able to answer these questions? CONGRATULATIONS! You probably know too much about cologne. :( Onto the next level!

LEVEL THREE: Things are starting to go matter how you look at it.

2. ESP (not the sixth sense!)
3. MiP
4. GPH2
5. EN

1. Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme 2. Eau Sauvage Parfum 3. Midnight in Paris 4. Gucci Pour Homme II 5. Encre Noire

LEVEL FOUR: What do these have in common? The average person has never heard of them, let alone their acronyms!

1. MFK
2. MPG
3. PdM
4. TDC
5. CdG

They're all brands! 1. Maison Francis Kurkdjian 2. Matire Parfumeur Et Gantier 3. Parfums de Marly 4. The Different Company 5. Comme des Garcons

LEVEL FIVE: If you've made it this far, you have issues!

1. PdN
5. MR

1. Parfums de Nicolai 2. Absolue Pour Le Soir 3. Caron Pour Un Homme....Sport Admit it. The "S" threw you off...a little. 4. GOTCHA! This isn't an acronym at all! It's a perfume by L'Artisan that smells like an elephant's cage. If you knew know too much! If you wear it...good luck! 5. Musc Ravageur

LEVEL SIX: I'm just making these up as I go...

1. FBW
2. FiF
3. LS
4. STH
5. FeA

1. Full Bottle Worthy 2. First in Fragrance....this is a perfume retailer operating out of Germany. When they ship you packages they put the word "Herr" in front of your last name. It makes you feel important! 3. Lucky Scent 4. Straight to Heaven, by By Kilian. You ever wonder about that? Whether you should say "by By Kilian" or just "By Kilian"? If you have, you're probably doing pretty well so far ;) 5. Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles....I was thinking of adding an "SL" in front of FeA, but that would have been too easy.

One more to go!

LEVEL SEVEN: Lots Of Strange Esoteric References: See if you can answer these correctly to achieve full L.O.S.E.R.status! :smiley:

2. MKK
3. BDI
4. BOG
5. BN

1. Portrait of a Lady....oddly, worn by many men. 2. Muscs Kublai Khan....the smell of Ghengis Khan's nether regions. Mmmmm mmmm. 3. Bois des Iles 4. Breath of God Lush's discontinued crapsterpiece. 5. Basenotes! Haha! You were stumped, weren't you? The answer was right in your face the whole time! There goes your perfect score....

Here's the break down. How did you score overall?

1--4 points: Meh. You probably don't have an account.

5--9 points: There's hope for you yet.

10--20: LAME-O

21--25: You scored right in the "COOL" zone. This means you know enough to not be an idiot but you don't know so much as to be completely creepy.

26--34: CREEPY!

35: CONGRATULATIONS! :vrolijk_1: You're ability to correctly know the acronyms for Lots Of Strange and Esoteric References gives you full LOSER status! Now go brag to your co-workers about it! :smiley:

:coolold:Thanks for taking...The Basenotes Acronym Challenge!:coolold:

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Take The Basenotes ACRONYM Challenge: See How You Score!


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