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10 Automotive Business Card Templates – Fully Customisable Online

If you have got anything to do with the automotive industry and you are reading this article. It means that you already know that a cookie-cutter Business card with your name and details just randomly slapped on it isn’t the ideal solution. Whether you own an auto-repair shop or a body shop. Whether you deal with spare-parts and equipment or you have a design shop you know that your business is unique and hence you need an equally unique business card that speaks your brand. A business card that uniquely represents YOUR business. Here are top ten hand-picked, professional and highly elegant automotive business card templates that’ll do just that. The best part is, we have tried to cover the entire spectrum of the types of automotive businesses so you can start with just the right one for yourself.

Of course, our friends at MakeBizCards (an online platform for designing and editing business card on a drag and drop DIY tool) have been kind to us for this special giveaway. So you can edit these templates yourself, completely online without any photoshop skills. Customize these templates, add your brand colors, logo and fonts, and even add additional illustrations on top to design a custom business card of your own and get hi-res, (300DPI) ‘ready-to-print’ PDF file within minutes.

Without further ado, here are the templates

1. Car Dashboard Themed Auto Repair Business Card

If you are an auto repair business owner and would like to have a clean, and minimal yet theme based business card to create a really lasting impression in the minds of your first-time users, this is just the card for you.

Car dashboard themed auto repair shop business cardAs you can see, the best part of this template’s design is how all the information from your contact details to your name and designation and even your address fits beautifully into the shape of a car’s dashboard. If you have an automotive business that specializes in car repairs I’d say you need to look no further. It’s a single color template so customizing it according to your brand color is super easy. Plus if you don’t like the illustrations you can easily change it by selecting an illustration from their extensive library.

Download This Card NOW

2. WhatsApp Themed Auto-mechanic Business Card

If you have an automotive business and top-notch customer service is what separates you from all the other Toms, Dicks and Harrys running repair shops, here’s a card that’s appropriate just for you. Every mechanic knows vehicles, so what is the one thing that you can do to stand out? You can be accessible. That’s exactly what this card says loud and clear. Imagine a prospect’s car broke down, what if he can just call you or even text you to ask what you think might have gone wrong. Now compare that to someone having to get his vehicle toed all the way to your workshop before you can tell me that it’ll be fine.

The thing is- my car just broke down and I am completely panicking. Now if at that moment I know that I can reach an expert who can advise me right then, guess who I will go to when I need my car repaired? Or guess who I’ll refer my friends to for that matter.

WhatsApp Themed Auto-mechanic Business Card

The best part of this design is how your logo beautifully fits on the front side. You can easily customize and add your own contact info at the back to get a hi-res ‘ready-to-print’ card exactly like this one within minutes.

Download This Card NOW

3. Vintage Motorcycle Repair Business Card

If you are in the business of repairing vintage motorcycles, here’s a card that’s just right for you. The design is very well fitting and the way they’ve effectively used the stripes to show ramps just makes it all the more elegant. The best part is you can start with this elegant looking template, add your own logo instead of the bike in the front. Change the illustration in the back (from a variety of options in their library) to match your star offering like a Bilenky hedgehog for example. And you have a super-elegant and professional looking, completely custom designed business card in a hi-res ‘ready-to-print’ format that speaks your brand. Like literally. And all within minutes and with no photoshop or grap[hics designing skills needed.

Vintage Motorcycle Repair Business Card

Download This Card NOW

4. Vintage Motorcycle Mechanic Business Cards

Here’s a simple card with a simplistic, minimal and abstract vintage motorbike illustration which is a perfect fit if you run a repair business that deals mainly with vintage motorcycles. You can put all the necessary contact details even a simple cookie-cutter business card. But then you’d be like just another Tom, Dick or Harry who is a mechanic and has a business card. And I have no clue what he does when I look at his business card. This one, on the other hand, is quite specific. If I am a prospect and I look at this card, you can bet that I’ll have a fair idea of what exactly you specialize in.

Motorcycle Remodeling Business Card

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Best part it’s a one color template so modifying it to fit your branding is super easy! Plus no matter what kind of a logo you have, there’s a good amount of space to fit it nicely on the front and then there’s the illustration on the back.You don’t even have to settle for this illustration. You can replace it from a variety of choices in the extensive library. You can do all this fitting work to get a sort of custom designed, hi-res ‘ready-to-printed’ within minutes. Literally! And all without needing any photoshop or designing skills.

5. Simple Motor Mechanic Business Card

If you are like me, then all the shazaam apart, when it comes to actually selecting a template for my business card I will always go with one that’s simple, plain, has a lot of white space. And fits my brand colors, fonts, and logo. That’s exactly what is special about this card. It might not pop out of the page on the first look, but it definitely sticks. Just customize the information, change the blue to your brand color, add your logo, change the fonts If you have brand fonts and you are good to go.
Simple Motor Mechanic Business Card

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6. Race Themed Automotive Business Card

Do you deal with any sort of repair, maintenance or trade of the premium ‘race’ cars? Here’s a card that’s just for you! The race track look with a close to premium looking minimal illustration makes this card look completely premium. The best thing you don’t have to settle for the yellow. You can change it to white, grey or just about any color that suits your brand without knowing or needing any photoshop or graphic designing skills. At it’s price, this premium looking card is a steal.

Race Themed Automotive Business Card

Download This Card NOW

7. Motorcycle Remodeling Business Card

Ok, so a friend of mine is in this motorbike remodeling business and asked me to design a business card for him. He wanted it quickly and since it was more like a favor to a close friend so there was no budget involved.  He said it was ok to use something from the internet as a starting point. There was one problem though. I searched and searched and yet could not find something that even comes close to solving his problem of appropriately representing a remodeling business on a business card. That was until I found this design recently. This just works so perfectly. The illustration instantly catches attention and says out loud “remodeled motorbike”. I just changed the info, font, and color and within minutes I was done.

Motorcycle Remodeling Business Card

Download This Card NOW

8. Simple Motorcycle Mechanic Business Card

If you like a business card that has a stark difference of color, here’s a template just for you. I think that such a template with a dark background on one side and bright one on the other has a premium feel to it that is generally unmatched in a card that’s a single shade. You can customise this design, add your own logo shade of brand colors and even swap between the colors super-easily. You can even choose from thousands of options to change the illustration on the back. And all that without needing any photoshop or design skills. And within minutes you can get your own custom-designed, hi-res, ready-to-print card within minutes.

Motorcycle Mechanic Business Card

Download This Card NOW

9. Minimal Mechanic Business Card

If you love minimalism like me think that less is more, here’s one card that looks so elegant and professional, it just could not get any more sophisticated in its simplicity. The way it’s designed, it speaks out loud-and-clear that it’s something to do with mechanical or automotive. The logo (the gear icon) has been used beautifully and the minimalism with which the information is presented, it’s just WAO! Click the link below to edit it and get a hi-res ‘ready-to-print’ file within minutes. Customise the information. Change the colors and fonts according to your branding within minutes and without needing and photoshop or design skills.

Minimal Mechanic Business Card

Download This Card NOW

10. Local Auto Repair Business Card (With Emergency Support)

Most of the automotive businesses that I have come across over the years are hyperlocal, serving the local community of people with a need of s special feature in their business card that highlights 24*7 service for the entire locality and just a call away. If you operate such a business, there can be no card better suited than this one for you

Local Auto Repair Business Card (With Emergency Support)

Download This Card NOW

That’s all I have right now on this list. But it sure isn’t exhaustive or complete. And if you come across an automotive business card that you really like that I have missed and might be a good addition to this list. Add your suggestion in the comments and I will consider it whenever I update this article.

See you in the comments

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10 Automotive Business Card Templates – Fully Customisable Online


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