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Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver

Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver

Difference between Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver

Adobe is the only name that pops up when you think of designing or coding. You get all the designing solution under the same banner, be it simple photo editing, complicated vectors, video editing, adding effects, designing a website etc. The list is endless, you name it and Adobe has it. Here, we will talk about two software that is very popular in the web designing niche i.e. Adobe Muse vs Adobe Dreamweaver.

Adobe Muse: It can be categorized under the desktop web designing software provided by Adobe. It is gaining popularity with those who have less or no knowledge of coding websites. Basically, it is a perfect choice for visual minded designers. You can create a perfect responsive website, without even opening the coding page. It can be a good choice if you are looking to quickly design and publish a small responsive website. You get readymade elements and a full mechanism of tools to design or change web pages. When we say it is a perfect choice visual minded designer, it is because it offers the features of drag and drops designing elements to match your vision.

Adobe Dreamweaver:  It is a professional website designing software, best for those who have extensive knowledge of coding languages like HTML, CSS etc. It also has visual editors but its core is designing through coding. It is a tool preferred by experienced coders. Large custom-made responsive websites can be created using Dreamweaver, with advanced scripting and coding in different languages like JavaScript, PHP etc. Though the software offers some WYSIWYG elements (what you see is what you get), if you are planning to design a website using Dreamweaver, you need to have as much knowledge as possible of the coding languages.

Head To Head Comparison Between Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver (Infographics)

Below is the top 6 difference between Adobe Muse vs DreamweaverAdobe Muse vs Dreamweaver Infographics

Key differences between Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver

Both Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver are website designing tools created by the Adobe Creative Suite, but they’re a lot of differences between Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver. Both the software are not direct competitors, but they are used for more or less the same purpose with different functionality.

  • Like discussed above, both Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver are web designing tools, but Muse is a software for visual designers who have little or no knowledge of coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP JavaScript etc. While Dreamweaver is a more advanced and professional software, used by coders and developers to design big websites with extensive coding involved.
  • You can design a responsive website in Muse even if you do not have any coding experience. But when it comes to Dreamweaver, you cannot design web pages, if you do not have deep and extensive knowledge of different coding languages.
  • It is comparatively and easy to use software with a familiar interface like other Adobe software. The principles of working on Muse is the same as Photoshop. If you know how to work on Photoshop, you can master Muse in no time. While Dreamweaver interface is more similar to other Adobe coding software. Even the minimum usage of the tool may require the knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Muse supports plugins and widget installation, which enhances the functionality of the tool. You can design landing pages, portfolios, small websites etc. simply by drag and drop. While for Dreamweaver you have to write coding language quotes for designing. It also supports LESS and Sass pre-processors
  • Muse is useful for both coders and non-coders. You need not have coding language knowledge to work on Muse. Dreamweaver is useful only for professional coders. You cannot do anything on this tool if you do not have coding language knowledge.

Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver Comparison Table

Below is the topmost comparison between Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver

The basis of comparison between Muse vs Dreamweaver

Adobe Muse


Definition It is a desktop app used by visual designers to design responsive websites, without any coding. It is a desktop app used by professional coders to design responsive websites, with extensive coding involved.
Usage It is easy to use the software. Anyone can design a website using this tool even if they do not have any coding language. It is a professional web designing software and can be used effectively only by those who have coding knowledge.
Flexibility Muse is quite flexible to use and works best to design landing pages, portfolios, and small websites. Dreamweaver is a little complicated to use when compared to Muse. It is best to use for designing big professional websites which involve coding.
Designing There are no free templates available but you can get special template designed for Muse. You have to manually design all the templates here, though you can get readymade HTML templates.
Interface Muse provides easy to use interface that is familiar with other Adobe software like Photoshop and Illustrator and InDesign. Dreamweaver has both a visual design interface and a code editor interface.
Tools It has better designing tools. It has better coding tools.

Conclusion– Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver

Both Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver is Adobe desktop software used to design responsive websites. The major difference between Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver is the coding part. If you are professional coders with good knowledge of all the coding languages and want to design big heavy websites, then you should probably choose Dreamweaver. But if you are a Visual designer, who likes to give shape to your imaginations and quickly want to design websites without any coding involved, Muse is the best option for you.

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Adobe Muse vs Dreamweaver


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