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12 Best Authors Like Liane Moriarty: Irresistible Page Turning Fiction

Check out our list of authors like Liane Moriarty if you can’t get enough of Nine Perfect Strangers, Big Little Lies, and other hits by the riveting writer.

Whether you’ve read Liane Moriarty’s New York Times bestsellers or watched her writing come to life on HBO or Hulu, it’s clear that Liane Moriarty’s books are having a moment. With strong female leads and unexpected twists, readers and viewers alike love watching Moriarty’s stories unfold both on the pages of her novels and on the small screen.

Fans of Nicole Kidman have loved that she’s paired with Moriarty on several projects, starring in Big Little Lies and starring and producing in the small screen adaptation of Nine Perfect Strangers. From Apples Never Fall to The Husband’s Secret, one thing is for sure, Moriarty’s books translate perfectly to film. Many authors like Liane Moriarty write compelling fiction that you won’t be able to put down. If you’re looking for more of the best books written by female authors, check out our guide!

Best Authors Like Liane Moriarty

1. Shari Lapena, 1960 –

Sheri Lapena works to create page-turners that readers can’t stop reading

Everyone Here is Lying author Sheri Lapena is known for her suspense-driven, edge-of-your-seat novels, including Not a Happy Family, Someone We Know, and The End of Her. An international bestseller, Lapena aims to write books that her readers won’t be able to put down. The Canadian novelist has received several honors for her work, including being named a Sunburst Award finalist for her 2008 novel Things Go Flying.

“She knows that it’s not necessarily the ones who seem different that you need to be afraid of—it’s the ones who can carry off normal without anyone suspecting a thing.”

Shari Lapena, Everyone Here is Lying
Everyone Here Is Lying: A Novel

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2. B.A. Paris, 1958 –

B.A. Paris is known for creating psychological dilemmas

Author of Behind Closed Doors, B.A. Paris is an NYT and Sunday Times bestselling author who writes psychological thrillers and family dramas. As a French and Irish writer living in England, Paris gets to draw from several cultures as she develops her work. Her fiction books are known for offering mysteries that leave her readers obsessed with finding a solution and wanting nothing but the best for her characters, who feel like real-life friends.

“We go downstairs and in the hall, he takes my coat from the cupboard and holds it open while I slip my arms into it. In the drive outside, he holds the car door for me and waits until I’m in. As he closes it behind me, I can’t help thinking it’s a shame he’s such a sadistic bastard, because he has wonderful manners.”

B.A. Paris, Behind Closed Doors
Behind Closed Doors

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3. Celeste Ng, 1980 –

Celeste Ng’s works offer strong female leads and real-life drama

Named Best Book of the Year by NPR, Amazon, and Entertainment Weekly, Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere drew readers into the world of Shaker Heights, a placid Cleveland suburb with figurative fires burning just below the ground’s surface. The novel became a Hulu drama starring Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon, captivating viewers and readers alike. Fans of Ng appreciate how the author manages to bring issues that are often hush-hushed to light.

“Sometimes you need to scorch everything to the ground, and start over. After the burning the soil is richer, and new things can grow. People are like that, too. They start over. They find a way.”

Celeste Ng, Little Fires Everywhere
Little Fires Everywhere

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4. Gillian Flynn, 1971 –

Gillian Flynn isn’t afraid to write female characters who go against the grain

Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn is known for riveting thriller books, including Sharp Objects and Dark Places. With over 15 million copies of Gone Girl sold worldwide, Flynn’s audience loves her twisty novels that keep them guessing. The author started as a journalist at U.S. News & World Report, discussing how the beginning of her career pushed her to develop her craft. While Flynn has received some criticism for writing unlikeable female characters, she states that her feminist views push her to encourage all types of females, not just the ones that are easy to root for.

“There’s a difference between really loving someone and loving the idea of her.”

Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl
Gone Girl: A Novel

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5. Megan Abbott, 1971 –

Megan Abbott set many of her novels in the pre-WWII United States

Crime fiction author and television producer Megan Abbott is heavily influenced by film noir and often sets her stories in the 1930s and 1940s after falling in love with the period as a child. Her 2017 novel You Will Know Me was named a finalist for several awards, including the Macavity Awards and the Steel Dagger Award. Her 2021 novel, The Turnout, won the Booklist Editors’ Choice for Adult Books for Young Adults and the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Mystery/Thriller.

“That’s what parenthood was about, wasn’t it? Slowly understanding your child less and less until she wasn’t yours anymore but herself.”

Megan Abbott, You Will Know Me
You Will Know Me: A Novel

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6. Paula Hawkins, 1972 –

Fans of Paula Hawkins love her complex thriller novels

Known for her 2015 psychological thriller The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins isn’t afraid to tackle tough topics, including violence and drug abuse. While The Girl on the Train was eventually made into a feature film starring actress Emily Blunt, Hawkins didn’t have it easy when she was writing the soon-to-be hit story. She struggled financially and had to borrow money during the six months it took her to complete the book. Following the novel’s publication, Hawkins was named one of the BBC’s 100 Women.

“Hollowness: that I understand. I’m starting to believe that there isn’t anything you can do to fix it. That’s what I’ve taken from the therapy sessions: the holes in your life are permanent. You have to grow around them, like tree roots around concrete; you mold yourself through the gaps.”

Paula Hawkins, The Girl on the Train
The Girl on the Train: A Novel

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7. Gillian White, 1945 – 2020

British author Gillian White developed complex characters with relatable, real-world issues

London novelist Gillian White is a renowned author who often explored human emotions, including despair, greed, and revenge. Her 1992 novel, Rich Deceiver, became a two-part BBC television series. White wasn’t afraid to dig into tough topics, including dysfunctional families and lack of opportunity. Much like Moriarty, White worked to bring real family issues that were often swept under the rug to light.

“On a Wednesday, he is home by five, if not five-thirty. He is lucky to have a job at all, with unemployment round here as it is, although the job that he’s had for twenty years is constantly under threat. Oh yes, she knows why he’s bitter and frightened. So many men round here have become like that lately.”

Gillian White, Rich Deceiver
Rich Deceiver: A Novel

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8. Paula Daly

Paula Daly is heralded for her books celebrating strong and complicated female leads

Clear My Name author Paula Daly is described as “A potential star, and one with the courage to take risks” by Daily Mail. Daly writes domestic suspense, melding the normalcy of day-to-day life with touch to solve mysteries, family issues, and crime. Female readers especially identify with Daly’s characters, delving into the lengths women will go to to protect the relationships that matter most.

“I found that, with more time available, I did in fact spend less money. I was better prepared, and instead of life being one frantic whirlwind, meeting myself coming backwards, throwing cash at things just to get through, my days were more manageable. Peaceful. There was happiness to be found in doing the simple stuff.”

Paula Daly, The Mistake I Made
Clear My Name

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9. Lisa Jewell, 1968 –

Lisa Jewell’s books are often at the top of the reading list in female book clubs

Lisa Jewell is a number one New York Times bestselling author who writes page-turning domestic dramas. Her 2023 novel None of This is True follows podcaster Alix Summer as an unlikely encounter leaves her intertwined with a possible criminal. A top book club recommendation, readers are both angry at and sympathizing with Jewell’s characters. Much like Moriarty, Jewell has the unique ability to paint her leads in flattering and infuriating light, encompassing various dynamics that make up real-life personalities.

“But what I’ve found, Nathan, is that life shows you the way when you forget to make one. So, you know, let’s wait and see.”

Lisa Jewell, None of This Is True
None of This Is True: A Novel

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10. Sally Hepworth, 1980 –

Sally Hepworth is known for her witty domestic thriller novels

Sally Hepworth has recently been in the news for her 2019 novel, The Mother-In-Law, which Hollywood star Amy Poehler has optioned for a TV series. While Hepworth’s novels are dark, she’s known for keeping a comedic tone that keeps readers as entertained as they are curious. Her 2023 novel, The Soulmate, is clever and fast-paced, leaving readers wondering just how well they know those they consider their closest friends and family.

“Turns out I don’t need someone holding my board and pushing me into the wave – I can do it myself. Several times as, as I ride the wave, I have that glorious, blissful feeling… like I’m flying. It’s even better than the feeling I had the day Gabe took me surfing. Because it taught me that Gabriel Gerard isn’t the only one who can make magic. I can make magic too.”

Sally Hepworth, The Soulmate
The Soulmate: A Novel

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11. Jojo Moyes, 1969 –

Jojo Moyes writes domestic fiction, including bestsellers like Me Before You and The One Plus One

Someone Else’s Shoes author Jojo Moyes is a romance author who isn’t afraid to dive into tough issues, including relationships, mental health issues, and financial problems. Readers love how Moyes keeps humor at wit at the forefront of her writing, even when her topics are devastatingly dark. Many readers fell in love with Moyes for the first time after reading her 2012 novel Me Before You, adapted into a 2016 screenplay of the same name.

“But if you cannot change your situation, then you have no choice. You can only change how you think about it.”

Jojo Moyes, Someone Else’s Shoes
Someone Else's Shoes: A Novel

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12. Jennifer Weiner, 1970 –

Jennifer Weiner is known for writing powerful and relatable female characters

Author Jennifer Weiner has spent a collective five years on the New York Times bestseller list, selling more than 11 million copies of her female-led books worldwide. After growing up in Connecticut, Weiner moved to Philadelphia, where many of her novels are set. The author has the unique ability to write likable female characters who stand on their own yet are open to love, change, and relationships. Her 2022 bestseller, The Summer Place, is no different and shows Weiner at her best, writing about family, love, forgiveness, and healing.

“She’d seen it happen to her friends, fellow PhD students, some who’d published their work. Put a ring on their finger and, through some dark magic, they turned into wives and mothers, and instead of talking about Elizabethan poetry or symbolism in Shakespeare’s sonnets or how the market economy had shaped post–Civil War America, it was all teething and toilet training and which towns had the most desirable school districts.”

Jennifer Weiner, The Summer Place
The Summer Place: A Novel

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12 Best Authors Like Liane Moriarty: Irresistible Page Turning Fiction


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