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2023-11-21 18:53
In the Spring of 2020, I wiped the cobwebs off my mountain bike, and after a 10 year hiatus, I determined it was time to “get back in shape.”  The last 10 years had been co… Read More
2023-11-15 16:03
Pickleball, a sport that has recently surged in popularity worldwide, has evolved from a niche backyard game in suburban America into a rapidly growing sensation embraced by individuals of… Read More
The Movement Solution For Back Pain Relief
2023-06-10 01:32
When we feel pain in our low back, what’s the first thing many of us tend to think? We need to lie down. We need to sit down. We need to rest so our back will feel better. We may thin… Read More
The Brain + Spine Connection
2022-08-24 11:00
Bottom Line: Odds are, you’ve pondered on the brain-body connection a time or two here and there, and for good reason. Every thought and movement in your life occurs through your brai… Read More
Disc Issues And Chiropractic
2022-08-17 11:00
Bottom Line: Disc herniations, bulges, protrusions, and extrusions (oh my!) are some of the most common reasons people visit a chiropractor. In fact, most people see a chiropractor not just… Read More
What Is Morpheus8 Skin Tightening?
2022-07-29 18:57
The Bottom Line Half of the world & the adult population struggles with headaches at least once a year. And while headaches can seem like no big deal most of the time, they also cause v… Read More
What You Need To Know About Sciatica
2022-07-21 19:17
Bottom Line: Let’s dive right into what you need to know about sciatica. To understand what sciatica is, it helps to think of sciatica more as a set of symptoms than a condition. Whe… Read More
Pro Tips To Keep Your Spinal Discs Healthy
2022-03-30 10:31
Why it Matters: So, it may be a bit too late to change careers and try out for a professional sports team. But there are a few things you can do to stay healthy and productive while you wor… Read More
How Pro Athletes Deal With Pain
2022-03-17 17:03
Bottom Line: Professional sports is big business, and sports performance is a huge part of winning. To help athletes play at the highest levels possible, they’re given access to a var… Read More
Design A Year Of Abundant Health
2022-01-26 12:00
Bottom Line: Designing a year of abundant health starts with ensuring you’re setting SMART goals and taking proactive daily steps to help your body function at its best. SMART goals a… Read More
The Power Of Your Health Potential
2022-01-19 12:00
Bottom Line: “Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe.” Not only is that quote inspiring and thought-provoking, but we see the powe… Read More
3 Steps To Go From Exhausted To Energized
2022-01-13 19:48
Bottom Line: If you’re coming out of the holidays feeling a little sluggish and low on energy, you’re not alone! Any changes to your regular sleep and exercise routine can impac… Read More
The Truth About Chiropractic
2021-12-29 15:19
Bottom Line: Chiropractors have been helping people perform their best for over 125 years. Many things have changed since the beginning, but the one thing that remains constant is our commi… Read More
How Inflammation Affects Your Body
2021-12-15 12:03
Bottom Line: Inflammation is like a check engine light for your body. It tells you that something isn’t quite right, and you should pay attention. The first step in discovering the ca… Read More
What Causes Inflammation?
2021-12-02 14:58
Bottom Line: Chronic inflammation is one of the most significant health issues many of us will face today. It’s been linked to everything from chronic pain to a wide range of other mi… Read More
Is My Arm Pain Coming From My Neck?
2021-11-24 12:00
Bottom Line: Pain in your hand, wrist, or arm can be frustrating. You don’t realize how much you use your arms and hands until pain, numbness, or tingling gets in the way. Most of us… Read More
Why Does My Neck Hurt?
2021-11-10 12:00
Bottom Line: Your neck has a tough job. It has to hold, stabilize, and move the weight of your head… every day… for a lifetime. Holding up 11 pounds may not seem like a lot, b… Read More
2021-10-27 11:00
  Bottom Line: Both strength and flexibility play a significant role in how your posture develops. For instance, having both a strong and flexible core helps the body to dynamically ad… Read More
2021-10-20 11:00
Bottom Line: Believe it or not, many of us spend 3 hours or more per day on our smartphones. That adds up to over 1,000 hours each year! And the positions we tend to hold our heads in whil… Read More
How To Improve Your Posture
2021-10-13 10:59
Bottom Line: When discussing posture, we’re often referring to the overall position of your body as you stand, sit, or lie down. Most experts would agree that a “good” ove… Read More
Perfect Posture Is Dynamic
2021-10-06 11:09
Bottom Line: Is there such a thing as perfect posture? The answer may surprise you. The latest research shows that it’s actually more beneficial to think about your posture as dynamic… Read More
Be Smart With Your Smartphone And Look Up!
2021-09-29 18:42
Bottom Line: While our devices can be fantastic tools for entertainment and education, the postural effects are something all parents should be aware of. For many students and parents alike… Read More
The Benefits Of Chiropractic Care
2021-08-25 11:00
Bottom Line: Do you know the benefits of chiropractic care? Chiropractors help your body heal itself through movement-based techniques that influence your body’s nervous system, muscl… Read More
Taking A Stand Against Opioids
2021-08-18 11:00
Bottom Line: About 30 years ago, the medical community shifted how they thought pain should be addressed. “Pain is a 5th vital sign” became a rallying cry, and new medications w… Read More
Finding Relief Without Opioids
2021-08-11 11:00
Bottom Line: There is no question that opioids are powerful pain killers. The problem is… they are also highly addictive and don’t actually fix the cause of your pain. If you&r&helli…Read More
Why Are Opioids So Dangerous?
2021-08-04 11:00
Bottom Line: It’s estimated that over 200 million opioid prescriptions are written each year. This use and abuse has led to an epidemic that’s been fueled by chronic pain. Opioi… Read More
Are You At Risk For Chronic Knee Pain?
2021-07-21 11:39
Bottom Line: Knees hurt? You’re not alone. Chronic knee pain is thought to affect up to 25% of adults and can significantly limit your mobility and quality of life. Your knee is a hin… Read More
Your Hip And SI Joint
2021-07-14 11:31
Bottom Line: While figuring out the difference between hip and SI (sacroiliac) joint pain can be extremely confusing, being able to identify which one is the culprit is crucial when you&rsq&helli…Read More
Shoulder Pain: How To Find Relief
2021-07-08 01:29
Bottom Line: Did you know… your shoulder is the most unstable and moveable joint in your body. Its wide range of motion is facilitated by four primary muscles and their tendons, whic… Read More
How To Get Rid Of Daily Headaches
2021-06-23 18:04
Bottom Line: If you notice that your headaches are becoming more frequent and intense, it can be troubling. Daily headaches can make it challenging to have a high quality of life and can af… Read More
The Link Between Neck Pain And Headaches
2021-06-10 15:51
Meta description: Your head hurts. Could it be coming from your neck? You may be surprised to learn that neck pain and headaches are tightly linked together. Bottom Line: Your head hurts. C… Read More
2021-05-27 12:00
Bottom Line: For over 100 years, professional athletes of all kinds have used chiropractic care to recover, reduce their likelihood of injury, and even get an edge in performance. And what… Read More
When Should You See A Chiropractor?
2021-05-12 12:00
Bottom Line: Almost everyone has heard of chiropractic care, but many people have no idea if or when they should see a chiropractor. And if your doctor hasn’t yet referred you to a ch… Read More
2021-05-05 11:00
Bottom Line: Millions of people participate in sports each weekend as a way to stay active and stay connected to their friends… but, inevitably, as we age, the likelihood of an unexp… Read More
Is My Leg Pain Coming From My Back?
2021-04-21 11:00
Bottom Line: It may seem odd to think that nagging leg, calf, or foot pain could be traced back to a low back problem… But if you’ve had pain in your leg or foot, a pinched ner… Read More
How To Move Your Way To Back Pain Relief
2021-04-14 11:00
Bottom Line: Movement is one of the best ways to recover from back pain. In fact, science has shown us that medications and rest are actually a few of the least effective ways to find relie… Read More
How To Make Facebook Healthy For You
2021-03-31 11:00
Bottom Line: Can Facebook help you be more healthy? The answer is yes… if you take the right steps to curate your feed, stay connected, and share positive stories. Why it Matters: Yo… Read More
How Long Does Whiplash Last?
2021-03-10 12:00
Bottom Line: Symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, back pain, headaches, dizziness, and confusion — none of these sound like a good time… And if you’ve been involved in… Read More
Whiplash: The Symptoms You Need To Know
2021-03-03 12:00
Bottom Line: Whiplash is an injury that occurs when your body is suddenly forced backward and forward. It’s the most common injury that happens during an automobile accident, and it&r&helli…Read More
Keeping Your Spinal Discs Healthy
2021-02-24 12:00
Bottom Line: Ain’t no one got time for back pain! Proactively doing things today to help your spinal discs stay healthy in the future is a smart idea. Every day, your spinal discs ab… Read More
How To Strengthen Your Spinal Discs
2021-02-17 12:00
Bottom Line: No one wants to deal with back pain. Whether you’re living with pain today or looking to reduce your risk of injury in the future, you may be curious about how you can st… Read More
Types Of Spinal Disc Problems
2021-02-10 12:00
Bottom Line: If you’ve had a spinal disc problem, you know how painful it can be. Every movement seems to hurt, and it can feel like you’ll never be back to your old self. That… Read More
What Are Spinal Discs Made Of?
2021-02-03 18:03
Bottom Line: We all know spinal discs are important — but to understand why, the real question is… what are they made of? Simply put, your spinal discs are the little cushions… Read More
Increasing Your Energy In 2021
2021-01-27 12:00
Bottom Line: Have you found yourself tired and drained at the end of each day? It may be easy to grab a second (or tenth?!) coffee or energy drink but boosting your energy level doesn&rsquo&helli…Read More
2021-01-21 12:27
Bottom Line: You’ve heard it before: regular exercise is good for your physical and mental health. Daily exercise can help you lose weight, lower your risk of future health challenges… Read More
Setting Smart Health Goals In 2021
2021-01-06 19:04
Bottom Line: Have you ever felt like you were working hard but weren’t making any progress towards your goals? You’re not alone. Most people feel that way each year around this… Read More
The Link Between Your Stress And Your Spine
2020-12-09 12:33
Bottom Line: Your stress level and spinal health are linked through your nervous system. Just think about what happens to you physically when you get stressed out. Your muscles tense, your… Read More
2020-11-18 12:00
5 Tips for Staying Sane in the Pandemic Holiday Season: Learn to say no This is perhaps the most important rule of all. The holidays are usually about others and reconnecting with everyone… Read More
Why Does My Neck Hurt
2020-11-11 12:00
Bottom Line: Your neck has a tough job. It has to hold up the weight of your head every day… for a lifetime. Holding up 11 pounds may not seem like a lot, but those 7 bones and 25 or… Read More
How To Get Rid Of A Stiff Neck
2020-11-04 17:01
Bottom Line: Working on computers and staring down at our smartphones for hours each day has left over 20% of us experiencing neck pain over the past few months. A stiff neck is usually the… Read More
What Causes Low Back Pain?
2020-10-21 11:59
Bottom Line: Low back pain is something that over 80% of us will deal with at some point in our lives… but what exactly causes low back pain? Usually, it’s not just one thing t… Read More
3 Keys To Developing A Healthy Spine
2020-09-09 17:12
Bottom Line: Developing a healthy spine begins by understanding the three keys of strength, flexibility, and posture. Strength, flexibility, and improving your posture will go a long way to… Read More
Delayed Pain After A Car Accident
2020-08-12 12:00
Bottom Line: If you can walk away after a car accident without any catastrophic injuries, you may consider yourself lucky! Even if you feel ok after exchanging information and speaking with… Read More
Can Running Injuries Be Prevented?
2020-07-30 17:12
Many athletes have a love/hate relationship with running. Anyone who has ever run a significant distance on a regular basis understands the aches and pains that come along with it. Much of… Read More
Eat Better To Feel Better
2020-07-22 12:00
Many of our patients are staying at home as much as they can these days. A lot are also working from home. Seems like eating healthier would be easier this way, but being at home a lot with… Read More

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