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Marks On The Palm | The Star | Meaning Of Star On Fingers, Mounts & Lines Of Hand Palmistry

Marks On The Palm | The Star | Meaning Of Star On Fingers, Mounts & Lines Of Hand Palmistry

1. Intersection of three small lines independently is called star. It has very strong effects.

2. The effect of a star is reduced if it is available on the line or a parallel line run nearby star.

3. A star on the mount of Jupiter indicates head injury, throat surgery and death by sticking of some eatable in the throat.

4. If the star is found on mount of Saturn, it is an indication of paralysis, trouble of spinal cord, danger from fire, electricity or bullet. Injury may also occur due to fall.

5. Stars on the 3rd phalange of Saturn fingers of both hands indicate death due to suicide or drowning.

6. A star at the root of Saturn finger indicates sterility of wife.

7. A star on the 2nd phalange of Saturn finger indicates insanity.

8. A star on the mount of mercury shows danger of poisoning.

9. If the star is on the mount of Moon, then danger of drowning, jaundice, paralysis, mental shock and suicidal tendency.

10. A star on the fate line, indicates the death of partner due to unhappy married life.

11. Stars on mount of Moon and Head line, indicates suicidal tendency.

12. Stars on the life line on both hands, indicate vanishing of whole family.

13. A star on the heart line between mount of Apollo and Mercury, indicates heart

14. Loss of memory and mental paralysis, if star is situated on the terminal of head line.

15. A star on the mount of Mars is the indication of death due to accident.

16.  A star on the mount of Venus on both hands, causes loss of vitality.

17.  A star on the mount of Mars shows the accidental death and unhappy married life.

Star In Various Regions Of Thumb And Fingers

1) First phalange - Loose character
2) 2nd phalange - Temptation to do wrong

Jupiter Finger 
1) 1st phalange - Rise in career.
2) 2nd phalange - Chastity, mobility
3) 3rd phalange- Immoral

Saturn Finger 
1) 1st phalange - Assassination
2) 2nd phalange - Assassination
3) 3rd phalange- Criminal tendency and sterility in women

Sun Finger 
1) 1st phalange - Success in fine arts
2) 2nd phalange - Success, talent
3) 3rd phalange- Lack of constructive attitude.

Mercury Finger 
1) 1st phalange - Oratory, politics.
2) 2nd phalange - Bad mental attitude
3) 3rd phalange- Wisdom, Oratory

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Marks On The Palm | The Star | Meaning Of Star On Fingers, Mounts & Lines Of Hand Palmistry


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