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Top 15 Breathtaking 90s Braided Hairstyles

Fashion is cyclical in nature with styles resurfacing every 20 to 30 years. The 1990s were a remarkable decade that gave us enduring Hair and fashion trends. 90s braided hairstyles have consistently served as a source of inspiration for hairstyles in this category. Braids were creatively used throughout the 1990s in interesting and alluring ways.

We’ll take you on a trip down memory lane as we explore the top Top 15 breathtaking 90s braided hairstyles that are presently enjoying a trendy comeback in this hair blog. Let’s get started right away if you’re ready.

1. Cornrow with Bead 

It would be a mistake not to mention Alicia Keys in this 90s braided hairstyles collection—a well-known American singer in the 90s with a number of hits such as “If I Ain’t Got You” or “Girl on Fire.” She is considered the queen of this hairstyle with diverse variations.

The very first braided hairstyle from the 1990s is the well-known beaded cornrow worn by Alicia Keys. Generations of African Americans have worn their hair in cornrows, but Alicia Keys gave them a distinctive twist and popularized them. Her cornrows were not only a practical hairdo, but also a piece of art.

Add more fashion for cornrow hairstyle with crystal-like beads

The 90s braided hairstyles with beads – the crystal-like beads hanging from Alicia Keys’ cornrows were one of the style’s most distinctive elements. Her already striking hairdo was given a further boost with these beads in terms of elegance and flare.

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2. Jumbo Box Braid

The Jumbo Box Braid is the next hairstyle on our list of 90’s braids hairstyles. A Jumbo Box Braid protective style is just what you need if taking care of your hair is the last item on your “to-do list” during a hot summer.

It might be difficult to manage your hair in the oppressive summer heat. Your hair may become tough to maintain due to humidity, exposure to the sun, and persistent perspiration. The Jumbo Box Braid can help in this situation.

Go for Jumbo Box Braid for scorching day

The name “jumbo” is given to these braids for a purpose. They are more solid, thicker, and bigger than conventional box braids. This not only provides you a striking appearance, but it also has several useful benefits for the summer, such protection or low maintenance

3. Half Bun Half Down

Ask anyone for their list of ’90s hair icons, and I guarantee you’ll hear Brandy’s name on repeat. Brandy Norwood, known simply as Brandy, was an influential figure in the world of ‘90s hairstyles. Her signature look, often referred to as the “Half Bun, Half Down” style, left a lasting impression on the era’s fashion and hair trends.

Half Bun, Half Down – half of hair tied high on top, the other half left hanging freely

The “half bun, half down” style was the epitome of ’90s cool with half of her hair tied high on top, the other half left hanging freely. We believe it is definitely a must-try hairstyle in your list!

4. Twist 

In the 1990s, the natural hair community was completely enamored with Lisa Bonet’s hair.  She particularly loved twisting her hair rather than simply wearing it frizzy and natural, especially when twists were really popular. Twists are a wonderful place to start if you’re thinking about attempting Bonet’s famous hairstyle since they help you get a beautiful, boho look.

Lisa Bonet’s twist is a variation of braided hair

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5. High Braid Bun

Beyoncé is a multi-talented worldwide superstar who is renowned for her outstanding songs, captivating stage presence, and memorable hairstyles. Her high bun braid is one of her signature 90s hairstyles with braids that has made a lasting influence on fans and the fashion industry.

Beyoncé’s high bun braid is one of her signature 90s hairstyles with braids

Beyoncé has worn this sophisticated haircut a lot, both on and off the red carpet. Her high bun braid updo stands out because it combines refinement and originality. Here’s why it’s such a distinctive appearance.

6. Braid Bun 

Alicia Keys had to make a statement at the 2020 Grammy Awards as he hosted the ceremony for two years in a row.  She has a distinctive hairdo that consists of meticulously placed baby hairs, vertical cornrows, and a delicate bun at the nape of the neck that is adorned with several crystals.

Hairdo with meticulously placed baby hairs, vertical cornrows, and a delicate bun

One of the most distinctive and adaptable protective styles, cornrows have a long tradition in the Black culture. You may attempt these hairstyles, which were one of the top 90’s hairstyles with braids.

7. Braids with Headband

We commonly recall Janet Jackson’s enormous, gorgeously textured braids from the 1990s when we think of that decade. Chunky braids were undoubtedly in style in the 1990s and never truly went out of style. Despite the fact that Jackson styled her braids in a variety of ways, her adorable updo from the 1993 Grammy Awards is a great example. To make your hair stand out, add a headband; these were popular in the 1990s.

Janet Jackson was outstanding with braids with headband hairstyle in the 90s

8. Long Ponytail with Middle Part 

When it comes to wearing opulent, lengthy braids, Beyoncé is unrivaled. She made a dazzling entrance at Tyler Perry Studios’ famous grand opening event in 2019 wearing a custom created yellow gown embellished with priceless beads. Her diamond statement earrings and a captivatingly long braid that flowed smoothly all the way down to her ankles completed this stunning look.

Beyoncé look stunning with long braid ponytail

Beyoncé effortlessly captured everyone’s attention with her decision to wear her hair in a long ponytail with a middle part. This specific hairdo has a classic allure that brings to mind vogue from the 1990s. Simply collect your hair into a high ponytail, then subtly braid the base of it to get this style. The end effect is a sophisticated, stylish, and flawlessly polished look.

9. Braid with Two Bun on The top

Braid with Two Buns on Top is an iconic 90s braided hairstyles that exudes charm and attractiveness. This famous look combines aspects of fun, originality, and a hint of rebellion of two buns, making it a timeless choice that continues to fascinate hearts today.

Two Buns on Top is the combination of fun, originality, and a hint of rebellion.

10. Micro Braid

The Micro Braid, popularized by celebrities such as Brandy, is an iconic 90s braided hairstyles. Making micro braids is undeniably time-consuming, and there is no way to speed up the procedure. Even with the help of others, you should plan on spending at least four hours to complete this complicated appearance. However, the end effect is nothing short of enthralling. Consider including this style in your repertoire!

Brandy’s micro braid popularized in the 90s

11. Cute Fulani braids

Another exceptional 90’s hairstyles with braids that deserves a spotlight is the charming Fulani braids, famously adorned by Alicia Keys. Fulani braids, often referred to as Fulani cornrows or tribal braids, draw their inspiration from the Fulani people of West Africa, known for their intricate and culturally rich braiding techniques.

Look cute with fulani braids hairstyle

These braids typically feature a central cornrow braid adorned and the hair is teased at the back. Alicia Keys looks so cute with this, right? Do you want to be the same as her?

12. Braided Space Buns

Yara Shahidi’s Braided Space Buns combine two iconic 90s braided hairstyles: the timeless art of braiding and the whimsical charm of space buns to create a playful and ultra-trendy hairdo that has taken the fashion world by storm.

Yara Shahidi’s Braided Space Buns

Yara Shahidi, a young and influential actress, has made headlines not just for her playing abilities but also for her perfect style and unique hairstyles. Her Braided Space Buns have become her defining look, exuding confidence, uniqueness, and a hint of nostalgia. It’s a seamless blend of two ’90s hits that captures the essence of both eras while providing a modern twist.

13. Mini Cornrows

The elegant tiny cornrows are one of Alicia Keys’ distinctive hairstyles. Alicia wore partial cornrows on the left side of her head, elegantly complimented by lustrous loose curls, in a memorable 2005 performance on MTV’s TRL. Cornrows, with their elaborate and tightly braided patterns, necessitate painstaking technique, undivided attention, and a high level of competence.

Mini Cornrows – 90s braided hairstyles for black hair

This haircut not only enhanced her look but also encapsulated the aura of cool sophistication, encapsulating the soul of Braided Hairstyles from the 1990s.

14. Braided Pigtails

The renowned fashion superstar, Bella Hadid, has embraced the appeal of Braided Pigtails with unquestionable panache, catapulting this lovely hairstyle into the fashion spotlight. Bella’s love of this look has made it associated with her unique style, making it one of the most popular 90’s hairstyles with braids that continues to captivate hearts today.

Bella Hadid look fashion with braided pigtails hairstyle

Braided Pigtails offer a refreshing take on a classic hairstyle. They effortlessly fuse the playful appeal of traditional pigtails with the intricate beauty of braids, resulting in a youthful and captivating style that’s perfect for any occasion. What sets this hairstyle apart is its versatility. Bella Hadid effortlessly transitions from red carpet events to her daily life while donning these braids, proving their adaptability and enduring charm.

15. Mohawk Braid

Jennifer Morrison’s dramatic Mohawk Braid rounds out our collection of iconic 90s braided hairstyles. This haircut not only oozes rebelliousness but also exemplifies the bold spirit of the 1990s, making it a really unforgettable choice for anyone looking to embrace their inner rebel.

Jennifer Morrison’s Mohawk Braid hairstyle

This style combines two unique styles: the conventional mohawk and exquisite braiding. It offers a brazen and daring style to hairstyling, ideal for people who want to make a strong statement with their appearance.

In A Word

The 1990s had an indelible impact on fashion and beauty, and 90s braided hairstyles are no exception. These classic designs are making a triumphant comeback, and it’s easy to see why: they’re breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly versatile. We hope this blog with 15 90s braided hairstyles will inspire you. Remember your creativity has no boundary.

Based on the previous hairstyle, you might create a new hairstyle with a personal touch. If you require hair extensions to complete your hairstyle. To obtain them and revitalize your hair, contact Apohair– a leading hair factory in Vietnam. Your hair will appreciate it. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy your hair!

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Top 15 Breathtaking 90s Braided Hairstyles


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