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Flame of Recca Volume 27 Review: Fantastic Four

Chapters 258-268

This series defies the logic of Pokemon but Recca had a great idea for once. While being submerged in water, he was able to stick his fingers inside Mokuren (I'm sorry) then use Homura to shoot fire throughout Mokuren (I'm sorry). After this Recca punches Mokuren one good time before passing out. Somehow the dome is self destructing which kills Mikuren and the girl in process. We move on to see Tokiya finally making his rounds. He's fighting Hiruken who was easily beat the night Yanagi was kidnapped. He alerts Tokiya that Meguri is waiting. Kaoru is being hunted down by Kadotsu and that scares me. Kadotsu is the only person on this battlefield with multiple bodies.

 During the Tokiya and Hiruko fight, we get a glimpse of a real one, Kai. I;m still pouring one out for him to this day. Hiruzen is easily defeated. He was cut once and then just faded away. I understand Tokiya needs to fight Meguri with all of his strength but if Hiruzen truly was weak (he is) why couldn't he just told Tokiya from the start Meguri was waiting and then Tokiya just one shots him? They traded blows for no reason when Tokiya could have just ended it all from the start.

Turns out, Kashamaru actually switched placed with Kaoru while Kadotsu was chasing him. Kashamaru, and his crew along with Saicho plan to jump Kadotsu. It failed but then Kurei came and annihilated him. It was great to see others fight outside of Hokage but I knew Kurei would save Kaoru when Kadotsu laid eyes on Kaoru. Still a great read although Kurei turned all of the dead homies into flames. That was a dick move.

With Kurei, Joker and Raiha who faded away after saving Fuuko, all of the key players are in place. We are getting closer to the final showdown. It is weird Raiha faded away like that. Maybe he just dipped to get back with Kurei but it seemed like he died as a side effect of using the Raijin. What is with people just fading away when they die? What is happening? This was a great volume nonetheless. The fighting wasn't as annoying compared to other volumes and we saw different people get some action in. The art was top notch as usual. Hopefully next volume even more people die although the true killer, Kadotsu, was killed this volume.

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Flame of Recca Volume 27 Review: Fantastic Four


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