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Exploring The Benefits Of Holding Hands
2024-02-20 06:11
Courageous Christian Father The Intimate Connection: Exploring the Benefits of Holding Hands — The simple act of holding hands remains a timeless gesture of intimacy and connection. Wh… Read More
Who Is Dr. David Jeremiah
2024-02-19 06:59
Courageous Christian Father Dr. David Jeremiah is a well-known evangelical Christian leader, author, and broadcaster. He is the founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries, whic… Read More
How To Be A Catalyst For Christ
2024-02-15 06:50
Courageous Christian Father How to Be a Catalyst for Christ – Have you ever wondered what it means to be a catalyst for Christ? A catalyst is a substance that enables a chemical reacti… Read More
Benefits Of Pickle Juice Brime
2024-02-14 00:32
Courageous Christian Father Benefits of Pickle Juice Brime – Pickle juice brine, the tangy liquid left behind after pickling cucumbers, is gaining popularity beyond just being a flavor… Read More
Was Jesus Crucified In The Wrist Or Hands?
2024-02-11 06:38
Courageous Christian Father Was Jesus Crucified in the Wrist or Hands? The crucifixion of Jesus Christ is a pivotal event in Christian history, yet a persistent question lingers among schola… Read More
Who Is Priscilla Shirer
2024-02-10 06:50
Courageous Christian Father Who is Priscilla Shirer? A Woman of Faith, Author, Speaker, and Actress – Priscilla Shirer is a name that resonates with millions. Her impact stretches far… Read More
Fervent By Priscilla Shirer
2024-02-09 06:03
Courageous Christian Father Fervent by Priscilla Shirer – Prayer is a powerful force that has the ability to transform our lives and circumstances. Priscilla Shirer’s book, &ldqu&hell…Read More
Folds Of Honor
2024-02-07 06:00
Courageous Christian Father Honoring Sacrifice, Empowering Futures – Folds of Honor is a beacon of hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring the tremendous sacrifices made b… Read More
Embracing Grace: A Journey Of Redemption
2024-02-06 06:35
Courageous Christian Father Embracing Grace: A Journey of Redemption In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s easy to lose sight of the profound grace that surrounds us. As Ch… Read More
The Insanity Of God By Nik Ripken
2024-02-06 00:07
Courageous Christian Father The Insanity of God by Nik Ripken – Nik Ripken’s compelling book, “The Insanity of God,” takes readers on a profound journey into the hear… Read More
Who Is Nik Ripken?
2024-02-03 02:19
Courageous Christian Father Nik Ripken is a renowned Christian missionary and author whose life’s work revolves around documenting the experiences of persecuted Christians worldwide. B… Read More
Who Was Dietrich Bonhoeffer?
2024-01-30 06:09
Courageous Christian Father Dietrich Bonhoeffer: A Brief Exploration of His Life and Legacy – Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran pastor, theologian, and anti-Nazi dissident, left a… Read More
A Guide To Christian Blogging
2024-01-28 15:30
Courageous Christian Father A Guide to Christian Blogging – In today’s digital age, where information flows seamlessly through the virtual realm, the world of blogging has become… Read More
The Reason For God By Timothy Keller
2024-01-26 01:53
Courageous Christian Father The Reason for God by Timothy Keller is a compelling exploration of faith and reason. Keller delves into common doubts and skepticism about Christianity, providin… Read More
The Prodigal God By Timothy Keller
2024-01-23 06:33
Courageous Christian Father The Prodigal God by Timothy Keller is a transformative exploration of the parable of the prodigal son. Keller delves into the depth of this well-known biblical st… Read More
Giant Colorful Iced Marbles
2024-01-21 21:27
Courageous Christian Father Giant Colorful Iced Marbles – With temps getting colder and below freezing, this would be neat thing to do with the family. This will only work if the tempe… Read More
Only God Grows
2024-01-20 22:16
Courageous Christian Father Only God Grows – God is what grows, he grows us, he grows plants and He grows His Kingdom. Only God Grows “So then neither the one who plants… Read More
Where I Felt Loved
2024-01-18 00:17
Courageous Christian Father Where I felt loved – I answer the Bloganuary writing prompt. Where I felt loved Photo by geralt on PixabayCan you share a positive example of where… Read More
What Is Cru
2024-01-17 06:45
Courageous Christian Father What is Cru? Formerly known as Campus Crusade for Christ, Cru has been on a transformative journey, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of individuals and comm… Read More
East Tennessee Snowmageddon
2024-01-16 22:20
Courageous Christian Father East Tennessee Snowmageddon a winter storm moved through East Tennessee and caused a lot of snow. East Tennessee Snowmageddon East Tennessee gets some s… Read More
Expo 72
2024-01-16 06:57
Courageous Christian Father Expo 72 was deeply enriched by the influential presence of Billy Graham, a revered Christian evangelist. His pivotal role in both organizing and actively particip… Read More
What Is Your Favorite Animal?
2024-01-16 01:10
Courageous Christian Father What is your favorite animal? I answer this Bloganuary writing prompt. What is your favorite animal? Pexels imageWhat is your favorite animal?My all time… Read More
DIY Stove For Power Outage
2024-01-15 00:14
Courageous Christian Father DIY Stove for Power Outage – If you need to heat up water, soup or other food during a power outage, put tea lights in a muffin tin and you have a DIY stove… Read More
National Sunday Supper Day
2024-01-14 06:13
Courageous Christian Father National Sunday Supper Day is a celebration of the time-honored tradition of gathering around the table for a hearty meal with family and friends. This annual obs… Read More
National Rubber Ducky Day
2024-01-13 06:15
Courageous Christian Father National Rubber Ducky Day is a whimsical celebration that takes place annually on January 13th. This lighthearted holiday pays tribute to the iconic rubber duck… Read More
What Snack Would You Eat Right Now?
2024-01-13 02:09
Courageous Christian Father What snack would you eat right now? I answer this writing prompt. What snack would you eat right now? I’d eat beef jerky it is I would say my most fa… Read More
Mere Christianity By C.S.Lewis
2024-01-11 06:24
Courageous Christian Father Mere Christianity by C.S.Lewis – C.S. Lewis, renowned for his imaginative works like “The Chronicles of Narnia,” also left an indelible mark in… Read More
What Is Your Mission
2024-01-10 00:14
Courageous Christian Father What is your mission What is your mission What is your mission?My mission simply is to reach the world for Christ through this blog ministry. This… Read More
Christianity And Coexist
2024-01-09 06:52
Courageous Christian Father Christianity and Coexist – In a world that celebrates diversity and religious pluralism, it’s essential for Christians to understand the distinctions… Read More
Whisper By Mark Batterson
2024-01-05 06:21
Courageous Christian Father Whisper by Mark Batterson – Unlocking the Power of Whispers: A Journey through Mark Batterson’s Transformative Book – Mark Batterson, a prolific… Read More
The Yellow Cap Of Coca-Cola
2024-01-04 11:39
Courageous Christian Father The Yellow Cap of Coca-Cola – With Coca-Cola’s iconic red cap being the norm, the yellow cap during Passover stands out as a beacon of cultural respec… Read More
2023 Year In Review
2024-01-01 17:23
Courageous Christian Father 2023 Year in Review is a review of blogging on Courageous Christian Father. 2023 Year in Review I miss when you use to be emailed the blogging stats, now… Read More
10 Fun Facts About New Years
2023-12-31 22:10
Courageous Christian Father 10 Fun Facts about New Years 10 Fun Facts about New Years Global Celebrations: New Year’s is celebrated worldwide, but did you know that different c… Read More
Times Square Ball Drop
2023-12-31 08:32
Courageous Christian Father Time Square Ball Drop: The iconic New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square, New York City, has been a tradition since 1907. The ball, illuminated with thous… Read More
New Year’s Fireworks
2023-12-29 08:35
Courageous Christian Father New Year’s Fireworks: Fireworks are a staple of New Year’s celebrations, with cities around the globe hosting spectacular displays. The largest New Ye… Read More
Let There Be Light At Conception
2023-12-28 06:23
Courageous Christian Father Let there be light at conception – That first miracle recorded by God in the Bible, Let there be Light, also is found at conception with the sperm and egg… Read More
2023-12-27 22:27
Courageous Christian Father Noisemakers and Bells: Making noise at midnight on New Year’s Eve is thought to scare away evil spirits and bring good luck. From fireworks and firecrackers… Read More
Soul Print By Mark Batterson
2023-12-27 06:37
Courageous Christian Father Soul Print by Mark Batterson: Unveiling the Blueprint of Your Unique Identity – Mark Batterson, a renowned author and pastor, delves into the intricate tape… Read More
2023-12-27 03:17
Courageous Christian Father First-Footing: In Scotland, the first person to enter a home after the stroke of midnight is called the “first-footer.” It’s believed that the f… Read More
What Is Hogmanay
2023-12-27 03:12
Courageous Christian Father Hogmanay is the Scottish word for New Year’s Eve celebrations. It is traditionally celebrated on the night of December 31st, leading up to New Year’s… Read More
2023-12-26 06:49
Courageous Christian Father Bloganuary and the Power of Consistent Writing – January is often synonymous with New Year’s resolutions, fresh starts, and setting ambitious goals fo… Read More
Saint Stephen’s Day
2023-12-25 18:39
Courageous Christian Father Saint Stephen’s Day, also known as Saint Stephen’s Feast Day, holds a special place in the hearts of many around the world. While it might not be as w… Read More
Born To Die
2023-12-24 15:15
Born to Die – Reflecting on John MacArthur’s Insight into Christ’s Sacrifice that stands as a testament to divine love and redemption. John MacArthur’s poignant refle… Read More
Just One More Sleep ‘til Christmas
2023-12-24 10:34
Just one more sleep ‘til Christmas – it’s Christmas Eve and the song from the Muppets Christmas Carol resound in my mind. Just one more sleep ‘til Christmas P… Read More
2023-12-23 19:40
In 1976, the world was immersed in a cultural tapestry woven with political intrigue, musical revolutions, and technological advancements. As the midpoint of the 1970s, this pivotal year lef… Read More
The Night Before Christmas Turns 200
2023-12-23 17:25
A Timeless Tradition: The Night Before Christmas Turns 200 – Two centuries ago, on a magical Christmas Eve in 1823, a beloved holiday tradition was born with the publication of Clement… Read More
2023-12-22 06:28
Bloguary is a two month journey for bloggers to post blog post on their blog during the two months ending in -usary … January and February. #bloguary Bloguary So fellow blogg… Read More
The Meaning Behind The Name Ebenezer
2023-12-21 11:58
The Meaning Behind the Name Ebenezer – Every name carries its own unique history and significance. One such name that resonates with a sense of antiquity and depth is “Ebenezer… Read More
The Meaning Behind The Name Steve
2023-12-21 02:03
The Meaning Behind the Name Steve – The significance of a name often transcends its linguistic roots, carrying cultural, historical, and even spiritual connotations. In this exploratio… Read More
Vanilla Creamer Recipe
2023-12-20 00:39
Vanilla Creamer Recipe – if you are a coffee drinker like me and you like French vanilla or vanilla flavored coffee this creamer recipe is for you. #vanillacreamer Vanilla Creamer R… Read More
One Week Until Christmas
2023-12-18 05:00
One Week Until Christmas – next week is Christmas! One Week Until Christmas One week is equivalent to … 7 days 168 hours 10,080 minutes Or 604,800… Read More
Simple Vanilla Syrup Recipe
2023-12-18 00:08
Simple Vanilla Syrup recipe – this is a simple recipe and a great and cheap way to add flavor to your drinks such as coffee, hot chocolate, tea or more. Simple Vanilla Syrup recipe… Read More
Thistlehair The Christmas Bear
2023-12-17 12:07
Thistlehair the Christmas Bear – Alabama, the legendary country group, has given us a plethora of timeless hits, and nestled within their Christmas album is a mysterious character that… Read More
Essentials For A Thriving Blogmas
2023-12-14 01:21
Unwrapping Success: Essentials for a Thriving Blogmas – Blogmas, the festive tradition where bloggers post daily content throughout December, has become a beloved way for creators to c… Read More
Merry Blogmas
2023-12-13 02:53
Blogmas is an online trend where bloggers commit to posting content every day leading up to Christmas, typically starting from December 1st. It often involves holiday-themed articles, DIY pr… Read More
The Dove A Symbol Of The Holy Spirit
2023-12-12 23:57
The Dove a Symbol of the Holy Spirit’s Enduring Presence – In Christian symbolism, the dove holds a profound significance as a representation of the Holy Spirit. Found throughout… Read More
Jetpack Like Button Showing Loading
2023-12-09 12:39
Jetpack Like Button showing loading – in most cases, you can troubleshoot by disabling, plug-ins, and themes, and seeing what is the culprit. But if you have Dreamhost, there may be an… Read More
Who Is David Platt
2023-12-08 06:52
David Platt is a prominent figure in the world of evangelical Christianity, known for his impactful teachings and influential role as a pastor, author, and speaker. Platt has dedicated his l… Read More
Radical By David Platt
2023-12-07 06:27
Embracing a Radical Faith: A Christian Reflection on “Radical” by David Platt – In a world that often pulls us in various directions, the call to radical discipleship remai… Read More
A Christ-Centered Christmas Celebration
2023-12-05 06:04
A Christ-Centered Christmas Celebration – As we approach the sacred season of Christmas, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the profound gift bestowed upon us – the birth o… Read More
A Christmas Reflection
2023-11-24 06:28
A Christmas Reflection – As we approach the joyous season of Christmas, let’s take a moment to reflect on the true essence of this sacred celebration. In the midst of festive dec… Read More

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