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reviewing 12 Monkeys, American Crime, Billions, Black Sails, Bloodline, Bones, Bosch, Colony, Deutschland 83, Fargo, Fear TWD, Game of Thrones, Hell on Wheels, Homeland, House of Cards, Humans, Marseille, Masters of Sex, Mr. Robot, Peaky Blinders, Outlander, Ray Donovan, Rectify, The: Affair, Americans, Girlfriend Experience, Man in the High Castle, Walking Dead; Tyrant, Vikings +movies, music, politicsGeorge Santayana had irrational faith in reason - I have irrational faith in TV.
2024-02-20 18:28
Welcome to Light On Light Through, Episode 374, in which I review the fourth season of True Detective on HBO Max. Written blog post review of True Detective 4.1-4.3 Written blog post review… Read More
True Detective 4.3-4.6: Death Of The Cure
2024-02-19 06:50
I'm going to start this review of the concluding episodes -- 4 to 6 -- of the fourth season of True Detective on HBO Max by telling you what I really didn't like about the ending.And therefo… Read More
2024-02-13 21:19
Welcome to Light On Light Through, Episode 373, in which I review the second season of Reacher on Amazon Prime Video. podcast review of Reacher 1 written blog post review of Reacher 2 Chec… Read More
Reacher 2: Even Better Than Reacher 1
2024-02-03 19:28
Hey, I liked Reacher 2 even better than Reacher 1, which means I immensely enjoyed every moment in the eight-episode second season, and my only regret is that I couldn't watch the eight epis… Read More
For All Mankind 4.10: Earth Vs. Mars
2024-01-12 05:37
An outstanding Season 4 finale for an outstanding season of For All Mankind, firing on all kinds of deep cylinders.First, it was great to hear The Rolling Stones' "Out of Time," with Mick Ja… Read More
Tetrads For History And Alternate History
2024-01-06 20:40
listen to this podcast here, or anywhere you listen to podcastsMarshall McLuhan's tetrad is a useful tool for discovering and understanding how human activities, especially media, are connec… Read More
For All Mankind 4.9: Progress
2024-01-05 03:48
"Without competition, there is no progress," Sergei says to Margot and Aleina, near the beginning of Episode 4.9 of For All Mankind, up on Apple TV+ tonight.  Later, he suggests that he… Read More
Who Killed JFK? Episode 9: Jack Ruby
2024-01-03 20:17
Episode 9 of the Who Killed JFK? podcast with Rob Reiner and Soledad O'Brien is devoted to Jack Ruby (born Jacob Rubenstein), the man who shot Lee Harvey Oswald on live television two days a… Read More
Fool Me Once: Double Stunning Ending
2024-01-03 03:10
Whew, a wild and woolly Fool Me Once, and I defy anyone to predict the ending.  It's the latest Harlan Coben novel (2016) to be adapted to the screen, by Danny Brocklehurst, and up on N… Read More
Bodies: Stick With It
2023-12-28 18:48
Well, I finally finished watching Bodies on Netflix, having watched the first five last month, and the final three episodes last night.  And that was because the first five episodes did… Read More
Slow Horses 3.6: Winners And Losers, Part 2
2023-12-27 04:05
Well, I was right in my prediction last week about who else on our Slow Horses team would bite the dust in the season 3 finale on Apple TV+ tonight.[Spoilers ahead ... ]And, indeed, no one o… Read More
Leave The World Behind: Educated Apocalypse
2023-12-26 20:18
I've seen Leave the World Behind, up earlier this month on Netflix after a limited release in theaters in November, described as a horror movie, and, even more often, said in reviews to be h… Read More
2023-12-26 17:06
Welcome to Light On Light Through, Episode 366, in which I review Maestro, the Leonard Bernstein biopic. Read this review.  Links to some of what I mentioned in the podcast:… Read More
Maestro: The Memorable And The Missing
2023-12-24 02:44
Let me start with what I really liked about Maestro, the biopic about Leonard Bernstein that went up a few days ago on Netflix, after opening in theaters in November.Bradley Cooper's perform… Read More
For All Mankind 4.7: Dev On Mars
2023-12-22 19:29
Well, I was waiting for Dev to have a major role in this season of For All Mankind on Apple TV+, and in episode 4.7 he gets it.He's the first person person we've seen who wants to spend the… Read More
2023-12-19 22:27
Welcome to Light On Light Through, Episode 365, in which I review the first season of The Way Home on Hallmark TV. Read this review.  Links to some of what I mentioned in the podc… Read More
Slow Horses 3.4:
2023-12-16 16:40
Well, Slow Horses 3.4 gets the prize for the best ending with the best phrase: "Clear the Board".That order is given by Tearney, to the assembled force outside the Park.  The command, j… Read More
For All Mankind 4.6: Aleida And Margot
2023-12-15 21:00
I usually focus on the alternate history flourishes in my reviews of For All Mankind, but the story of Aleida and Margot in episode 4.6, up on Apple TV+ today, was so good that I wanted to d… Read More
Who Killed JFK: Episode 5: Sheep Dipped
2023-12-11 22:05
Wikipedia says "sheep dipping is the immersion of sheep in water containing insecticides and fungicide." On another Wiki page, we learn that sheep dipping in military idiom is"to formal… Read More
Slow Horses 3.1-3.2: Beatles Level
2023-12-01 05:11
Whew!  The first two episodes of the third season of Slow Horses begin (after a prelude) with a shot at Ringo, of all people, with River telling Catherine he doesn't want to waste time… Read More
2023-11-28 17:07
Welcome to Light On Light Through, Episode 362, in which I review Bosch: Legacy, episodes 2.7-2.10, on Amazon Prime Video. Read this review (with links to reviews of earlier… Read More
For All Mankind 4.2: The Fate Of Gorbachev
2023-11-17 06:09
Well, I said last week in my review of For All Mankind 4.1 that I was very glad to see Gorbachev still in power in the Soviet Union at the beginning of the 21st century.  In that altern… Read More
Black Snow: Sinister Histories
2023-11-16 00:31
I consider Travis Fimmel a must-see actor.  His unique, edgy style lit up his starring roles in Vikings and Raised by Wolves (canceled much too soon by HBO, in my arrogant opinion).&nbs&hell…Read More
Thoughts About The Beatles Now And Then
2023-11-03 00:55
The Beatles "Now and Then" was released today, the last of three John Lennon demos Yoko gave the Beatles after John was murdered.  The first two were "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love".&n&hell…Read More
2023-10-31 16:26
Welcome to Light On Light Through, Episode 358, in which I review Bosch: Legacy, episodes 2.1-2.6, on Amazon Prime Video. Read this review (with links to reviews of earlier season… Read More
Bosch: Legacy 2.5-2.6: Maddie Steps Up
2023-10-28 19:03
Bosch: Legacy episodes 2.5-2.6 are now up on Amazon Prime Video, continuing this powerful season of this stellar series.[Spoilers ahead ... ]First, Madison Lintz continues to really impress… Read More
Bosch: Legacy 2.1-2.4: Better And Better
2023-10-22 21:20
I caught the first four episodes of the new (second) season of Bosch: Legacy on Amazon Prime Video, the post-Bosch series in which Harry has moved from LAPD to private investigator (still li… Read More
2023-10-19 00:59
I'm really getting sick and tired of The New York Times.  I first began getting more than irritated with the newspaper of record when it over-reported the non-story about Hillary Clinto… Read More
2023-10-15 17:51
A friend on Facebook asked me if it's possible to eradicate hate?This was my answer: It's not possible to eradicate hate. But it's necessary to try to eradicate this particularly depraved re… Read More
Love At First Sight: Tears Of All Kind
2023-10-03 05:48
Hey, I don't usually review romantic comedies -- or dramas -- but Love at First Sight has both of that, and even a touch of fantasy, so the 90-minute movie on Netflix was not only well worth… Read More
Review Of Chris Cosmain's Novikov Windows
2023-09-26 18:32
I'm going to here review a a very recently published, nearly 500-page time travel novel -- Chris Cosmain's Novikov Windows: A Time Travel Novel (that's the sub-title) -- I've just read, in t… Read More
AI-Generated Video Translation
2023-09-20 18:32
Here's an AI-generated translation of my English into Hindi by Emon Hassan -- it's of me talking about my 2006 time-travel novel, The Plot to Save Socrates, in 2010 (AI by Hey Gen; from an i… Read More
Foundation Season 2: Pros And Cons
2023-09-15 04:09
Well, you probably won't be surprised that I have mixed feelings about the Foundation Season 2 finale, just up on Apple TV+ tonight.   And, if you've been reading my reviews of thi… Read More
Invasion 2.3: Casper And Luke
2023-09-08 21:35
[Spoilers ahead ....] The high profile thread in Invasion 2.3 is Mitsuki hacking the invaders' code, with the result that a whole bunch of their ships (seven -- of course not all) fall… Read More
Foundation 2.9: Exceptional Alterations
2023-09-08 03:34
The next-to-last episode of season 2 of Foundation on Apple TV+ -- episode 2.9 -- was riveting and brilliant.  I couldn't take my eyes off the screen.  Even though the story it tol… Read More
Special Ops: Lioness: Women In Focus
2023-09-04 05:15
I just finished watching the 8th and final episode of the first season of Special Ops: Lioness on Paramount Plus, and here's my shot at a mostly non-spoiler review.To begin with, this is a s… Read More
Foundation 2.8: Major Revelations!
2023-09-01 03:08
Well, finally an episode of Foundation -- 2.8 -- that's really firing on all cylinders.  By which I mean, the Trantor parts and the other parts were nearly equal in power, and that powe… Read More
Invasion 2.2: Jamila And Trevante
2023-08-31 02:56
Episode 2.2 of Invasion had two good, non-intersecting stories about Jamila in the UK and Trevante in the USA.[Spoilers ahead ... ]I thought Jamila's story was tighter at this point than Tre… Read More
Invasion 2.1: Tenuous Meeting Of The Minds
2023-08-23 04:25
Invasion -- the latest narrative that explores an H. G. Well's War of the Worlds scenario -- is back on Apple TV+ with the first episode of its second season.  It's entitled "Something'… Read More
Foundation 2.6:  Hari And Evita
2023-08-18 04:29
Well, I thought Foundation 2.6 was one of the best episodes so far.  Here's why:[Spoilers ahead ... ]1. Young Hari -- both as a boy and a young man -- was pure gold.  It was a neat… Read More
The Chronology Protection Case Trailer
2023-08-17 18:44
Jay Kensinger's trailer for The Chronology Protection Case, adapted from my novelette, on Amazon Prime Videowatch the movieread the story Paul Levinson's books ... Paul Levinson's music Read More
Hijack: Don't Miss It!
2023-08-02 04:34
Hey, if you're a fan of Idris Elba, check out Hijack, a seven-episode mini-series just concluded on Apple TV+.   Even if you're not a fan, if you have a pulse and an intellect, you… Read More

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